"This guy is Juquinha."  

This place looks like Jurassic Park. There are no dinosaurs, but the waterfalls are great and besides, there is a lot of animals there. Jaguar, fox, wild dog, alligator, deer, anteater, monkey... It's difficult to believe that this place is the only 100km from a metropolis like Belo Horizonte and maybe for that, be the playground of who lives there. 


"'Cachoeira da Capivara' (Capybara Waterfall) is the best."  

At that time of the pioneers, "Serra do Cipó" (Liana Mountains) was known as Vacaria Mountains and it was one of the most used roads by the explorers, who invaded the area in search of mineral wealth. It was the road that took them until "Serro Frio" Town and  Tejuco Village, current Serro and Diamantina. 

"Farofa Waterfall."  

On the whole area of the Liana Mountain, there are several waterfalls and trails, some fo them totally ignored by the tourists. Therefore, here are some of the main waterfalls and tips on how to get to them:  

"Cachoeira Grande" (Big waterfall) - it is the one of easiest access, and maybe for that it full on the holidays... you can go by car (2,5 Km on dirt road), turning to the right at Veraneio Hotel. The place has good infrastructure:  bar, parking, kayaks renting and area for barbecue. It costs 5 bucks to enter.  

"Poço Azul" (Blue well) - walk of about 45 minutes, starting from the Big Waterfall. The water is clean and it looks like a natural aquarium. It is better to go with somebody who  knows the trail. You can go bike, but you must have some ability.  

"Big waterfall."  

"Cachoeira das Andorinhas" (Waterfall of the Swallows) - it is of difficult access and it is necessary the company of a guide, because it is easy to get lost. It is 2 hours of walk. It is worthwhile to go on horse. Bike only for "pros"." 

Farofa Waterfall - it is inside of the Liana Mountains National Park and it is one of the most famous. It is advisable the company of a guide of the park, because it is a bit difficult to find the trail. Starting from the entrance of the park, it is about 2 hours of walk. By horse or by bike it is about 45 minutes.  

"To get to anywhere, you'll need to walk a lot."  

Mascate Stream- river with crystalline waters and bottom of stones. It is obligatory passage for who is going to "Bandeirinhas" (Flags) Canyon. Mascate Stream has clear waters. It is about 8 Km from the entrance of the park. The path is of trails and you can easily get lost. It is at 2 Km from the canyon.  

Flags Canyon - it is called of Flags Canyon because it is formed by the Flags Mountains. It is a very good place, but it is too far (from 3 to 4 hours of walk from the entrance of the park). It's 12 km of distance, so the best option is to go by bicycle.   

"Flags Canyon."  

Juquinha Statue - it was done in honor to a Mr. who was born and died in the region and worked selling and giving flowers all around. It is on the high part of the mountains, at 21 Km (dirt road) fro the "Véu da Noiva" (Bride's Veil) Camping. You can stop the car at 100 meters from the statue. This statue is a reference to take the trail to the Capybara waterfall  

"Cachoeira da Capivara" (Capybara Waterfall) - that is a Jurassic Park waterfall. It is at about 1 hour of walk from Juquinha Statue. Looking from a far distance, you'll be impressed by the size, but when arrive at it, you realise you were seeing only half of it, the other half is lower. Its awesome... 

"Time to say goodbye... "  


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1. It's very cold at night , so take coats.  

2. Cell phone signal exists only on the paved roads or at some high parts of the park. 

3. The ticks of the area are tough ones. Watch out. 

4. Get ready for long walks, the best attractions are very distant. 

5. The night is on the asphalt, in places such as "Buteco das Menina" (Girl's Bar) and "Banana Cipó" (Liana Banana). 

6. Take the bike to travel the long distances of the park. For who enjoys mountain biking, this place is Disneyland. 

7. Take a flashlight for the walks, as everything is far, you may need it. 

8. Don't miss visiting: Capybara, Farofa, Flags Canyon, Juquinha. There are many other dispersed good things along the area. 

9. At some waterfalls, you have to pay to enter. The price for these is R$5,00. 

10. Fill up your car. There is only one gas station that is under construction. 

11.  If you go on a holiday, let the Big Waterfall be your last visit. It gets too full.  

12. If you like to scale, Pedreira Hill has more than 300 paths.  

13. Between the months of November and February it rains a lot and the park can be flooded. As a precaution, call the entrance of the park, before travelling: (31) 3683-5117.   

