"Nice view."  

Fishermen Town with access by Rio-Santos highway, at km 268. It is located at 30 km from Paraty, inside of Cairuçú APA (Area of Environmental Protection).  

The population is descending from the pirates, who tried to plunder the ships that took the wealth of Brazil away to Portugal.    

"This is Cachadaço."  

Proceeding on the road, there is a bifurcation to the left that takes to "Laranjeiras" (Orange trees) Condominium, go to the right, and you'll be on the right road.  

The road to Trindade goes by "Deus-me-livre" hill, which was difficult to cross in the past, nowadays it is asphalted. That is good for the residents and for the tourists, but it worries when there is an exaggerating movement of people, as on the lingering holidays, for the impact that can cause to the environment.  

"The beach is full of stones."  

Well, back to the road, further on, to the left, there is a trail - without signalling - that takes to "Praia Brava" (Rough Beach).  After 30 minutes of walk, you arrived at a cool beach sorts, that is always deserted , surrounded by Atlantic forest. The waves are strong and it has a nascent of fresh water.  

Back to the road and going straight ahead, we get to "Cepilho" Beach, the favorite of the surfers. A bar strategically located saciates the thirst and the hunger.    

"There is some nightlife at the town."  

Crossing a stream, right afterwards, with bottom of stone and you won't stall, you'll see the Town.  

This old hippie paradise has a main street, where the houses, besides home, are usually also bars, lodging and camping.  Many fruit trees complete the landscape of the town.  

Today, the population is composed by the inhabitants of the seaside (from the own area) and by the “alternative” ones, people who chose to live close to the nature, in a calm way, far away from the urban chaos. As consequence, there are already some “outsiders” constructions to offer more comfort to the tourist, but it doesn't have telephone in the Town yet, so you can't make reservations. 

"Nice! "  

The Town is prolongated by "Praia de Fora" (Outside Beach) or "dos Ranchos" (Ranches), which received this name due to the "bars" at seashore, where in days of full moon, people wait for the moon to rise on the horizon.  At the end of the beach you can take a trail that takes to "Praia das Conchas" (Beach of the Shells), without forgetting to  take the slippers for not hurting the feet.  

Leaving the beach, behind the bars, there is a path that takes to "Camping da Associação" (Camping of the Association). This privileged area is in front of "Praia do Meio" (Beach of the Middle) or "Codós". The small bay of transparent waters is a real paradise.  from the top of the stones of the beach, you can see the other beaches, the open sea and, with luck, even dolphins.    

"The place has some good waves."  

At the end of the beach it is Codós River, where the trail that takes to Cachadaço Beach begins. There are 2 campings at this extensive beach (still without electric power) and, going by one of them, you get to a beautiful waterfall for a refreshing bath (without soap for not polluting...). At the end of the beach, you go by a group of stones to get to the trail that takes to Cachadaço. But, attention in this passage, because if the tide is high and the sea is rough, it can be dangerous.    

"There is a trail... "  

Cachadaço is a natural swimming pool protected by huge volcanic stones. In this place it is possible to swim among colored fish. Snorkel and mask are "obligatory" equipments. If you don't like to walk on trails, it is possible to reach it by boat, with exits from Ranches Beach or from Beach of the Middle.     

"... that takes to a cool stream... "  

From Cachadaço it is possible to see "Praia da Figueira" (Beach of the Fig) or "dos Pelados" (of the naked ones), which name is due to being common the practice of the nudism. It can be reached by swimming, by a descent that comes from the trail or also by  boat. This small beach has the advantage of having plenty shadows to take a nap. The waters, besides totally limpid, they are usually calm and relaxing. The presence of fish is constant, mainly, on the side where there is a group of stones and sea plants. There, with mask and snorkel, a lot of fish species can be seen.  

Well, after visiting all this, take a shower at Codós Waterfall

"... that ends at the beach."  


