"I finally got to "Pedra Azul" (Blue Stone)! "  

Starting from Vitória, the main access is by BR-262, that connects the capital to "Belo Horizonte". The cities of Domingos Martins and "Venda Nova do Imigrante" and the Blue Stone State Park are very close to the highway.   


"That Blue Stone is really blue! "  

The park was founded in 1992 and the trip must be accompanied by guides. The first part of the trail has about 500 meters of extension.   


"At the end of the trail they are natural swimming pools."   

On the trail it is possible to see monkeys, toucans and a legend tells that even jaguars can be seen. If you go until the end of the trail, you will find natural swimming pools formed by an East inside of the rocks.  


"I drank some really clean water... "   

To get to it, it is necessary to climb a passage, with inclination of 45 degrees, of 95 meters, holding on a rope.   


"São Floriano's Waterfall is great! "  

The blue Stone has grayish color and it is covered by algae and mushrooms, for that, depending on the angle that the sun shines on the stone, it gets greenish or blued. It is a beautiful show. 

 " It is possible to see some very crazy monkeys."  


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1. You have to pay a tax to visit "Pedra Azul". It costs about R$3,50.  

2. Close to the peak there are swimming pools formed by the rain and by an East in the stones, that are very nice. 

3. In this region there are places that offer colonial coffee, similar to those from the South of Brazil, that are cheap and very good.  

4. On the higher areas your cell phone may work.  

5. Visit São Floriano's Waterfall. It is at 9 km of distance from Blue Stone, towards to Vitória. 

6. Matilde Waterfall is nearby and it is a must go visit. Don't miss it. 

7. "Try the local strawberries in the winter, when they are fresh and cheap. They can be bought at the edge of the road. The area is full of strawberry plantations." tip from Fábio Silva  

8. "I only wanted to say that the city is a great place for relaxing a little and to forget the stress, the city is beautiful, the nature is from another world. Congratulations for the site" tip from André 

9. "On the roudness of Blue Stone, the Domaine île-of-France Agroecological Station, dedicated to the production of organic food (fruits, vegetables, green vegetables, birds and eggs rustic organic), is open for visitation in the weekends, holidays and in some other days. Visit it and watch: the production of vegetables, chickens, sheep, cattle of milk and cut, escargots, mini-industries, harvesting etc. " tip from Joaquim Silva 

10. "First, congratulations for the site. Awesome! I was reading about Espírito Santo state, the area of Blue Stone and I would like give a lodging tip. The "Vale da Mata" (Woods Valley) Lodging , that, as the name it insinuates, is really close to the Atlantic forest, in a kind of a ranch enclosed by nature, lakes with fish, domestic animals, fruitful trees, etc. And also it has a restaurant, in rustic style, with a delicious menu. Simple dishes, but with special preparation and low prices. I am not the owner's friend, I have been there only once and the proprietors don't know I am writing, but as a tourist, I like to receiv tips that help to the choose the places to enjoy the peace and calmness." tip from Claudio 

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