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The Beach of Tambaba is located at the south coast of Paraíba, in the municipal district of the Conde-PB, 50km distant from João Pessoa. 

To get to it, take BR-101 highway, João Pessoa / Recife, entering the city of Conde-PB, but not crossing the entrance (it lacks a better signalling, as well as a safer access on the highway). If you already are in João Pessoa, the access is by PB-08 or "Via Litorânea" (Coastal Road), that begins in Cabo Branco beach/Penha. 

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This is the first naturist beach of the Northeast, besides being a natural paradise, enclosed by mountains and stone. According to the local legend, Tambaba is the name of an Indian that had been offered for sacrifice to the god of the sea. Bitter, the Indian Tambaba rebelled against the habits ran away. As punishment, the sea of Tambaba became too violent. 

With only 600 meters of extension and with cliffs that reach up to twenty meters of height, the Tambaba Beach was the pioneer in the Northeastern coast to allow people to abolish the use of bikini or swimming trunks, being the first official beach of nudism of the area. Its geographical configuration, hillsides of great barriers, allows a natural protection against curious glances, facilitating the privacy of the naturist visitors, while another strip of the beach is destined to the those who don't want to remove the bathing clothes, there the nudism is optional

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In the summer, between December and March the beach is invaded by naturist from the whole world. But to enjoy Tambaba, you have to act in common sense and to enter in the climate of the naturism. In other words, to be comfortable, not worrying with the life and the body of the other ones. 

The visitors of Tambaba Beach are served by three restaurant bars, one at the parking, other at the area destined to those who didn't join the nudism - Bar do Xexeu - Tambabar and a third one at the inside area, "Dom Quinzote", that is also a lodging with simple rooms raised on wood structure.  

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Tambaba Beach borders other small beaches that are also very sought in the summer - Jacumã (it is allowed the practice of topless), Tabatinga, Carapibus, Coqueirinho - the last two are inviting for resting and the practice of camping while Jacumã gathers great number of people in the holidays and at carnival. 


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1. Tambaba is a nudism beach, and for that you should respect the Code of Ethics, such as: "Not to have ostensible sexual behavior and/or to practice actions of sexual character or obscene at the public areas." ; "Not to photograph, to record or to film other naturist, without the permission of them". ; "Not to use public seats without the proper hygienic protection".; "Not to disturb the silence or the peacefulness of the others." etc...  

2. At the part of the beach destined to the practice of the naturism (there is a dividing mark) only the entrance of family groups is allowed, alone men can't go in. 

3. The nudism is optional. You don't HAVE to be in the nude. There is an area for the "dressed." ones. 

4. The beach has waves and it is possible to surf. 

5. In the summer, between December and March the beach is invaded by naturist from the whole world. 

6. There is another lodging option in tambaba, it is "Estalagem Aldeia dos Ventos", it has nice aprtments and even a swimming pool. It is also out of the nudists' area". tip from Ricardo Galle

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