"Santa Maria's waterfall is beautiful! "  

To get to the city, take BR-070 highway. When you get to Cocalzinho (GO), the option are: 20 km of dirt road through Pireneus Mountains or to proceed on the paved road until Corumbá - 16 km from Pirenópolis. From Goiânia, it's 117 km by GO-080 highway, going by Anápolis, and then taking BR - 153 (Belém-Brasília).  

Pirenópolis is a small and pleasant historical city, founded in 1727 by the Pioneers. It is at 150 km from Brasília and 130 km from Goiânia. Its attractions are the historical buildings of colonial architecture, the countless beautiful waterfalls and the traditional popular parties.  

The city was called "Minas de Nossa Senhora do Rosário de Meia Ponte". "Meia Ponte" (half bridge) because half of its bridge - over "Rio das Almas" (Souls River) - was destroyed by an inundation. It became Pirenópolis in 1890, for being between two great elevations that form Pireneus Mountains. In fact, other tourist point is exactly the central peak of Pireneus, with 1.385 meters of height, and that is only 18 kilometers far.  

"The city is very beautiful."  

In Pirenópolis, the tourist has the chance to get to knowing at least seven waterfalls, of small and big load - all nearby. Among the options, "Cachoeira do Abade" (Abbot's Waterfall) impresses for the strenght of the waters. It's 21 m of free fall at an old mine, demolished for polluting the water consumed by the residents. It is at 11km from the city, at the same Pireneus Road.  

Among the colonial buildings, "Nossa Senhora do Rosário" Mother Church stands out , the oldest of the state of Goiás, built between 1728 and 1732.  

Other historical buildings, besides the Mother church, include the "Nosso Senhor do Bonfim" Church, 1750; "Nossa Senhora do Carmo" Church and Museum; Pirenópolis Theater, 1899; "Casa da Rua Direita" (Direita Street House), 1852; and Babilônia Farm, with a beautiful colonial big house

"What a nice life! "  

Vargem Grande Ecological Reservation - Located at 11km from the city, there are two great waterfalls in the reservation, "Lázaro" and "Santa Maria". It is in Lázaro Farm, at the  Pireneus region. These waterfalls are extraordinary. 

Bonsucesso Farm- Located at 5 kilometers from downtown, it is one of the oldest of the area. For being the closest, it is indicated for who doesn't have much time available. Inside its area there are six waterfalls in sequence and the most visited, that form pleasant swimming pools, are Aladim, Tamboril and Azul. To get to the top of this last one, that  is at 1500m of walk, you must have good physical condition; besides, the ascent is through a stairway of irregular stones.  For who practices rappel, go to onsucesso waterfall, that has 12m of fall. The slaves, during the gold cycle, built part of the trail that takes to the waterfalls.  

"Santuário de Vida Silvestre Vaga Fogo" (Wild Life Shrine 'Vaga Fogo') - Located at 6km from the city, its access is made by the neighborhood of Carmo, with indicative signs. Located amid the savannah, it borders "Vaga Fogo" Stream, that is one of the most beautiful of the area, with a landscape of rare beauty, that shelters a great variety of birds and wild animals. There is a visitors center, with informative videos and publications about environment and preservation. 

"Cachoeira do Abade" (Abbot's Waterfall) - located in Cabaçais Farm, at 12km from the city. With a free fall of 21m, close to the Abbot's Mines. There are camping and rustic lodging. The access is made by the pireneus road, with indicative signs. 

"The city has this name because of the Pireneus Mountains ."  

"Cachoeiras Meia Lua e Fumaça" (Half Moon and Smoke Waterfalls) - they are located in "Meia Lua" Farm, at 6km from the city, at the feet of the Pireneus mountains. The access is made by the Pireneus road and, to visit it, seek "Sombra da Mata" (Woods Shadow) camping, at the quarries. 

Pireneus Mountains - it is located at 20km from the city. It's 3 peaks, the highest has 1385m of altitude, and it has chapel at its top. On the full moon, in July, it hosts "festa do Morro" (Party of the Hill). 

"Morro Cabeludo" (Hairy hill) - The hill is at 20km from the city, beside the peaks of Pireneus Mountains. 

"Cachoeira Usina Velha" (Old Plant Waterfall) - Located at 3km from the city, it is the place where the old power force plant worked. The access is made by the pireneus road. 

"Pedreiras" (Quarries) - It is considered a great place for walks, and it is also where the extraction of stones of Pirenópolis happens. To get to the Quarries, take the pireneus road. 

"Waterfalls with beach are often here."  

"Lavras dos Bandeirantes" (Plowings of the Pioneers) - Located close to the Quarries, it is the place where, in the middle of the 17th century, the souls' river was diverted to the gold mine. The access is made by the pireneus road. 

Bonsucesso Waterfalls - Located at 5km from the city, the access is made by the neighborhood of Carmo, with indicative signs. 

"Morro do Frota" (Hill of the Fleet) - it is the ideal place for walks. On the top of the hill, one has a beautiful view of the whole city. To get to it, you should go by a dirt road from the neighborhood of Carmo. 

Babilônia Farm- Located at 26km from Pirenópolis, it is one of the oldest of the state of Goiás, and it was an important subar cane mill, with a beautiful colonial big house. 


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1. Pirenópolis is protected by the National Historical Patrimony.  It is a very beautiful and preserved historical city . 

2. Among the popular fests, the "Divino Espírito Santo" Party stands out. It happens 45 days after the Holy Week. The party, with its "cavalhadas", is considered one of the largest folkloric attractions of South America. There is also Pireneus ountains Pilgrimage , on the 1st week of July. 

3. The waterfalls (more than twenty) are all located at no more than 15 km from the city.  

4. Two extraordinary waterfalls: Lázaro and "Santa Maria", also known as "Cachoeira do Inferno" (Waterfall of Hell), both located in "Vargem Grande" Ecological Reservation .  

5. Vaga Fogo Shrine, at 6 km from the city, is a place that shelters a great variety of birds and wild animals. It worths the visit

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