"That is Quitandinha Palace."  

The history of Petrópolis begins with the pleasure D. PEDRO I had when traveling the "Gold Path", towards Minas Gerais, 1822. D. Pedro became, then, frequent guest of a certain farm. Years later, on March 16, 1843, his son, D Pedro II, signed the ordinance which determined the establishment of a population, the construction of the summer palace and the elaboration of a plan for leasing and colonization of the lands. 

"That it is the Crystal Palace."  

Imperial museum - it was the Old Imperial Palace, the construction in neoclassical style is considered relatively simple, for the sovereigns' residence. At the central facade, the weapons of the empire are represented. The gardens of the palace shelter 99 different botanical species. The museum not just gathers the pieces that belonged to the summer palace, but in a general way, whatever concerns to the Empire of Brazil. In a separate pavilion, the vehicles that transported the imperial family can be seen 

"This is the Flower Clock."  

Santos Dumont's House- it is a French alpine Chalet, with three floors and the details show the proprietor's inventiveness. Like the shape of the steps of the communication stairway between the floors, that forces the visitor to begin the ascent with the right foot, and the shower heated by alcohol, are some examples of Santos Dumont's creativity. 

"In this house lived Santos Dumont."  

"São Pedro de Alcântara" Cathedral  - French Gothic style of the 18th century XVIII, it is built in masonry and granite.  

Crystal Palace - The palace has metallic structure and glass plates - originally dark, manufactured in France. It arrived in Brazil in 1879, disassembled, being the first prefabricated building of Brazil. It was built in order to shelter exhibitions of products of the area. But the palace was stage of several dances, starting for that one on its inauguration 02/02/1884. Today it is used for exhibitions and concerts. 

"'São Pedro de Alcântara' Cathedral is very beautiful."  

Quitandinha Palace - in that place, where in the beginning of the century the travelers stopped to eat and to rest - then the name (quitandinha means Grocery store) - rises one of the most impressive monuments of the architecture of Petrópolis. In 50.000m2 of built area and six floors, the building shelters 440 apartments, besides the 13 living rooms and of the dependences destined to the infrastructure. 

Cremerie Park - it was an old factory of cheeses and butter of a French. Nowadays it is a leisure area, the gardens offer swimming pools for adults and children, lake with pedalo boats, boats for rent and water mill, playground and snack bar. 


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1. The night is in Itaipava, nearby.  

2. For who enjoy national history, visit the Imperial Museum. 

3. Visiting Santos Dumont's house is also a good option. 

4. São Pedro de Alcântara Cathedral is the most beautiful construction of the city. 

5. Petrópolis have an intense nightlife because it shelters some universities. 

6. It is always cold. It is good to bring a coat. 

7.  "for those who enjoy the nature, the area of Petrópolis is full of attractions.. "Serra dos Órgãos" (Organs Mountains) is there.. full of trails, mountains and waterfalls.. Take advantage of the nature and protect it! The forest needs care and respect! " tip from Luiz  

8. "Hi, people..... I have already been to Petrópolis dozens of times but there is always something new to enjoy. Petrópolis is a city full of history. It has a wonderful weather. And because of that, I put on 3 kg in 5 days. There are all kinds of restaurants. In October there is a Festival similar to the Oktoberfest. It is great. Get in touch with "Petrotur" to know the right date. Music, dances and typical food are the attractions. And in Itaipava, there are those people from "Paraiso Açu" who practice several cool sports, like rappel, escalade, Tyrolese at the waterfall, and "arvorismo" (tree climbimg). Bye" tip from Lanuza Madruga from Volta Redonda. 

9. "inside of the Imperial Museum there is a very nice restaurant, where you eat among the carriages and a train of the time of the empire. Check it out". tip from Duda Aguiar 

10. "don't miss show of Sound and Light that happens in the imperial museum. A movie is projected on the surface of the water that comes from the fountains.  The water serves as screen and the film is watched reflected on the water. It is awesome.. " tip from Mariana Mendes. 

11. "hello once again people!!! Well, since I am from Petrópolis... I decided to give some tips for who wants to get to know the imperial city. Well, for who enjoy a colonial tea, Katz delicatessen is a great option, one of the most traditional, at Petrópolis downtown, with its own style. And the best chocolate stuff of the world. It is also worthwhile to visit the monastery of the benedith nuns (monastery of the virgin) it is one of the most beautiful and rare sacred places that I have already seen, and the best is that now it is open for visitation and Haxi haven't even gone there... Another tip is to visit Empada Brazil's store that sells a kind of somosa/pie ("empada")... there is a great one with chocolate filling. There is also the bakery "Pão de Centeio" (Rye bread), a place that serves from hamburger, candies, breads to pastas prepared in firewood oven, it is great for who has a big family and can't get to decide where and what to eat. The nightlife in the neighborhood of Valparaíso is good, with some bars like Hurrycane that has darts to play with, "Armazém 636", that has live music and gets really hot during the week.. and there is even a Pub with snooker... for who doesn't want to go to Itaipava... it is a great option.  That's it!! "tip from Aline Souza 

12. "don't FORGET ABOUT TEREZA STREET!!!! There you can buy clothes for everyone, very cheaply!!! "tip from Aline Souza

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