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"Here I am, at last."  

That side of Brazil has already belonged to Spain at that time of the TordesilhasTreaty, but thanks to the pioneers and Jesuits, the place became Brazil's property. 

"It is a spectacular view."  

This region also hosted battles during the War of the Triple Crowns. Brazil joined Argentina and Uruguay to beat Paraguay, country that has strong influences in the culture of the local people now.

"I made some boat trips".  

Besides the history... who thinks that there are several swamps in "Pantanal" (Swampland), is very wrong.  Actually, Pantanal is a plain, straight as a table, larger than Belgium, Hungary, Austria and together Portugal. To have an idea, the highest place of the area has no more than 200m and the area presents a slope between the north and south ends of less than 3 centimeters for kilometer. Considering that it rains a lot in the region, it is easy to understand why the area is flooded, with immense ponds and rivers branches and why the inundations take so long to lower. 

"I feel I am being watched... "  

"... Gee!!! "  

Considered the largest continental humid area of the planet, the variety of animals frightens. There about 650 species of birds, 80 of mammals, 260 of fish and 50 of reptiles share the same space. A study says that Pantanal is a result of the separation of the ocean millions of years ago, forming a kind of interior sea, an unique in the world.  

"There are cool grottos."  

Curiosities: (#) 

# The alligators from Pantanal are different from the ones from the Amazonian. The one from Pantanal measures up to 2,5m and feeds of fish and it is almost inoffensive for man. While the one from the Amazonian is a little larger (almost 6 meters) and it attacks when threatened. The crocodiles from Asia, even larger, about 7 meters, really attack people.   

# The expression "piranha ox", that story about sacrificing one to save others, comes from Pantanal. The piranha ox is the oldest ox of the herd and it is thrown alive for the piranhas, so that the remaining of the herd can cross the river without being bitten by them. Scaring, isn't it?... 

"To kill or to die, that's the question."  

# It is just a legend that piranha (the fish...) eats people. However, there are 3 piranha species in Pantanal that can be dangerous. Therefore, in places where people are cutting fish it is not advisable to dive, because they could bite mistakenly. The piranha can also bite after dead. Their sharp teeth can cut meat and even bone in an abrupt movement.  

# Tuiuiú is the largest stork of the world and the largest flying bird of Brazil. It is the bird symbol of Pantanal and tuiuiú is a regional name for the jaburu. The tuiuiús are birds of very big load, on average a meter of height and 1,40 m of length, about 3 meters of span. Tuiuiú builds only one nest in the whole life and renovate it every year, for the mating time, that usually begins in the month of June. 

"It's a maze of waters!!! "  

# The Pantanal Horse came from a process of natural selection. That race is the most resistant to the drought and of flooding conditions of Pantanal. The Pantanal Horsedescends from the horses of Iberian origin, brought by the settlers. 

# In Pantanal, you find Sucurí Snakes, or Anaconda for the foreigners. It is a scaring snake that is able to eat men and to even an ox. 

"Nah, I don't feel like swimming now".  

The climatic cycles of Pantanal, work like this: 

              - From December to March, time of the torrential rains. The animals and the birds move for the higher, concentrating at the edge of the roads that esist the flooding. The fishes seek the rapids on the East of the rivers.

             - In April and May, the rains stop, but the level of the waters is still very high. 

"The hotel boats have a good infrastructure and they accommodate people who like to fish."  

            - June and July is the cold time. It is possible to see Pantanal in the drought and in the flood at the same time. The waters begin to lower. The animals, fish are birds are abundant and easy of they be seen. 

            - From August to November, the level of the water lowers plenty, beginning to appear the beaches at the margins of the river. 

"I think I can see an alligator there"  


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1. There are few gas stations on the roads of Mato Grosso do Sul. Fill your car whenever you can. 

2. The roads are endless straights. Therefore, people drive too fast and always run over some animals like anteaters, capybaras, emus, jaguars etc... the road, unhappily looks like a cemetery of animals, so drive carefully. Besides, the roads are in bad conditions. 

3. Try the dishes of the area, like Piranha Broth, Pacú rib, "Pintado" crackling, drink Tereré (maté tea served in cold water in the ox horn)... 

4. Bring lots of repellent. The mosquitos are tough.  

5. If you like to fish, there it is the right place. People from the whole world come just to spend the days fishing. 

6. You can stay at lodgings at the margins of the rivers or in boat hotels. 

7. Even for who don't like to fish, go fish piranhas. It is very funny, any one catches one every 2 seconds. 

8. Never go inside a river without knowing the place, there are alligators, piranhas, sucuris and jaguars there. Remember that. There have already been cases of courageous men died doing this. 

9. It's easier to see the wild animals during the night, or at that time of the great inundations. The birds and the alligators are easy of be seen at any hour of the day. 

10. From October to March it gets really hot in Pantanal. It reaches 40 degrees!! And in the winter it gets very cold, almost zero degree. (it lasts about 1 week). 

11. From October to April, torrential rains fall; from May to September it is the time of drought. The time of rains is advisable just for the adventurers who are not bothered easily. 

12. If you intend to jump from the boat, take care...  Check which is the land type where you are. Depending on the place, the ground seems strong, but you can sink to your knee. Ohh,  tie your trainers tight, because when you pull your foot up, your trainers may be stuck in the mud 

13. Delay your clock in one hour. There is a time zone difference in relation to the rest of Brazil  

14. Corumbá is the city with the best infrastructure of the region. 

15. "Bring a flashlight and ask for a good boat driver to take you for a trip at night. Light up the margins of the river and you'll see many little red lights. They are the eyes of the alligators. But choose someone who really knows the streams". tip from Lek Sam

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