"If you come by boat, you'll enjoy it better."  

Ubatuba is a 100% surfing city. It reminds a lot Saquarema lifestyle, but it's got more natural beauties and leisure options. Besides the dozens of beaches for all tastes, lots of islands and waterfalls in the area, transforming boredom in a forbidden word there. 

Some of the attractions that worth the visit in Ubatuba: 

"Cachoeira da Serra" (Waterfall of the Mountains) - towards Taubaté, 9 Km downtown, by the highway SP 125.  

"Cachoeira da Escada" (Waterfall of the Stairway) - one of the largest, 46 Km downtown, to the north, before the boundary with Rio de Janeiro.  

Promirim Waterfall - it has a swimming pool and several natural falls. It is possible to see the sea from there. It is to the north, 18 kilometers on the Rio-Santos highway.  

Tenório Beach - Famous for the fine texture of its white-bluish sand. The sea has translucent waters with regular waves, although a little dangerous.   

"Praia Vermelha" (Red beach) - Also known as "Vermelhinha", because of its soft and red sand, with a lot of shells. Beach with strong and tubular waves of good formation, mainly on the east and southeast undulations. It is not advisable to bathe due to holes and currents.  

"Praia do Cedro" (Beach of the Cedar) - ideal for diving, pictures and underwater hunt. Access through trail, going by Tenório beach and Red beach. 

Itaguá Beach - it differs from Iperoig beach for its sand of golden and dark particles, presenting high monazite concentration. Very sought by people who suffer from rheumatic pains. Tropic of Capricorn passes through it. Ideal place for the practice of Windsurfing, Jet ski and nautical sports that need calm waters. 

Iperoig Beach - Also known as "Praia do Cruzeiro" (beach of the Cross), because there is a Cross that marks the stay of the Priest José de Anchieta in Ubatuba, and where, according to the historians, he wrote most of the 5.732 verses of his "Poema à Virgem" (Poem to the Virgin); it is great for bathing. Opposite to the city. 

"Prainha" (Little Beach) - Also known as Matarazzo. Good for line fishing. From the top of the hill of Prainha, one can see the bay and a great part of the city of Ubatuba. 

"The best waves are at Itamambuca... "  

Perequê-Açu Beach - Whose monazitic sand is sought by the visitors to cure of their illness. It is one of the best beaches for the children; it is on Ubatuba bay.  

"Praia da Barra Seca" (Dry Mouth Beach) - it is a prolongation of Perequê-Açú beach, with a river that divides them. It has its own characteristics. Great for bathe.  

"Saco da Mãe Maria" (Mother Mary Sack) - located between the beaches of Dry Mouth and North Red, it is a very small beach, just appearing when the tide is low. It has a lot of rocks and the sea is rough. Good for fishing and diving. Access through trail.  

"Praia Vermelha do Norte" (North Red Beach) - Good for surfing, although dangerous for bathe. With strong and tubular waves, it has a private aquatic park for amusement of the family  

Itamambuca Beach - Ideal to surf. Place of accomplishment of the most important Brazilian championships of surf. It has regular waves, white and soft sand. 

Félix Beach - on its left side, it presents excellent waves, being very frequented by surfers. On the right side the sea is calm and ideal for children  

"... and it also has a stream between the camping and the beach."  

Lúcio's or "Brava" (Rough) Beach - With access through trails, Lúcio's beach is covered by shells, so it is also known as "Praia das Conchas" (beach of the Shells). Very small beach. Good for fishing and diving.  

Prumirim Beach - Beach not very frequented, but of rare natural beauty. Close to the km 29 of BR-101 (Rio-Santos), there is a paved access, that takes to the beach. Some fisherman can be hired for the boat transport to Prumirim island, located at 900 meters from the beach.  

Léo's Beach - Small beach to the north of the municipal district, it has calm sea and one of the most beautiful view of the coast of Ubatuba. It's at 23 km downtown and it doesn't have support infrastructure to the tourist. Difficult access.  

"Praia do Meio" (Beach of the Middle) - With limpid and calm waters, enclosed by private areas, it has access only by sea.  