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1. Cell phone works very badly. - read tip 17  

2. Most of the people who goes there camps, so, there are several campings to choose. 

3. In the holidays, the campings are full, so the ones who arrive earlier, get the best areas. 

4. Some people camp on the beach for not paying camping, but once in a while, the police come and orders everybody to pick their stuff up and to find a camping. 

5. Take your diving equipment. 

6. Take your surfing board. 

7. If you go by bus, go to Parati and, from there, take a van to Trindade. 

8. The police patrols in the holidays.  

9. Any car can go through the "Deus-me-livre" slope, because the worst passages have been asphalted. 

10. At the Beach of the Naked ones you'll only see males naked, forget about seeing some nude chicks.  

11. Although Trindade doesn't have telephone, there are restaurants with meals, bars that sell beer, kiosks in front of the beach, bakeries and lodgings.  

12. "Damn it man, you've been to Trindade and didn't go to "Praia do Sono" (Sleep Beach). It is after Laranjeiras Condominium, just leave the car at a nearby city and take a trail. It is worthwhile to visit it, it is beautiful, it is 4 beaches, it has a waterfall. It is just camping." tip from Rafael Gonçalves Barboza 

13. "Don't miss the opportunity to go to "Cabeça do Índio" (Indian's Head), it is on the trail to cachadaço, (about  40 min.). From its top, you will see all the beaches and Trindade Town." tip from Anderson Fernandes 

14. "To get to the Sleep beach, go to the entrance of Laranjeiras Cond. and say that you're going to Tio Roque's house, an old man who made a parking at his back yard. Leave your car there and go for the trail. (attention to the signs indicating "Sleep Beach" on the road that takes to the entrance, because they are wrong). "  tip from Anderson Fernandes 

15. "You must visit "Cachoeira da Pedra que Engole" (Waterfall of the Stone That Swallows)... it is a waterfall that is about 25min of walk from the town. There is a huge stone in the middle of the waterfall and the water that passes by the side, hides a hole that takes to under the stone. You slip as if you were being swallowed by the stone. Under the stone the water is waist deep and you see the exit right ahead... Some people enter standing and others go upside down...  " tip from Fábio Rúbio 

16. "If you go until the end of the beach of the ranches (towards the bars), there is a trail that takes to "Praia das Conchas" (beach of the shells), very small, that doesn't look like a beach, but it is very beautiful and deserted also." tip from Evandro Trentin  

17. "Hi brother..., with the expansion of the cell phone companies, trindade already has signal... it's not so easy... there are some better places, like in front of a lodging at the passage from the town to beach of the middle...  " tip from Emílio Teresópolis Rj !  

18. " Don't go by car to "praia Brava" (rough beach), because you'll have to leave it at the edge of the road and follow the trail on foot. Try to hitch, or go the whole way on foot (it is not far). At carnival, we went by car and they broke into the car, taking some belongings, and one car had the window broken. Oh!!! don't count on the policemen, they don't help you with anything about that. Even so, it is worthwhile to visit TRINDADE." tip fromDaniele/Juiz de Fora-MG 

19. "Against mosquitos and black flies... Two weeks before camping, take a lot B complex, everyday. Two days before, to take double dose. The forced metabolism generates a natural repellent on our skin." tip from Gilson Teixeira Cornélio 

20. "I have been going to Trindade since 1993, it is an awesome place. Because it is a city that gathers everything for a person who is seeking fun. Such as: beaches with waves, cool waterfalls, great bars and also a night better then some of the big cities, with live shows on the beach of the many musical styles. People camp a lot! Besides this all, there are a lot of chicks there. It is a trip that nobody forgets. The New Year's there is one of the best of Brazil." tip from Darcio Caetano  

21. "The Association Camping is very good and cheap: R$5,00 per night, per person (January-2002). The water is a "little" cold but just join the climate and beauty! Another tip is to try "Chocoloco" - a drink with a honey bread taste and the "Larica-gelada" made with natural fruits". If you don't like it, you don't have to pay!!! " tip from Larissa Leme (Marília-SP)  

