"This is the famous Itaúna! "  

In Saquarema, the craft is varied with baskets made of wood, taquara, bamboo, liana, ubá leaf and banana tree, objects of ceramic and rope, in the stores of downtown, at the margin of the highway, at the entrance of the city and at the Central Square. 

"The best waves of Rio de Janeiro are here."  

The largest undulations of the State of Rio break here. The crowd in the water is huge, but it is always worthwhile to surf, for who enjoys it. 

"Hi, babe..."  

N.S. de Nazareh Church (1630), although I don't have the original pictures, offers a beautiful view of the area. On the top of a hill, the church divides the sight and watching plan in two: Saquarema Beach and Itaúna. 

"Nice view! "  

Beaches - THE sea of Saquarema suffers the action of several currents, making countless ditchs and sandbanks close to the coast, that constantly move, making the beach a little dangerous. 

"The chapel offers the best view of Saquarema."  

The beach gets different denominations at each passage: da Vila, Barra Nova, Massambaba, Jaconé, and famous Itaúna, Prainha and Vila. 

"This is the surfing land."  

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1. The best waves break at Itaúnas and "Praia da Vila" (Town's Beach).  

2. There is a strong localism, so pay attention when surfing. 

3. The night is awful because there is a lot of man and a lot of fight. Sleep early and surf early. 

4. The best time to go there is in the winter, because the city is emptier and it breaks undulation with more frequency.  

5. "All beaches are clean and you can even see the fish... the water is very salty and the sea is almost always rough.. but it is possible to swim a little.. anyway, there is a lot of lifeguards. For who likes to surf (and surfers) it is wonderful!!! " tip from Izabel Azevedo de Lemos 

6. "When you go to Saqua and want to meet somebody who really knows the city, seek Moa... it won't be so difficult to find himt: I think he is the only guy who runs backwards at Itaúna beach... That is to find shells for the "city" that he is setting up at his house, maybe the oddest thing one can find in Saqua... Aloha! " tip from Angelo Campilho  

7. "The night in Saquarema now is much better. There is a shopping center in Itaúna that has several bars, with live music. You can also go to downtown, where the craft huts are and many drink&food huts too, besides some bands playing." tip from Eduardo Burghi Campinas - SP   

8. "I am an assiduous visitor of Saquarema, because I have a house there for years. I have a lot of complaints to make, but also many praises to the city. The city is getting better every year, in terms of infrastructure, entertainment and tourist. The night in Saqua improved a lot, but it should still get better. The events hardly happen and when they happen they are not well published. For exemple, on the weekend of september 6th and 7th happened the party of the city Patron, but I didn't see anything about  the event, not  even on the highway to there. I believe that the people who went were only regular visitors, like myself. In spite this all, I RECOMMEND SAQUAREMA, BECAUSE it is A CITY THAT HAS BEAUTIFUL BEACHES, AMONG OTHER NATURAL, CULTURAL AND HISTORICAL (SAMBAQUI) BEAUTIES. BESIDES IT IS A PLACE WHERE YOU CAN HAVE FUN AND REST. SAQUAREMA IS GOOD FOR PEOPLE OF ALL KINDS AND AGES .. " tip from Katiusha Giarola

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