"Here I am! "  

Sana can be considered a Visconde de Mauá, 20 years ago, because it still doesn't have any infraestructure or crowd. 

"This is the main square of the city."  

This old hippie area can be considered an aquatic park, like "Wet and Wild", that mother nature sculpted in the middle of the Atlantic forest. There is sequence of natural slides that are really perfect. 

"Cachoeira da Mãe" (Mother's Waterfall) has a slide of almost 90 degrees of inclination".  

This place is at 165 km to the north of Rio de Janeiro, on the mountains close to Casimiro de Abreu city, at BR-101 highway. It's about 25 km of dirt road starting from Casimiro. 

"At this corner, people have some beers."  

Nobody knows for sure about origin of the city's name. There are 3 different stories and believe in whatever you want... The first tells that the Europeans, first residents of the place, called the river of the area "Rio Sena do Brasil" (Brazilian Seine River), and it is pronounced like Sana.  

"Should I try? "  

The second legend tells that the name of the city is due to a Swiss family, that lived there, the Sanel's. And the third and last possibility is due to a bamboo species called Sena that is very common on that area. 

" Hey, babe, how are you doing? "  

The first people arrived on the area around the thirties to plant coffee. In the seventies, a hippie community settled down on the place and they called themslves "Peito do Pombo" (Pigeon's Chest) Alternative Community. It ended in 1979. In 86, the electric power came finally and from 1990 it began to be frequented by who still goes to there now. 

"These bamboos "named" the city."  

Don't miss 7 "Quedas" (Falls), "Pai" (Father), "Mãe" (Mother), "Filho" (Son) and "Escorrega" (Slide) Waterfalls, that are on the same river, one after the other. You can visit them all in sequence.  

"7 Falls Waterfalls."  

Other options are a little more far away and they demand some effort. At 12 km it is the Swallows Waterfall, with grottos and falls.  

"Which way now? "  

A good walk to make is "Peito do Pombo" (Pigeon's Chest), a walk of 4 hours that can be made on horse until a certain passage and to continue on foot. There it is possible to see the sea and a lot of other mountains.  

"On Pigeon's Chest Stone, the view is awesome."  

Even who lives in Sana doesn't know all the attractions of the place. Once in a while somebody discover something amazing. If you want to discover a secret point and to tell your friend you your own place, this place could be in Sana. 

"There are great waterfalls on the proximities."  


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1. Forget about any contact with the external world. Cell phones don't work and public phones are rare and have always a line. There is one cell phone with antenna to rent at a butcher shop.  

2. Car is useless. Park it and forget that it exists.  

3. If it's raining a lot, take care and don't stay at the edge of the river. There have already been several accidents there. That happens, usually, in the summer. 

4. The night begins calm, at the square of the city. When you have the impression that it is ending (2:00am ), people go to "Camping da Ilha" (Camping of the Island) (at the entrance of the waterfalls) and everubody dance "forró" all night long, till dawn.  

5. There are cool places between Sana and Lumiar, like São Romão's Well and "Cascata" (Cascade) that are awesome, without crowd and are worth the visit. 

6. Get to know Pigeon's Chest Stone. It's about 4 hours of walk and it is necessary to save one whole day for that. Seek Samuel at "Sobrenatural" (Supernatural) bar, and he takes you there. The guy's e-mail is: or . Or telephone number: (22)2762-2518 

7. The gas stations are a bit far. (Lumiar or Casimiro de Abreu) 

8. In the winter, it is very cold. 

9. Winter = peacefulness / Verão = crowd and a lot of mess 

10. There is a bus line that connects Sana to Casimiro de Abreu: to get the schedule, call Casimiro's Bus Station, (22) 2778-1291  . 

11. "Hi, people.  Do you know why mother's waterfall has this name? well, it's because there is a stone, to its right, that has the shape of Mother Mary's face" tip fromPatrícia Kayana  

12. "There is a waterfall on the way to Mother's Waterfall. It's at an entrance through barbed wire, close to the entrance for the slide, it is not far and is very cool, you just have to go through two hills!!!!!!!!!!! Byr". tip from Raphael!  

13. "I want to make it clear that Sana has a great natural landscape, but you must know that it is very isolated. The bus that takes to there from Casimiro is VERY BAD. " tip from Vivian-RJ 

14. "For who will visit Sana, I don't recommend Bambuzal Camping, because it is the only camping I know that has no hot water, light in the bathrooms, nor hooks to hang the towel while you're showering (even nails in the wall would help). The sink where you wash the pots is the same one that people use to brush the teeth... An ABSURD! I think it is not just a qustion of comfort, but of hygiene and respect! TERRIBLE! Remember this name: Bambuzal (THE first camping for who takes the trail to the waterfalls, after a small bridge). BAMBUZAL NEVER AGAIN!!! "tip from Flávio Carvalho  