14. "It is worthwhile to go for a horse ride along the park! "tip from Alexandra BH   

15. "Cool site, congratulations..... a lot of information and tips........ Don't miss going to "Tabuleiro" (BOARD), the 3rd largest waterfall of Brazil, it is at 100km after liana mountains. go to "Conceição do Mato Dentro", from there it's about 20km. The view of the waterfall is too great................ the people of the town is very hospitable and there is a camping (for free)... there is also a lodging and some donkeys to carry the luggage to the high part.... about 4 hours of walk........ they are making a path for escalades and it will be ready soon................ it will become one of the best points for escalade of Brazil.... it's 274 meter of fall of water and 340 meters of a negative face.............. the village has about 300 people inhabitants...... nice people......"tip from Tiago Martins             

16. "In the middle of liana mountain, proceeding the road that takes to the indians tribe, there is a camping and lodging called "Serra Morena". It is the old farm of the Cornélius family. Inside of the property, there are three wonderful waterfalls, of easy access, with crystalline wells and falls of water of up to 30 meters of height. It is worthwhile to check it out. Just take MG-10 highway, going up liana mountains and to turn left, following the signalling. Go by the indigenous tribe and proceed on the main road. There is a hallucinating Tyrolese and one of the waterfalls is also perfect for rappel." tip from Rogério Lopes.  

17. "Against mosquitos and black flies... Two weeks before camping, take a lot B complex, everyday. Two days before, to take double dose. The forced metabolism generates a natural repellent on our skin." tip from Gilson Teixeira Cornélio  

18. "Hi, Haxi! The site TripToBrazil teaches a lot!! I always go to Liana Mountains and I always stay at "Serra Morena" Camping, that is nice and has great waterfalls. From there, I always go down the mountains and eat at César's Restaurant, that is at MG10 highway, just before Chapéu do Sol Camping, and for who comes from Minas, it's right when the paved road ends. Just ask, everybody knows it. The food is great. The walk from the Camping to César's (round trip), has about 20 km, but it is worthwhile, because in the way back we take a shortcut for "Trilha dos Escravos" (Trail of the Slaves), that is a trail to the right of who goes up the mountains, just after Bride's Veil Camping. This trail ends on top of the waterfall of same name. An important tip for the walks is to take a 2 liter canteen (at least), because in the summer it is very hot." tip from Zé Roberto/São Paulo.  

19. "In case you go to a place where there are a lot of black flies and stilts and you didn't have time to take the B complex, you can take a more drastic measure. To take an injection of B12. Get a shot 48 hours before stepping on the "mined field"... you will be protected for approximately one week (it depends on the organism). Even after taking the injection you can take B complex also... That works, because the organism expels every vitamin excess in the urine and in the perspiration... therefore... you'll be "stinking" B12 and the stilts don't like the smell... You should take more tablets than the recommended in the bull, to create a vitamin "overdose" (I take 2 tablets a day, 57Kgr). Care when buying the B complex... some don't have B12 in its composition and it is only that one that matters.... "tip from Paulo Costamilan  

20. "I was at Liana Mountains, with two friends and we decided to get to know "Travessão". We didn't have maps, just the information from some people who were in the camping. We hitchhiked until the high area of the mountains and where the trail began. It was 15 km of dirt road and a beautiful view. We met a couple that had camped there and they told us that it was a wonderful view. We walked for 20 km and the sky was all the time cloudy, we couldn't see much, just the magnificent rocky formation of the area, that faces the same side due to the action of the wind. We sighted a beautiful waterfall and we took a great cold bathe. We continued on the trail and, as they told us, at the bifurcation, we took the trail to the right, always following some yellow marks on the stones. After that, it rained a lot, but we didn't care, after all, we love adventures". tip from  Fitupio  

21. "... I have been to the high part, where "Cahoeira Alta" (High Waterfall) is, on the other side of the Mountains, with waterfalls and great natural swimming pools. The waterfall has 110 meters of height!! The access is easy and with camping infraestructure. Check it out!! "tip from Joca Vidal - RJ 

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