"I'm here!"

To arrive in Regency is as returning to the past. barefoot Streets, people having been unworried, horses and bicycles in the doors of the sales...
It is one of the places more sought by the surfers of the area, because it is without a doubt the best wave capixaba and one of the best of Brazil. In the exit of the Sweet river, break a very long and tubular left in almost all the extension. In the middle of the beach, although no so long, the waves are also strong and tubular.


To arrive there it is the best option for who is in Vitória and to follow the North Coast, going by Jacaraípe, New Almeida, Santa Cruz, Coqueiral of Aracruz, Barra of Sahy, to pass in front of Aracruz Celulose, to proceed towards Linhares, and to 9 km after the gate of the factory you will enter for Town of the Stream (don't confuse with Barra of the Stream).

Starting from Population, returning a little for the highway and turning the right before BR-101, it can stick to an alternative road for dirt road, going by Point of Ipiranga, that has smaller waves but they guarantee a surf in the morning. There also in the weekends, it doesn't lack a good one cover mountain foot. It is there also that every month of July happens the Forró Pontal, a party with three days of duration with the best forró bands, that it attracts about 15 thousand people.

"Tamar Project"

The waves of the beach of Regency are considered by the Brazilian surfers one of the best for the practice of the sport in the Brazilian coast, compared with the beaches of Floripa,  Maresias and Saquarema.

As they count the lovers of this sport, in a single beach they are 3 different waves: Long waves - close to the mouth of the Sweet river, they are the most extensive waves of the you are, known as "cousins of I Bleated". great Saint for maneuvers. Short Waves, break in the beach and go in two directions: for left and for right. Tubular waves, go in two directions: for left and for right.

"Good Waves"

The mouth of the Sweet river seasons the water of the sea turning her heavier, doing with that it reduces the speed, while the presence of more oxygen generates larger amount of foam, facilitating the flow of the board. Thepoint rushes ocean inside the, doing with that the beach is in open sea.

In Regency it is the Projeto Tamar-Ibama, that monitors 37 km of beaches, besides supporting the monitoração work of more 73 km of beaches accomplished by the bases of Population and Point of Ipiranga.

"The old light"

The reservation's beaches shelter the only known point of concentration of spawnings of the Gigantic Turtle (Coriaceous Dermochelys) and the second largest point of concentration of the Big-headed Turtle (Caretta Caretta), in Brazil.

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1.From March to October, Regency is the best option for the surf

2.There are a whale bones stagnated Jubarte died .Try to see it

3.If you will travel in this course in the night, try to count owls stopped nom middle of the highway.

4.Go to do a kayak walk rowing for Rio Doce. Professionals ca live you  one hour exist descends the river.

5.Fishermen  of the boat Jaibara fished in the 7 of September of 2003 two sharks, known as annoying head or it sands, measuring 3,2 meters each, with dear individual weight of 300 kilos. Every river exit has shark. The attacks are inexistent, but they are there.

6.Don't have anything to do the night. Eat early because the few restaurants close early.

7.Visit the project Tamar. It is nice.

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