"The restaurants at the beach are on top of stilts."  

Located on the coast, Salinas is located at 220 km to the south of Belém. The place changed, from a fishermen town into a summer vacation city, in reason of its beautiful beaches. It offers good tourist structure, with even specialized services for the sporting fishermen. There is a great amount of swamps on the area, making the waters excellent for fishing.  

"The sea disappears completely on the low tide."  

"Atalaia" (Watchtower) beach - it is the longest and busier. During the months of January to March, the waves suffer influence of the great tides of the area, reaching 2 meters of height. This beach is frequented by the best surfers of the state, and where the main surfing championships are accomplished. On the days with no waves, one can practice sandboarding on the dunes dunes at the beach.    

"Long beaches, stones and a lot of dunes... "  

Marieta - Located in Salinópolis, the island is at about 40 minutes by boat, starting from "Porto do Sal" (Salt port) . After a walk of more than 1 hour, you will find stones, just await for the high tide and go surfing. The best time to surf is from September to March. 

"The border is really beautiful."  

"Maçarico" (Blowpipe) - in the own city, it is the oldest and most tradicional. Relax, the entrance of cars is not allowed. The border of Blowpipe beach was urbanized and it now has a 4 track avenue and several huts 

Corvina - Also in the city, in the end of Blowpipe tip, it is a calm beach that entrance of cars is also not allowed. 

"This is "Coca-Cola" (Coke) lake. "  

"Maria Baixinha" (Short Mary) - virgin beach at open sea, without waves. Access by boat, starting from Cuirana. 

"Farol Velho" (Old lighthouse) - to the left of Watchtower's beach, it is as extensive as the other, but very calm. Many summer vacation houses on the edge, hotel and restaurants. 

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1. Salinas has many summer vacation houses and busy beaches during the season - in the months of June and July.  

2. The beaches of the Blowpipe and Corvina are the calmest and they have a good infrastructure. It is the main point in the afternoon and evening. 

3. The Watchtower beach, a bit more distant, is busier during the day. But also offers good options for who looks for peace.   

4. The tip for who seeks peace is to got to the Old Lighthouse beach. 

5. The tide variation is absurd and, on the full moon, the sea disappears on the empty tide. It is very impressive. 

6. People stop the car very close to the water, because the sand is hard. If you do that on the low tide, you'll lose your car, because the tide arises fast and the car may stall. A lot of people has already seen the sea take cars away there. 

7. Have breakfast at the municipal market. 

8. A bike lane of 7 km connects the entrance interchange of the city to the border.

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