"The famous peak."  

"Pico das Agulhas Negras" (Black Needles Peak) is located at 2.787 meters of altitude and inside Itatiaia National Park. The walk to the Peak, starting from Maromba (Visconde de Mauá) is an adventure of at least two days.  

"The landscape here is very odd... "  

"Get ready for long walks."  

To climb it, you've got to be prepared physically, equipped and accompanied by a good guide. Food, water, strings and coat are essential. The best time to take this walk is in the winter, when it rains less. 

"Cool views... "  

For who doesn't want to walk the whole way up there, it is possible to go by car to the interior of the park. The road is in very bad conditions, but regular cars get to cross most of the road. 

"The camping is wild."  

There are some lodgings at the entrance of the park, however, you can find many others in Itatiaia, that is nearby. You can also come walking from Itatiaia National Park ." 

"The waterfalls have freezing water."  

That pick is a mountaineers' playground. Lovers of off-road and motocross also come to this place. 

"You'll get the best view from "Prateleiras" (Shelves)"  

LOCATION - it is at the highway between Engenheiro Passos (Resende) and Itamonte, in Mantiqueira Mountains.  

PREPARATION - Take lots of clothes for the cold, because the temperature can reach below 0° C. The tent should be used together with a thermal insulating.  


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1. Take coats, it is very cold there.  

2. Don't go to trails alone, there are several cases of people who get lost there. 

3. The road that takes to the park is very bad, but can be crossed. 

4. It is possible to camp next to the park. 

5. Take a flashlight.  

6. "I knew about the bus that leaves Resende, going by "Garganta do Registro", and gets to Caxambu. The bus company "Viação Cidade do Aço" does this itinerary according to the following schedules:   09:00 - only on Saturdays   10:55 - daily   18:30 - only on fridays  23:00 - except on Saturdays   It costs R$6,80. " tip from João Pires  

7. "besides Black Needles Peak, Itatiaia National Park counts with many other ignored trails, some of very easy level (but most takes at least 5 hours, roud trip). For instance: Aiuruoca waterfall, "Pedra do Altar" (Altar Stone), Black Mountains Crossing, and others. " tip from Juliana - SP  

8. "the Peak is at the high area of the national park. For you to go up it, you'll need at least basic equipments for an escalade, because there are steep passages that you'll need rope, besides it is necessary to go down on a Tyrolese if you want to write your name on the book that is on the top of the pick. It is worthwhile. The place is wonderful. Do never go up after noon, because it may get dark when you return." tip from Paty Greve  

9. Don't miss making rappel on the Shelves. It is awesome!! " tip from André Curran - SP  

10. "I went in july/2001, it is very beautiful!! The local people say that it is an "anyone-can-climb" peak, but this is not a responsible thing to say. It has some difficulty at several passages.  Besides it is necessary to have psychological preparation to face challenges and the vertigo of the heights. I witnessed people "in panic" in the middle of the ascent, not wanting neither to return nor to continue, disturbing who was handling. The other important one is: climb as early as possible for not going down in the darkness. For who has never gone, it's 4 hours up and 3 down!!! ". tip from Kleber Rocha / Passa Quatro/MG  

11. " Hi, I've never gone to Black Needles, but as it is a very cold place and that it demands a lot of energy to get to it, take some chocolate bars, it helps a lot. Congratulations for the initiative. hugs, " tip from Paulo Carvalho  

12. "Well, after the fire caused by a 17 year-old boy in July, 2001, the park closed for 6 months before reopening and some changes were made, because now the wild camping on IBAMA lands, close to the park is not allowed anymore. Therefore, the campers are forced to camp at Hotel Alsene's area, that is beside that interdicted land. It is a shame, because on IBAMA lands there is a great infrastructure, at least for the wild camping, because it was big and with a river that crossed the land. It is also necessary now to register at the entrance of the park, indicating a person responsible for a group up to 10 people." tip from Estevan Stracke  

13. "I've been there the day before yesterday and it was fantastic. About signing the book, the Tyrolese is not necessary, it can be substituted, like I did, by a small rappel and a bit dangerous escalade. In any way, take care with the wind up there, that can unbalance you. " tip from Fernando  

14. "Hi, people....... That place is fantastic. But take a coat, it is really cold. The view isgreat. But, I recommend you to be accompanied by guide of the area. A tip? Ceceu. Everyone knows him there. If you don't have determination to conquer the pick, at least go to the shelves. Kisses" Lanuza Madruga from Volta Redonda   I lovea this site. I work in a tv show called "câmera em ação" (Action Camera). I travel a lot. I get to know many nice places.... For that, after I met this site, I wanted to send tips on the places I've been. I will tell about your site on the show, ok? The show is exhibited in the whole state of Rio de Janeiro. But our trip are made in the states of Minas Gerais, Rio de Janeiro and São Paulo. Transmitted every friday, at 12:30. Don't miss it.... " tip from Lanuza Madruga 

15. " The place is wonderful, native forest and birds and butterflies of several species, and monkey screaming all the time. The waterfalls are great. We made the trail to "TrÊs Picos" (Three Peaks), from where you can see the Black Needles Peak and Paraíba Valley, it is amazing. But take a canteen to get water, because it takes about 4 hours to reach the peak, and don't forget to take something to eat. The trail is of difficult access, very abandoned, full of bush. When arriving at "Rio Bonito" (Beautiful River) waterfall, do not cross the trunk that takes to the other side of the trail, there is a trail behind the waterfall that is easy and without risks. In the summer, it rains a lot and the incidence of lightnings is also high. "tip from Simone Roca - SP 

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