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That area started to be explored in the 18th century, with the Gold Cycle. The gold, in that time used to be transported on mules. It came from Minas Gerais heading for Parati. To facilitate that crossing, the slaves built a road with huge blocks of stone called "pé-de-moleque". Until now it is possible to find several passages of the pavement of that time. Then the name "Trilha do Ouro" (Trail of the Gold.)  

"Cachoeira de Santo Izidoro (Santo Izidoro waterfall)"  

However, with time, the extraction of gold in Minas became decadent and the coffee became an good option to make out some money. It was the beginning of the Coffee Cycle... cities rised and they were named Silveiras, Queluz, Areias, Arapeí, Bananal and São José do Barreiro, which is the portal of the Mountain.  

"There is a awesome hand-gliding runway."  

There is a farm that represents those times. Fazenda Pau D'alho (Farm Pau D'alho). It was once visited by D. PEDRO I, some days before the Independence of Brazil. Due to its historical importance it was considered a protected area in 1968 and today it is open for the visitors for cultural and ecological activities from 9:00 at 17:00 o'clock, closing on Mondays - tel: (12) 577-1310. 

"That is the entrance of the park."  

Bocaina has little infrastructure in spite of having good lodgings. The best of the area is the peace and the nature that is very well conserved. To have an idea, in that area you  find one os the largest continuous extension of the remaining Atlantic forest of Brazil

"There are several streams in the way."  

The park was created in the 70's and it is divided in 2 almost equal parts, half in RJ and the other half in SP. It has 100 thousand hectares approximately, among Serra da Mantiqueira and Serra do Mar (Mantiqueira and Sea Mountains). 

"What a view!! "  

Cachoeira Santo Izidoro (Santo Izidoro Waterfall) - it is the nearest waterfall that is close to the main entrance of the park. When crossing the first river and in ten minutes, the entrance is seen to the left.  The fall has about seventy meters. It has a good pool to bathe. 

"It is good for off-road driving."  

Cachoeira das Posses (Earnings Waterfall) - it is eight kilometers far from the main entrance of the park. The access can be made on foot, using a motorcycle or a 4x4 traction vehicle  (needs permission). For who goes walking, after Santo Izidoro waterfall, take a shortcut to the left, marked by some totems. When you get close to Cachoeira das Posses, pay attention in the entrance, on the left side, following a little road (a bit larger than a trail). In the first meters, on the right side, there is a cottage that is nice to camp. Further on you see the ruins of another house, where you should turn to the right and continue until finding the waterfall. 

"Bye... "  

Cachoeira do Veado (Waterfall of the Deer) - this is the most beautiful of all. It is two days of walk, in other words, far away. It is also possible to arrive motorcycle and for who is good in off-road. A solution is also the bicycle. It is more than 100 meters in height and it is usually visited by who is following the Trail of the Gold. 


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1. the entrance door to the Park is the city of São José do Barreiro. The real entrance of the National Park is 28 km from the town square, where there are trucks and jeeps that make this transport.  

2. For who is going by car, an important warning: the road is awful and, depending on the time of the year, a 4x4 traction vehicle is recommended. 

3. A previous authorization is needed to do the Crossing of the Trail of the Gold, as well as permission for the entrance of vehicles in the park. The telephone of Parque Nacional Serra da Bocaina (National Park of the Bocaina Mountains) is (12) 577-1225 

4. No cell phone signal available, but on the higher parts of the mountain. 

5. The Trail of the Gold is the main attraction of the mountain. It is a 3 day walk that begins in São José do Barreiro/SP and ends at the town of Perequê, between Angra dos Reis and Parati/RJ. The cars can´t reach this far. The trail ends near the suspended bridge over Mambucaba river, for those who have a transport waiting. Otherwise it is necessary to walk other fourteen kilometers to Perequê.  

6. Cachoeira dos Veados is the most beautiful waterfall, but to arrive to it youu'll have to walk a lot.  Take food and a tent, for you'll have to sleep there. 

7. The sports that can be done in Bocaina are: Trekking (strong leg needed...), Mountainbike (a lot of ascents and descents), Canyoning (in Cachoeira Santo Izidoro), Motocross, Hand-gliding/Paragliding (before the entrance of the park there is a natural track), Off-road (there is a trail that begins in Arapeí and ends at the main gate of the park.) 

8. Only the cars of who is staying in the hotels inside the park are allowed to enter it. 

9. Schedule for who is going by bus:  Viação Manejo (Manejo bus company), leaving Resende at 06:00 /16h (Monday to Saturday) and  at 07:00 /14h (Sundays and holidays).  Transporte Pássaro Marrom (Brown Bird bus company), leaving São Paulo at 16:30 o'clock (Sunday to Friday) and at 07h (only on Saturdays).  Transporte Pássaro Marrom, leaving Aparecida at 06h/11h/18h o'clock.  Transporte Pássaro Marrom, leaving Cruzeiro at  06h30/11h30/15h15/23h30. 

10. "Against mosquitos and black flies... Two weeks before the camp, take a lot of B complex vitamins, all days. Two days before, take in double dose. The forced metabolism generates a natural repellent for your skin." tip from Gilson Teixeira Cornelio  

11. "In case you go to a place where there are a lot of black flies and mosquitos and you didn't have time to take the B complex, you can appeal for a more drastic measure. To take an injection of B12. Get a shot 48 hours before stepping in the "mined field"... you will be protected for approximately one week (it depends on the organism). Even after taking the injection you can also take B complex ... That works because the organism expels every vitamin excess in the urine and in the perspiration... so that you get "stinking" B12 and the mosquito don't like it at all... You need to take more tablets than recommended in the bull to create a vitamin "overdose" (I take 2 tablets a day, 57Kgr). Care when buying the B complex... some don't have vitamin B12 in its composition and it is that one that matters .... " tip from Paulo Costamilan  

12. "The place is great! Don't miss visiting Cachoeira do Veado.  It is one of the largest of the state of São Paulo. It is 200 meter fall.” tip from Lanuza Madruga  

13. "The trail of the gold is simply awesome!!! three days of walk, leaving São José do Barreiro to Mambucaba, but it is worthwhile!! an important tip: the trail begins in the  park and São Jose's jeep drive to it is too expensive, therefore, go on foot like I did (but I slept one day in the way) or organize groups to make it cheaper... take a coffee in Pousada dos Veadeiros (Veadeiros Lodging), beside the waterfall, the owner, whose I forgot the name, is super simple and a nicce guy!! enjoy the nature and don't forget to take bags to collecting the garbage, ok? See ya!! " tip from Evandro - Imirim - São Paulo SP

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