"This is the J San Francisco Walterfall."

Prudentópolis is known as the earth of the gigantic waterfalls. The city paranaense shelters falls of water that scare the most daring rapeleiros. The one of Saltão São Francisco has 196 meters of height, the largest of the area. The wet trails are traveled among the green forest. For the road, canyons and small wild animals are part of the beauties of the city of the waterfalls. But everything sees detail, when the surprising waterfalls appear among the green valleys. In Prudentópolis, many places still were not explored, and they are ready to receive adventurers in search of new mysteries and waterfalls.
Canyon of Perehouski - leisure Area very appreciated by his/her natural beauty and singular geological characteristics, appropriate for bath in Rio Beautiful Barra, trails, observation of the flora and surrounding fauna. Potential for the Tyrolese practice Gives ade are located three jumps of small load, that you/they can be used as showers natural Location: Line Paraná. Distance: 24 km - 14 km for asphalt and 10 km in beaten ground.

"This is the São João Walterfall. ."

São João Walterfall - I Jump with 84 meters of height, located in Rio São João, it possesses a group paisagístico of great beauty. It is located in a natural area, where it is possible to glimpse Rio São João Canyon. Potential for the rappel practice. 0 access to the base of the Jump is difficult. Location: He/she Obstructs Beautiful. Distance of the headquarters of the municipal district: 22 km - 7 km in asphalt and 15 km in beaten ground
Jump São Sebastião - I Jump with 120 meters, with little volume of water. Potential for the rappel practice and canyoning. In the headboard of the jump, of a natural observatory, it is possible to visualize the Jump well located Mlot his/her front. Location: They are Sebastião. Distance: 29 km - 14 km in asphalt and 15 km in ground beaten trail of high degree of difficulty

"There a lot of waterfall here! "

Baron of Rio Branco Walterfall - Located in Rio of the Ducks, it possesses 64 meters of height and significant volume of water, it is used for electric power generation. It is possible the base of the jump to arrive through a staircase with 478 steps. Potential for the rappel practice and raffing. Location: Manduri Distances: 14 km - 4 km of asphalt the 10 km in beaten ground.
Retreat Rickli - Area of leisure of deprived property, that it includes the Salto Manduri, with 32 m of height and approximately 100 m of width, formed by Rio of the Ducks. It has own areas for bath and bill with area for camp, chalet, swimming pool with sled, tables and banks, barbecue grill, sanitarium, snack bar, playground and sporting block of sand. Being one of the areas more sought stop visitation. Location: Manduri.  Distance: 12 km - 8 km in asphalt and 4 km in beaten ground.

"One more waterfall... "

Salto Barra Grande e Fazenda Velha  - Located in Rio Big Barra, in an of the scarps of the Mountain of the Hope, the twin jumps, now they are just used for visualization (on the way to the jumps São Sebastião and Miot, Canyon of Perehowski), due to the difficult access. They possess 130 and 100 m approximately, respectively. Location: He/she Obstructs Big - Distance: 30 km.

Salto São Francisco e Cachoeira Menor- One of the postcards of the municipal district, considered the highest jump of the South area and one of the highest of the country, possesses 196 meters of free fall approximately. It provides an impressive show, where the water becomes fog before playing in the ground. Before this larger fall what is called Smaller Waterfall exists, also of great beauty. 0 access to the jump San Francisco is of great scenic appeal, crossing part of the Mountain of the Good Hope, where he/she is located. It possesses potential for the rappel practice. Location: São Francisco Distância: 60 km - 22 km in asphalt and 38 km in gravel highway.


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1.Try the local foods of Ukrainian origin as the cracovia and the perohê.

2.Visit São João Waterfall and  San Francisco Waterfall. These are the most beautiful.

3.Go to do a rafting.

5.Thewaterfalls are very far. Car is necessary.

6.Visit Cânion Perohosky. There area very cool family and they will receive you very well. It is possible to camp over there.

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