"The beach has some bars."  

"Praia da Pipa" is about 85 km from Natal. The name is due to a stone that, seen of the sea by the old navigators of last centuries, had the form of a pipe. Those containers that the wine-producing ones use for storage of wine. 

"There is a lot of cliffs here."  

The beauty of Pipa was discovered by the surfers in the 70's for its waves,  and today it is known by the landscapes such as "Baía dos Glfinhos" (dolphins' bay), "Chapadão" (plain), the cliffs and the beautiful people that frequent the beach. The main street shelters dozens of bars, good restaurants and stores of crafts.  

"The tide variation is impressive."  

"Praia das Minas" (Beach of the Mines): straight beach with moderate waves and cliffs, it has about 5 km.  

"Praias do Amor e do Moleque" (Love and Youngster Beaches): good beach for surfing practice. It has dunes and cliffs; it's got 2 km.  

"Some cliffs are light colored and others dark". 

Pipa Beach: good for surfing. It has reefs, natural swimming pools, besides dolphins and marine turtles. It shelters an old colony of fishermen.  

"Praia do Curral" (Corral Beach): it has cliffs. The access is made by boat or, on the low tide, by Pipa Beach; it's got about 2 km.  

"There is a lot of natural swimming pools."  


By boat: For Love Beach and Dolphins bay, you'll see dolphins, stop to dive, 1:00 and 30 min. of duration; exits from Pipa Beach  

Pipa Ecological Shrine: Area of Environmental Protection, 16 trails that can be travelled with or without guides, observatories; road to "Tibau do Sul"; 2 km  

"What a nice view! "  


Main Distances  

Natal 87 km
João Pessoa 165 km
Tibau do Sul 8 km

"I need a shade to rest."  


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1. Visit Dolphins Bay. It is possible to see several dolphins over there. A boat trip is to there is a good option.  

2. The main street of Praia da Pipa has a very good and agitated nightlife on the high season. A lot of options of bars and good restaurants. 

3. There are good waves for surfing. Surf early, when it winds less. 

4. The shadows are rare on the beach. The few that exist at the kiosks are disputed, so bring a cap, suntan lotion and, if possible, a sun shelter. 

5. Praia da Pipa is very agitated. For who prefers peace, staying in Tibau do Sul or Cunhaú is good option. 

6. From the top of the cliffs, it is possible to see dolphins and turtles on the high tide. 

7. Visit Pipa Ecological Shrine. 

8. Go for a boat trip on Guaraíras Pond.  

9. If you have the time, visit Baía Formosa that is to the south of Praia da Pipa. 

10. Besides enjoying the view from the cliffs, try it from the dunes that offer a different angle. 

11. "For who will go there, don't miss eating in Naturali, a nice place, with some delicious natural sandwiches and not expensive. The owner is Eli, a very nice lady. It is at "Rua do Céu" (Sky Street), beside the store that sells old stuff. Also, you should make a buggy ride to Sagi. It is wonderful! The ride is incredible, going by the Plain, Dolphins Bay (I saw several ones!), and so many other beautiful places. It ends at a wonderful restaurant, on the edge of the sand, called Ombak. It's almost unknown in Brazil, but many foreigners know it. It has a oyster broth that is great. At the end of  Dolphins Bay Av., there is a mally with some restaurants. There is a very good salad bistro and a crepe store. You eat in a balcony with a pleasant wind and in front of the sea. Well, Pipa is awesome, a place that worths the visit. Oh! If you want to make a tatoo to always remind the trip, make it with Serginho, in a studio at the corner of Sky Street. It is good and reliable also. That's it! Bye! " tip from Renata Porlan Rio de Janeiro  

12. "I want to give a tip on Pipa'a nightlife.... A lot of reaggae, techno... A colored people... Languages, colors, faces... Very modern and interesting... I love it... " tip from Laurinda Luiza 

12. "Pipa's atmosphere is magic! Seeing the sun rises from the plain is one of the best options. For me the best bar is Garagem, it is in a very beautiful place and it always has a very music sound at night. " tip from Mariana Araujo-Recife

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