"There is a great canyon here".  

The proprietor of a farm, brought to the place an statue of Santa Rita, and this is the origin of the name of the place. This city is on Mantiqueira Chain of Mountains and it is very frequented by inhabitants from São Paulo and from Rio de Janeiro who like hang-gliding, 4x4, rappel, rafting, cavalcades etc... 

"Several farms have already been used as sceneries for soap operas".  

This is the city of the waterfalls and there is this legend that exist more than 72 waterfalls, although the local residents know about 30 at most. The good about this story is that it is still possible to find one only for you in case you want to. 

"Nice, isn't it?  

The city is one of those where everybody know each other and it has the inhabitants' funny stories like the deaf operator, the illiterate postman, the bullfighter who has never faced a bull, the poet who doesn't know how to rhyme and many others. 

"This is the city of the waterfalls."  

To arrive there, take Via Dutra highway, enter in Volta Redonda and proceed towards Barra do Piraí. Take the road to Conservatória and from there, proceed for 30 km on dirt road until Santa Rita de Jacutinga. For who comes from Juiz de Fora, proceed by BR 267 highway until Bom Jardim de Minas, that is about 33 km by dirt road until Jacutinga. 

"I swam inside of "Boqueirão" (Big mouth) Canyon."  


Meireles' Waterfall - it has several falls of water on the stones and it ends on a refreshing natural swimming pool. 

"Cachoeira das Andorinhas" (Swallows' Waterfalls) - ideal for rappel. 

"Boqueirão" (Big mouth) Canyon , that sneaks out between two high parallel stones forming an split of more than 50 meters of height through where Pirapetinga river's waters flow.    

"I am going to look for more attractions... "  

"Túnel Ferroviário" (Rail tunnel) - the largest of the Latin America, with 9 Km of darkness where the locomotives still pass on "Ferrovia do Aço" (Railroad of the Steel) heading for Volta Redonda.  

Santa Clara Farm, known for serving as scenery for the soap opera Terra Nostra, it has hundreds of windows. 

"Boqueirão da Mira" (Big mouth of the Aim) - Abyss of 100 meters of mouth and 50 meters of depth. It is the largest of Minas Gerais.  

"Rappel in the canyon."  

Santa Rita Church - On the top of a hill, the church is a prominence on the landscape, and the view from it is great. To arise, or use a good car or put your feet to work.  

Mr. Ito's Well or Waterfall - there it is possible to camp. It is a complex of great swimming pools with sandy beach and several rapids, great for a bathe, but it gets a litttle crowded.  

Other waterfalls that worth the visit: Barbosa, São Bento, Zé Ouvídeo, Jarbas, Haroldo, Estreito, Bananal, Vargem do Sobrado.  


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1. Take money in cash. The place doesn't even have traffic light, so, bank terminal, only in your dream.  

2. The Big mouth Canyon is the great attraction. You can't miss it. The best time to visit the canyon is around 11:00am, when the sun shines exactly in the middle of the two rocks.  

3. The night is in the clubs or street bars. There is also a cowboy "forró". 

4. The city has 72 waterfalls but you will only find about 10 at the most. The signalling is precarious and the information of the local residents is confused. A local guide can save you. 

5. For the soap opera lovers Those farms of the soap operas are all there. 

6. Don't miss trying the local food made in the firewood oven. It is great. 

7. Also go to of "Nossa Senhora Aparecida do Alto" Chapel to watch the sunset.  

8. One of the most beautiful walks is the trail of the waterfalls, that goes by the "Cachoeira dos Sonhos" (Dreams Waterfall) and Pacau waterfall. It crosses the rails of the railroad of the steel, going by the entrance of “tunelão”, the largest tunnel of South America, with 8.645 meters of extension.  

9.  The city is also good for who likes hand-gliding or para-gliding. 

10. Take your mountain bike for the trails.  

11. Want peace? That is the place. 

12. "Well, in Santa Rita you should taken care with the waterfalls of "rio negro" (black river). no matter how inoffensive they can seem, the local population knows its force very well. There are several cases of death at those waterfalls, mainly on "Bandeira" (Flag). The attractions are very far, so you have to go by car.  Even the guides go in your car... Santa Rita is wonderful... it is never disappointing." tip from Vanessa (Rio de Janeiro)  

13. "I spent the carnival in Santa Rita de Jacutinga and, in 05 days, I got know almost 30 waterfalls, my legs got weak of so much walk. It is great." tip from Rannier  

14. "The Big mouth canyon was interdicted for rappel recently but it can still be visited. The "cascading" at Pacau waterfall is awesome, it is worthwhile. The waterfalls of the area are beautiful." tip from Flávio  

15. "Hello people, the place is great, and the rappel is awesome. The good lodgings are:Pouso de Minas and Jacutinga. Pacaú waterfall is the cool, it has 120 meters. Bye! tip from Joao luiz  

16. "I've been in Santa Rita de Jacutinga, at Pouso de Minas, on this New Year's Eve and it was wonderful. I only had a problem: We had planned to return on the 1st at night. Before we took the highway to Rio, we had to eat some thing and fill up the car. We decided to eat first because we were starving to death. We left the pizzeria at 22:10 o'clock and when we arrived at the gas station, it was closed. We went to the other one and it was also closed. Result: We had to stay overnight in the city (in one of those HORRIBLE lodgings), and many of us had work the next day and others had no more  money. If we knew about that before, we would have filled up the car earlier". tip from Mônica Barreto

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