"Gee! What a huge cave! "  

Created on December 10, 1981, President Figueiredo received this name in honor to the first President of the Province of Amazon: João Baptista de Figueiredo Tenreiro Aranha. 

With a territory of the size of Holland, Presidente Figueiredo has more than 100 waterfalls inside of the Amazonian jungle. The falls of water are due to the proximity with Guianas Francesas. 

"There are more than 100 waterfalls here"

"Cachoeira da Pedra Furada" (Holed Stone Waterfall) - the water comes from a hole in the rock. Access by the km 57 of AM-240 highway. km 63 

"Cachoeiras da Pedra da Lua Branca e Natal" (White Moon Stone and Christmas Waterfalls) - they are on "Urubu" (Vulture) river but in opposed sides and distant. The access is by boat, starting from the bridge over Vulture river. 

"The caves are huge."  

"Orquídea" (Orchid) Waterfall - walk of 30 minutes to natural swimming pools. Access by the km 107 of BR 174 highway, 2km of distance. 

"Lages" (Flagstones) Waterfall  - it is on the right margin of BR 174 highway, km 113, being 4 waterfalls distributed along 1500m. Access through trail for inside the forest. 

"The landscape is very different."  

"Pedra Lascada" (Chipped Stone) Waterfall - it is located on the right margin of BR 174 highway, KM 113, at 1700m. Trail inside the forest. Inside of the area of Lages waterfalls. 

Iracema Waterfall - left margin of BR 174, KM 115, at 400m.  

"I will end up getting lost."  

"Araras" (Macaws) Waterfall - At 1500m. after Iracema waterfall, on trail inside the forest. It is inside Iracema Waterfall area. 

Suframa Waterfall - located on the right margin of BR-174 highway, KM-96, at 200 mts. on trail inside the forest. 

"This waterfall comes from a hole in the roof."  

"Santuário" (Shrine) Waterfall - located on the right margin of Am-240 highway, access to Balbina KM-12, at 1200m. 

Iracema Caves - it is on the left margin of BR-174 highway, km - 115, at 4000m, inside Iracema Farm. Inside Iracema Waterfall area. 

"The magnificence of the Amazonian forest impresses."  

Cave of the "Macaws" (Araras) - at 1500m after the Iracema Waterfall, on a trail bordering Urubuí river. Inside Iracema Waterfall area. 

"Lages" (Flagstones) Cave - on the left margin of BR-174 highway, km-113, at 20m from the margin of the highway. 

"Raio" (Ray) Cave - right margin of the extension of the cemetery, km-01, at 300m on trail inside the forest.

"I liked this place."  

"Refúgio do Maruaga" (Maruaga Refuge Cave) - right margin of AM-240 highway, access to Balbina KM-06, at 600m on conserved trail. It has 26 meters of mouth and 380 meters of galleries. 

"Batismo" Baptism) Cave - located about 1000m on trail leaving from Balbina Museum  (CPA). You can see paintings on the road to President Figueiredo. Be attentive, you can see and delight with a pleasant swimming. 

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1. At some waterfalls of President Figueiredo you have to pay to visit. Don't worry, it is very cheap. 

2. During the week it is difficult to find boat pilots in the city.  

3. You must go by car. The waterfalls are very far away one of the others and it will be very expensive to depend on taxi. If you wait for one on the highway... lie down and sleep, them are very rare, after all, you are in the middle of the largest forest of the world. 

4. The city is very "young" and there is practically nothing to do at night but to sip a beer close to the bus station. 

5. Visit Waimiri-atroari Reservation. It is not possible to enter without authorization from the Indians or from FUNAI.  

6. Take flashlight to enter the caves. 

7. Take vaccine against yellow fever with at least 10 days of antecedence.  

8. There is a time zone difference. It is one hour less then Brasilia.

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