"This city is my home! "  

Rio is a metropolis that enchants any tourist. A place with all problems and paranoias of a big city, but, on the other hand, it has still virgins beaches like "Prainha" and "Grumari" and the largest urban forest of the world with a lot of waterfalls and observatories. 

"The flight ramp has an awesome view." 

The main attractions of the city: 

Grumari - considered the last beach of Rio. It is one of the most beautiful because it still presents good tracks of what has already been the Atlantic forest. It has good waves on the high tide. 

"In Prainha there are the best waves"  

"Prainha" (Small Beach)- with no doubts, the most beautiful of Rio. It is small and frequented mainly by surfers. As the name says, it is small and it is squeezed between the sea and the mountain. The best waves of the city are there. 

Macumba - beach frequented by surfers when the undulation is gigantic. You can't miss it with east wind. 

"In Rio, there is a bike lane along the whole border."  

Barra - enormous beach. The Breakwater, on the left side of the beach is frequented by surfers that like to impose the localism. Further on, heading to the left side you'll find Pepê's Beach, frequented by hot chicks, famous people and some humans. Proceeding until Ayrton Senna Av., it is all mixed up with every kind of people, like families, youngs etc... After that, the reservation, which is the emptiest passage. In front of Local Bar there is one of the several reefs where breaks good waves.   

Joatinga - small beach that is between a hill and the sea. As beautiful as "Prainha" and very well frequented. There is a watch tower at the entrance, but anyone can enter to go to the beach. 

"There are several cool islands close to the coast

São Conrado - it is the beach where the hang-gliding practicers land. In spite of being polluted, there are good waves, on both sides of the beach, but mainly on the left, known as "Pepino" (Cucumber). 

Leblon and Ipanema - they are one beach divided only by a canal, called "Jardim de Alá" (Alah Garden). Positions 10 and 09 are the best points. On the left side of the beach it is the famous Arpoador. The best wave of Rio and unhappily the most crowded. 

"Joatinga is one of the most cool beaches."  

Copacabana - it is the tourists' beach, mainly the foreigners. 

Urca - it is the climbers Mecca. There it is Sugar Loaf. 

Guanabara Bay - in spite of being polluted it is a good option for a boat trip 

"Pedra Bonita" (Beautiful stone) - located between Barra and São Conrado. It is the best observatory of the city. You can only reach it by walking. 


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1. Below, it is a list of some of the hundreds leisure options in Rio:  

#To surf in Prainha 

#To bike around Rodrigo de Freitas Pond and along the border 

#To hand-glide in São Conrado 

#To go down-hill on skateboard, at Paineiras  

#To sail on Guanabara Bay  

#Wake-board on Rodrigo de Freitas Pond or on Marapendi Pond  

#To see the sunrise on the Arpoador stone  

#To watch the sunset on the sidewalk of Ipanema 

#To enjoy the nightlife, from monday to monday 

#To take a waterfall bath at Horto, after the beach 

#To admire the best buttockses of the world at Pepê's Beach  

#To dive at Cagarras Islands and at Tijucas Islands 

#Wind and Kite-surf at Pepê 

#Wind-surf at Marapendi Pond  

#To climb "Pão de Açúcar" (Sugar Loaf) and "Dois Irmãos" (Two Siblings) 

#To enjoy the aerial view of the city in some of the dozens observatories of the city, in a sunny day 

#To go for a walk until the top of Beautiful Stone 

#... there are many other things, like going to Maracanã, Sugar Loaf, Corcovado... 

2. Get ready to stand the traffic and the most aggressive drivers of the world. 

3. Get to know which are the violent places near the place where you will stay and try to avoid them. Certain areas are terrible during the night. 

4. Quit visiting the city for fear of violence is nonsense. Careful people don't have trouble in Rio and they have a lot of fun. 

5" Watch the moon from Urca's face" tip from Rede Telem.  

6. "Eat a seafood stew in one of the restaurants of Barra de Guaratiba. It is great! " tip from Adriano Rogel  

7. "For who has never been in Rio, my clue is to go to Horto's waterfalls, a small trail separates the city from the forest. Extraordinary! "tip from Camilla G.  

8. "Don't forget to visit the largest urban forest of the world, Tijuca Forest, full of trails, waterfalls, observatories, peaks, grottos.... "tip from Diego  

9. "Visit the Hippie fair, in Ipanema, on Sunday, after the beach." tip from Horácio Almeida Neto  

10 "As a radical sports lover, I have to indicate the rappel on "Pedra da Tartaruga" (Turtle Stone). You stop the car at Barra de Guaratiba, take a trail, on foot, for about 1:00 and you'll get to it. From the stone you see the coast until the Recreio beach. Awesome!! " tip from Vagner Santos  

11. "A walk at Santa Teresa, Urca and the historical center of Rio is extraordinary. Get lost on their streets. Peixoto Neighborhood, in Copacabana, in spite of small, is also worthwhile. Catete street, mainly at the passage close to the Palace, it is beautiful and well preserved. The nature in the city is privileged, but its architecture is also very beautiful". tip from Alvaro Alemeida  

12. "Go to the "forrós" and Samba meetings at Lapa. And the safest and calmest place to stay is in Leblon neighborhood. ." tip from Tatiana Neves  

13 "For who didn't have the honor of being born in the Wonderful City, come to know the perfect work of God! Walk in ipanema, you will find a lot of cool things!. "tip from Carol Urquiza.

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