"The Brazilian Caribbean"  

The city is located at about 70 km to the south of Recife. The place has a clear water, great to dive, several reefs at the beaches, good waves for surfing and other attractions like to sail on rafts, to ride on buggys for the sand of the beach, to fly by microlite , take a shower in waterfalls and some 'forrós'. Ohhh, There is also a lot of chickens in the city! 

"There are many crazy chickens here! "  


 To "sail of raft is legal."  

"Porto de Galinhas" Beach: it is the busiest beach and more tourist. There, dozens of rafts take the tourists for the reefs and natural swimming pools. There is a great infrastructure and people rent everything. 

 "Nice! "  

Maracaípe Beach: it is where the good waves are found. Even with wind the waves breaks with good formation. Surfing championships frequently happen at this beach. The sand is well frequented. (pictures of the waves) 

Cambôa Beach: no wave, a buggy ride here is a good option. The beach is clean and in the low tide, some natural swimming pools are formed. 


"The water is crystal clear."  

"Muro Alto" (Tall Wall) Beach: also good for buggy rides. The beach has that name because a natural wall of sand. It also has natural swimming pools. 

 "There are many buggys for rent."  

"Cupê" (Coupé) Beach - On its north, reefs, natural swimming pools, and several coconut trees. On the south, several summer vacation houses. 

"What an awesome view."  

"Furnas dos Holandeses" (Caverns of the Dutchmen) Waterfall - it has several falls and a width of about 40 meters. 

"The city has some good bars."  

Crauaçu Waterfall - the main fall has 3 meters. 

"There are some restaurants with a deck in front of the beach."  

Macinha Waterfall - it has 15 meters of height by 5 of width. 

"The tough ones go swimming to the reefs."  


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1. Cell phones work and there are public phones.  

2. You can swim to the natural swimming pools. It's nice to sail on the rafts, but it is not necessary. The reefs are close to the sand. 

3. Take diving equipment, because the water is great. If you don't have, you can rent there. 

4. Visit Serrambi. The place is awesome. 

5. You can rent a surf board in Maracaípe

6. Try "tapioca" with melted cheese and coconut milk. It is neither great nor terrible, but it worths the try. 

7. It's easy to rent a buggy (a kind of jeep, designed to ride on the sand). 

8. There are great waves there 

9. "If you're going to Porto de Galinhas, visit the bar and restaurant "Bico Verde" (green beak), it is located at downtown and in certain days of the week, local folkloric presentations happen there, extraordinary! After the show, there is 'forró'! " tip from Dênis  

10. "The rent of  motorbikes (honda biz) it is the best choice in Porto de Galinhas. We went everywhere on it. We went from one end to the other by the sand. And we collected  a lot of cashews at the road." tip from Marcelo Miranda Vitória - ES  

11. "I loved the site. Close to Porto de Galinhas (about 80 km), there is a beach that is wonderful: "Carneiros" (Sheep) Beach. The easiest access is by boat, where the landscape is fantastic. The sand and snow white and the waters crystal clear. Don't miss it." tip from Camila - Rio Claro (SP). 

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