Puruba Beach - Good for fishing. One great thing about this beach is that a river flows parallel to the sea, so the beach is between that river and the sea. To get to the beach, you should cross the river. There is a small fishermen village. 

Justa Beach - When the tide is low, this beach can be reached by the coast of the right side of Ubatumirim Beach (it also has access by a dirt road). It has clear and calm waters. Great for bathe.  

"It's also good to surf at the Red Beach."  

Ubatumirim Beach - the bay of calm waters, becomes an extensive beach, ideal for who can't swim and for the children. There is a gas station on the edge of the highway, the only one there. The inhabitants of the seaside improvise campings and bars in the high season  

Almada Beach - Access by 3 km of road. The fishermen of the small community offer boat trips and fresh fish of friendly prices. There are several bars. An uneven trail takes to Almada Rough Beach. 

"Praia do Engenho" (Beach of the Mill) - A small elevation separate it from Almada beach. The two beaches are great for bathing and fishing.  

"Praia Brava" (Rough beach) (Almada's) - it is reached by trails that come from Almada beach and from beach of the Mill. Little frequented. Great for fisheries and for surfing.  

"Nice... "  

"Praia da Fazenda" (Beach of the Farm) - It is quite extensive and of calm sea. Suitable for swimmers and nautical sports that need calm waters. It has 3,5 km of extension.  

"Praia das Bicas" (Beach of the Waterspouts) - This beach is a continuation of the beach of the Farm. It's also the mouth of "Rio das Bicas" (river of the Waterspouts)  

"Praia Brava" (Rough beach) (Camburi's) - Excellent for the practice of surfing, the access is only possible on foot.  

Camburi Beach - On the left side (towards Parati) of the highway, it is the waterfall of the Stairway. On the right, it begins the highway to Camburi, the last beach of Ubatuba, to the north. It is a small nucleus of the inhabitants of the seaside. Little frequented, the sand is clear and the sea is open.  

"Praia das Galhetas" (Beach of the Cruets) - Considered by many people as the first beach of Ubatuba (to the south). It has access by trails or boat. It has clear and calm waters. Good for the practice of nautical sports.  

"Praia da Figueira" (Beach of the Fig) - With access by trails or boat, the beach of the Fig is one of the first beaches of Ubatuba (to the south of the municipal district). It has calm sea, great for the practice of the sailing.  

"Praia da Ponta Aguda" (Beach of the Sharp Tip) - Good for the practice of nautical sports. Difficult access. Calm sea.  

"There is an aquarium in the city with penguin and many other animals." 

"Praia da Lagoa" (Beach of the Pond) - The access to the beach is very difficult, but the beauty of the beach and the peacefulness of the place, worth the visitor's sacrifice. Going by boat is a beautiful trip going by several beaches.  

"Praia Brava do Frade" (Rough beach of the Friar) - Beach of open sea, of difficult access (just by trails or boat).  

Cassandoquinha Beach - It is a lot similar to its neighbor, the Cassandoca beach. It has white sand and calm sea. Little frequented by tourists.  

Cassandoca Beach - In the south of the municipal district. It is reached through an access of approximately 6 km, leaving SP-55 (Caraguatatuba-Ubatuba highway), at the end of Maranduba beach. There is a fishermen town.  

"Praia do Pulso" (Beach of the Pulse) - 31 km downtown, it has clear and calm waters. At 400 m, in front of the beach, it is Maranduba island. The access is controlled by a condominium.  

Maranduba Beach - Located in the developed neighborhood of the south area. It has the whole necessary support infrastructure to the tourist.  

"Waves, lots of waves.... "  

"Praia do Sapé" (Beach of the Thatch) - Between the beaches of Maranduba and Pond, the beach of the Thatch is very sought. In front of it, "Ilha da Ponta" (island of the Tip). Good for the practice of surfing, mainly in the summer.  