15. "A tip for who intend to visit Sana, a native guy told me that BAMBUZAL CAMPING is really awful! Besides throwing the sewer into the waterfalls it has already been interdicted several times!! Don't CAMP THERE!!!!!!!!! " tip from Aline Araújo  

16. "For the fifth time I went to Sana, but for the first time I had courage to go up the PIGEON'S CHEST!!!!!!!!! it is SO good!!!! The last ascent is very difficult and the trail is very long. You should go prepared with plenty water, because the first stream is at 45min from the beginning of the walk and then, the other river is at 45min from that. The landscape is blinding. It goes by all of the waterfalls, by Jamil's camping, and you see the objective the whole time. The first part of the trail is easier, the part of the pasture is more tiresome and finally the closed forest. Don't think it is easy. You should go with somebody that already knows the place, because the forest is dense and there is the  risk of getting lost. It's three hours to arise, but the view worths the effort !!!!!!!!!!! " tip from Aline Araújo.  

17. "Hi! Two months ago I read the tips here and then I went to Sana. One of them said that Bambuzal camping was extremely rough. When I arrived there, we saw that it was the least rough of all, with hot water, sinks, everything neat and tidy, besides being very beautiful! I think the owner changed or decided to improve the place. Because it is very different from what people said it was! Big hug". tip from Raquel Arellano Rio de Janeiro  

18. "This one is for who enjoys capoeira, take your clothes and settle at Jamaica camping ... It has a great angola capoeira... "  tip from Miriam Sorriso  

19. "I have just arrived from Sana and I am in love with the place! You take some time getting used to with the rhythm of the place, nobody is in a hurry for anything, the guy from the bakery doesn't rush do make your sandwich and the one from the grocery store doesn't care if you'rte waiting for hours to get some attention. But later you notice that this is the natural rhythm of Sana and ends up joining them. And it is great!! A good tip is Jatobá Camping! The lady of the place is the super nice Leninha who lives at a house in the middle of the camping and she has a grocery store also inside of the camping where her Mother works. It has bathroom with hot water, kitchen with plates, pots, silverwares, stove and drinking fountain. And the best of everything, it has a waterfall inside of the camping, you just have to go down a stairway! Bye people and preserve this paradise! "tip from Elaine Passos 

20". Hello people, my tips are on the previous ones. There are really three public phones, but we have to be lucky to find them working. The best to do, is to go to Sana on weekdays or on a regular weekend, to better enjoy its beauties. When the city is full, take care (for who camps) with the tents, do never to leave anything inside of them. This tip is also valid for your car. Park it in a busy place or inside of the camping.  Hugs and good stay! "tip from Marco Shor - Rio de Janeiro  

21. Nowadays, the best dates for camping in the place are the regular days, like weekends. Go on Friday night and come back on Sunday. On the holidays, Sana gets crowded.  As place to camp, I suggest "camping da Ilha, that is beside the "forró". Hugs and Kisses." tip from Rodrigo 

22. "In my sincere opinion, the best camping is the art café camping.  (behind the art café) It has a lot of hot showers, some hammock, a lot of space (the larger camping of Sana), a bridge over the river that you cross and space to settle the tent at the edge of the river, a kitchen that can be used by everyone, and several trees with fruits, tangerine, orange, jaboticaba. There is a nice restaurant with a great food in front of it.  And also a cosy. The camping is near the square and the bus stop. " tip from Pedro Paulo Garcia  

23. "It's really difficult to find the public phones working. The bus is rare, so, as I stayed at Barra do Sana, I had to hitch. The people is cool and they really stop for you!  The hippies are making great crafts! The reggae shows at Jamaica camping are great! Take care of nature. Don't destroy what keeps you alive! " tip from Natasha  

24. "My tip is to stay at "Camping do Poço", formerly called "Camping do Caroço". The camping is very good! " tip from Vivian Almeida  

25. "Hi people..  I went for the first time to Sana on the easter holidays, and it really gets crowded...  according to the local people, it is the most crowded holiday! On easter, the public phones were out of order, but on the last holiday everything was normal, and it was easy to call home.. ! " tip from Pamella  

26. "I love that place, it is so good!!!!! Go to the "forró" and dance all night long..... "tip from  Lanuza Madruga 

27. "This tip is important for who intends to jump from Father or Mother waterfalls for the first time... Try to fall straight, don't open the legs or arms. The impact is hard if you falls wrong. You can get hurt...  A hug! " tip from Daniel Nobre/ Rio de Janeiro/ RJ

28." I go to Sana every holiday for about 8 years now, I have seen things come and go but one of the places that stayed was Pousada Riacho Doce if you really want to have good brazilian food you must eat there. I just came back from Sana after the new year and I stayed there at Pousada Riacho Doce they have a beautiful part of the river, on the river there is a big rock you can jump from there, and it's awesome. They also have places where you can sleep and it's pretty comfortable, I will give it a 5 star rating!! The people that work there are great, the owner is a very kind person. You must go there!!!!!!" tip from Coco

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