" This is the most visited church of the city."  

In the 18th century, the pioneer Manuel de Borba Gato settled in the area where it is the confluence of "Rio das Velhas" (Old Ladies River) with "Sabará" River, in search of gold. There he founded the first town of the State. "Nossa Senhora da Conceição de Sabará" Royal Town attracted the many adventurers' attention. It also got the king's of Portugal attention, because of the abundance of precious metals found in "Rio das Velhas" 

"It seems I'm back in the time."  

Always agitated by the rivalry between the inhabitants from São Paulo and Portuguese, the town grew a lot. Churches were raised, what attracted the presence of many architects and artisans, who helped to compose the population of the city that still counted on many slaves and people from everywhere. 

"There are some ruins in the city." 

Sabará was headquarters of a Intendency house, that collected, weighed, melted and  authenticated with receipt the gold extracted from the region. From every controlled metal it was taken the "fifth", in other words, the Crown's share. The Intendency house or Foundry house worked between 1753 and 1833, same period of operation of the ones in Ouro Preto, São João del Rey and Serro Frio 

"The constructions of the city are old."  

With the decline of the mining and the Independence of Brazil, Sabará entered into a decadence period, reducing its economical representativeness in the national economy. In spite of that, the city conserves, today, its historical-cultural potential, keeping intact the houses and churches, that resist to the current disordered growth to tell the past to the present and future generations. 

"Hum , vou comer uma comidinha mineira."


Solar do Padre Correia 

Municipal theater 

Fountain of the Real Court 

Kaquende Fountain  

Nossa Senhora da Conceição Mother Church 

Nossa Senhora do Carmo Church 

Nossa Senhora do Ó Church 

Nossa Senhora do Rosário dos Pretos Church 

São Francisco de Assis Church 

Nossa Senhora das Mercês Church 

Museum of the Gold 

"I drank water from the fountain."  


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1. It's at 25Km from Belo Horizonte.  

2. The access is by BR 262 highway. 

3. Visit "Nossa Senhora do Ó" and "São Francisco de Assis" Churches. They are the best ones. 

4. Don't miss eating the famous local food. The city has good restaurants.

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