"Praia da Lagoinha" (Beach of the Pond) - With calm waters, which created its name. Great for the sea bathe. The beach is extensive, the white sand is very fine, special for the production of glasses. It is there where the ruins of the 1st factory of glass of Brazil are, that actually never worked. In the 17th century, the Portuguese government didn't allow the factory to be finished, so that the import of bottles continued.  

"Praia do Oeste" (Beach of the West) - Access by trails or boat. Calm sea. Good for the fishing and diving.  

Bonete Beach - It is reached through trails or boat.  

"Praia Grande do Bonete" (Bonete Big beach) - Fishermen town flanked by the Atlantic forest. Access by boat or trails that leave the beach of the Pond.  

"Praia do Deserto" (Beach of the Desert) - Enclosed by the native vegetation of the Atlantic forest, the beach of the Desert is good for bathe and fishing. Access by trails or boat.  

"Praia do Cedro" (Beach of the Cedar) - Small beach full of stones. Beautiful landscape. Difficult access.  

"Praia da Fortaleza" (Beach of the fortress) - Located at a bay of calm waters, it is great for bathe. The access is by the hard beach, in front of the entrance that takes to the neighborhood of Corcovado.  

"Take a look at this view! "  

Costa's Beach - The access is by the hard beach, in front of the entrance that takes to the neighborhood of Corcovado. The visitor will have to leave the car at the edge of the road and proceed through trails. Beach little frequented, enclosed by the Atlantic forest and with very calms waters.  

"Praia Vermelha do Sul" (Red beach of the South) - Known as "Praia dos Arquitetos" (Beach of the Architects). Beach with red sands, great for line fishing.  

"Praia Brava" (Rough beach) (Fortress') - With access by paved road that leaves the hard beach, the visitor has to leave the car on the road and proceed for a small trail. The native forest, that flanks the beach, provides a special beauty.  

"Praia Dura" (Hard Beach) - 21 km downtown, on the highway SP-55 (Ubatuba-Caraguatatuba) the hard beach is a great leisure option. It has clear waters and the "hard" sand (monazític sand) is the origin of its name. Great for bathe. The river, located on the left side of the beach is good for fishing of small fish and great for bathe.  

Barra or Palmira Beach - Continuation of the hard beach. Great for bathe and fishing.  

Domingas Dias Beach - One of the most beautiful beaches of Ubatuba, it has white sand and crystalline waters. Great for bathe. 

Beach of Lázaro - it has calm sea, like a natural swimming pool of salt water, with clear and transparent waters, quite used for the practice of nautical sports.  

Sununga Beach - it has a constantly rough sea, with waves coming from everywhere. The famous Sununga Grotto is there, which gave name to the beach and that, in Tupi, it means Grotto that Cries. When, inside of this grotto, noises are produced, water drips from the roof.  

"Praia das Sete Fontes" (Beach of Seven Sources) - Access by boat or trail (2 hours of walk). Good for the fishing. There is a bar on the beach, that offers to the customers boat transport, starting from the beach of Lázaro or Flamengo (depending on the conditions of the sea). The effort of the walk is rewarded by the beauty of the place.  

Flamenguinho Beach - The access is made by boat or trails. At "Scao da Ribeira" (Riverside Sack,) the visitor can find embarkations that make the transport to the beach.  


"The main food here is fish."   

Flamengo Beach - Great for the practice of nautical sports. The access is made by boat or trail that leaves the Riverside Sack. It has clear and calm waters.  

"Praia da Ribeira" (Riverside Beach) - With access by a narrow road, that leaves the Riverside Sack.  It has a sea with clear and calm waters.  

"Praia do Saco da Ribeira" (Beach of the Riverside Sack) - With harbors, marina and nautical clubs. Starting point for schooner trips.  

Lambert Beach - Where it is located the Oceanografic Institute.  

Perequê-Mirim Beach - Great harbor for boats. Beach of clear and calm waters.  

Santa Rita Beach - small beach of calm waters. In Santa Rita beach, you find "Pedras do Sino" (Stones of the Bell) (identical to the one of Ilhabela), whose characteristic is to clink similarly to bronze.  