22. "In case you go to a place where there are a lot of black flies and stilts and you didn't have time to take the B complex, you can take a more drastic measure. To take an injection of B12. Get a shot 48 hours before stepping on the "mined field"... you will be protected for approximately one week (it depends on the organism). Even after taking the injection you can take B complex also... That works, because the organism expels every vitamin excess in the urine and in the perspiration... therefore... you'll be "stinking" B12 and the stilts don't like the smell... You should take more tablets than the recommended in the bull, to create a vitamin "overdose" (I take 2 tablets a day, 57Kgr). Care when buying the B complex... some don't have B12 in its composition and it is only that one that matters.... "tip from Paulo Costamilan  

23. "I went to Trindade on last holiday of the 15/11/2002 and it was great. It already has public phones and cell phones are ok, mainly from Telefonica and Claro companies. There are several antennas in trindade now. Besides the beaches being so beautiful and they have some waves, and there is also a Reggae that happens at the beach of the Middle starting at 22:00. Visit and Preserve Trindade. Hugs" tip from Fabiano "Bilu" Rio de Janeiro  

24. "I went to trindade six times and don't get tired of it. It is wonderful, don't miss visiting the stone that swallows that is a wonderful place, but take care with a snake at the beginning of trail. It is tame, but if it feels threatened, it'll bite. And at night, there is reggae at the beach of the middle and "forró" at the beach of the ranches". tip from William Paulo Paulo  

25 "In Trindade, there is this legend, they say that there is a waterfall which only the adults who live at the town know where it is and this passes from father to son and they never tell it." tip from Sérgio  

26. "For the ones who goes to surf, it is worthwhile to get to know "Praia dos Antigos" (Beach of Old ones). It is the first beach after the Sleep Beach (entering by Laranjeiras condominium, on the top of the hill that takes to Trindade). The access is a trail at the end of the beach and there is also a well hidden in the middle of the beach! PS: But the waves only when the tide is high! "tip from Marcos Gurgel - RJ  

27. "My tip is to avoid holidays and to go on regular weekend. When you arrive at Trindade, leave your car at the lodging and begin the adventure. I recommend cachadaço and also to exaustively explore it, because there are some rifts of incredible beauty and even a small waterfall. It is also worthwhile to go to the Stone that swallows and a lot of people don't know but there is an enormous waterfall following the trail above the Stone that swallows, take care because it is a little dangerous. At night, visit Parati!!" tip from  Katherine D. Suzmeyan (Kathy Marrone) SP  

28. "Trindade is one of the most exotic places that I've already known... On one side, the Beach of the Middle, entering into the forest, for about 25 minutes of easy trail, you goes several streams and arrive at the waterfall of the Stone that swallows. It is cool. There is a lot  of mosquitos.  Rough Beach has some good waves and the trail to Caixad'aço is great! It is deep, but you can swim freely, because the stones impede the waves from reaching it.  The beach of the Ranches is also very beautiful and it is where the several "forrós" take place at night. I went in the New Year's Eve, however I think it would be much more profitable to visit the place on a calmer time. Kisses" tip from Aline Araújo - RJ. 

29. "We've been to Trindade on January 16, 2004 and we stayed for 1 week, at Guaimum Camping where the daily rate was very cheap and the place was very safe, with walls, gate and even a nice dog called "Trovão" (Thunder). The beaches are beautiful, the people is  super simple. The meals (PF) costs about R$ 6,00 and the coconut water costs R$ 1,50, very good prices for a coastal city. You can also find shrimps on the stick for R$ 1,00. It is worth to remind that it is necessary to take repellent and suntan lotion. Oh, if you like reggae, you'll gonna love the place." tip from Adriano and Cassia - SP 

30. "I went to Trindade/RJ on the last 22th and I stayed one week! Sensational, without words to describe the place, only one: PARADISE! But we have to keep the place clean. The local inhabitants, once in a while, meet to clean the city, the streets, etc, but we have to help too!" tip from Mateus Aquino, Ribeirão Preto SP

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