"Praia da Enseada" (Beach of the Bay) - It's part of the great bay of Flamengo. It stands out for the calm waters, soft slope and wide strip of sand, besides a beautiful panorama. Great for bathe. 


"See ya!! 

"Praia do Portinho" (Small Port Beach) - Small beach turned to the "Enseada" bay. Access through trail. 

"Praia de Fora" (Outside Beach) - Good for the fishing. Access by boat or trails. 

"Prainha" (Smal Beach) - Small beach between Outside and Itapecerica beaches. Access by boat or trails. Good for the fishing. 

Itapecerica Beach - It has characteristics similar to Godói beach. 

Godói Beach - Access is through a trail starting from the beach of the Bay or by boat. Totally wild. It has strong waves and submerged flagstones. 

B"Praia das Toninhas" (Beach of the Porpoises) - Good waves to surf, preferentially on the left side. Calm waters on the right side. Better waves with east and southeast undulation


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Cool Tips:  

1. The majority of the beaches has great waves.    

2. There is some localism inside of water.   

3. Itamambuca has the best waves.    

4. "People, don't exaggerate! It's 40 minutes of walk for going and 40 for returning. Just go by car to the beach of the Riverside Sack, take the trail to Flamengo and from there to 7 Sources... The way you said makes is seems 2hs to go and two more for returning. Do you want to scare people? The problem is that in the summer there is a lot of boat and some are dumping oil and harming the beauty of the beach." tip from Letícia - São Paulo    

5. "Man, how couldn't you not tell about the night in Ubatuba!!! There are many options: 180º, at Matarazzo beach, it is the most expensive, Red Beach at the red beach of the north, with lots of beautiful people.. and now there is "Remelexo", on the road to "Praia Grande" (big beach), in the neighborhood of Itaguá. And there is also some live music outdoors, on the high season, at Big Beach. When I visited the site, I thought there wasn't anything to do in Ubatuba at night... I was surprised!!!! Despite that, the site is cool." tip from Luis Eduardo Bernardini     

6. "In Ubatuba, the best beach to mine to see is Sununga. However it is a beach that, even in days of calm sea, he/she doesn't stop presenting danger. For being a tumble beach, in other words, for having a hole soon in the edge, the waves break very strong well in the rasinho, soon in the edge. I already saw a lot of people go there by bad moments, for that I recommend very care to the that will visit and to swim at that wonderful beach that I adore!!!" tip of Érica.   

7. "Ubatuba possesses several waterfalls that are worth the visit as the one of Prumirim!! Besides the city has an aquarium." tip of Paulinha RJ    

8. "You forgot to mention the beaches of Puruba, after the police station, wonderful beach with a river crossing the sand of the beach, which is deserted. It's possible to camp. You forgot the north camburi beach that ia the last beach, on the boundary with Rio de Janeiro, the entrance is in front of a waterfall on the highway, very bad descent, camping with low infrastructure, wonderful beach. Take a trail to the rough beach of camburi, with great waves and deserted. This rough beach also has access by the road, heavy trail. Hugs and good trips." tip from Arthur Giovanazzi    

9. "Against mosquitos and black flies... Two weeks before camping, take a lot B complex, everyday. Two days before, to take double dose. The forced metabolism generates a natural repellent on our skin." tip from Gilson Teixeira Cornélio     

10. "A cool point to enjoy, is "Praia Grande", it has a lot of kiosk and beautiful people. Don't miss the nightlife at Red Beach." tip from Rafael Migliolli - Nazaré Pta/SP   

11. "For who likes of good "cachaça" and nice "local stories", seek the Still of Mr. Lima. After the entrance of Ubatu-mirim, it is the gas station on Rio-Santos highway. Turn left in front of the gas station (asphalted road), it has about 2 km and at the end of the road it is the house and the still. Mr. Lima is there from September to April. It is worthwhile. Another cool walk is the visit to "Casa da Farinha" (House Of the Flour) (there are signs on Rio-Santos), where manioc flour is produced. Following a trail after the house of the flour, you arrive at a waterfall, the problem is the amount of black flies." tip from Geraldo Evandro Papa    

12. "In case you go to a place where there are a lot of black flies and stilts and you didn't have time to take the B complex, you can take a more drastic measure. To take an injection of B12. Get a shot 48 hours before stepping on the "mined field"... you will be protected for approximately one week (it depends on the organism). Even after taking the injection you can take B complex also... That works, because the organism expels every vitamin excess in the urine and in the perspiration... therefore... you'll be "stinking" B12 and the stilts don't like the smell... You should take more tablets than the recommended in the bull, to create a vitamin "overdose" (I take 2 tablets a day, 57Kgr). Care when buying the B complex... some don't have B12 in its composition and it is only that one that matters.... "tip from Paulo Costamilan    

13. "It is worthwhile to visit the rough beach of Camburi. The road that leaves Rio-Santos and goes down to Camburi is very precarious, if you have a popular car, you may have problems when returning up the hill. Go by car to Camburi and leave it there with all the problems that comes from the city. Then take the trail (45 minutes) that takes to the rough beach of Camburi (that reaches the right side of the beach, at Clorinda) and camp there. Rough is much less crowded and there are great waves with a not so strong sea, which makes it easier for is learning how to surf. Bye! "tip from Fábio Marcucci Bernardi - São Paulo   

14. "One of the most beautiful beaches of Brazil is in Ubatuba - the beach of the Cedar. It can be reached easily by car: by Rio-Santos turn right on the downtown exit and enter on the first to the right. When this street ends, turn left on a dirt street that goes towards Tenório and Red beach. Go by the Red beach and go up the hill. When arriving on the top, leave the car and go down a trail of 10 minutes on foot. The transparent waters and without waves are beautiful to be seen from the top of the stones on the two sides. I've already seen a turtle. It is a great beach for divers. Enjoy it! " tip from Fábio Marcucci Bernardi - São Paulo    

15. "I spent bad moments in Ubatuba. Maybe I wasn't  lucky. In january, 2003, me and a group went there on one Tuesday afternoon. We arrived at 1:00 am, and there was no open camping. So we slept in the car, on the edge of Pereque-açú beach. Only on Wednesday we got to set up our tent at the SOLEMAR Camping. The place is cool, big, with good bathrooms, they even said that there was security guard 24 hours a day. Great, our Wednesday was cool, the beaches of there are beautiful. On thursday too, we spent the whole day out. We only passed at the Camping around 20:30h to fetch tennis shoes and we went to get to know the Aquarium.. Beautiful. Great... when we returned.. around 23:00... our tent was not there. They simply STOLE our tent with everything that was inside. Nothing could be worse. I almost gone crazy, but it happened. I lost my best clothes, my cell phone.. I mean, me and my boyfriend! And nobody saw anything. And beside our tent, there was a couple camped, who even took a TV. Next to mine was my sister-in-law's tent, but they only stole mine!!  The fact is that I believe they entered with a car at the Camping and they carried it away!  And worse, I was not compensated!! Therefore, avoid this TYPE OF CAMPING!!." tip from Danielle Cardoso from Rio de Janeiro    

16. "The only good Camping in Ubatuba is the one of Itamambuca. Well, my tip now is for the ones who enjoy waves. After Ubatumirim beach, it is "Praia do Estaleiro" (Shipyard beach), in the sequence it is Almada beach. From Almada there is a trail (20 minutes) to the rough beach of Almada. Great Beach. Transparent water, chest deep. And it also has very good waves for who surf. I had a bad experience trying to do wild camping on that beach, so I recommend that who wants to camp, to seek a better place to stay at Almada beach, that doesn't also have any camping, but with a good talk with the inhabitants of the seaside you arrange a place to set up your tent and to enjoy the view. Oh, and don't forget the repellent". tip from Fábio Marcucci Bernardi - São Paulo    

17. "Who said that the only good camping is the one of itamambuca, is wrong! There is also the one of Itaguaí, I've already stayed 4 times there and nothing disappeared, we were well assisted and total safety, and it's very close to Tenório beach, you can go on foot. I hope my tip helped." tip from Lu Mirassol-S.P

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