"There is a good sidewalk here."  

This is Espírito Santo's oldest city. It was founded around 1535 by a guy called Vasco Fernandes Coutinho. For religious reasons the guy wanted to give the name of "Vila do Espírito Santo" (Holy Spirit Town). 

"The Coast Beach is full of buildings."   

Two years later the name became Holy Spirit New Town and soon later, Vitória Town. Sixteen years later people decided that the name would be Vila Velha (Old Town), and that that name change would stop. And Vila Velha is Vila Velha until today. (who knows, maybe in 500 years they decide to change the name to Very Old Town?!) 

"This is the Convent of the Penha  

The coast has 30 kilometers of extensive beaches, like the Coast Beach, Itapoã and Itaparica that are a continuation one of the other forming an enormous beach. 

"This is the beach of Itapoã."  

"Praia da Costa" (Coast Beach): it is all illuminated and it has a sidewalk. With kiosks serving cold beer. It is the main beach and it is busy day and night. It is about 3 kilometers downtown. 

Itapoã Beach: it is where the "people of the fishhook" are. It is at some 3 kilometers downtown. It is the continuation of the Coast Beach and it has several bars and kiosks that are open day and night. 

"Take a look at this view."  

Itaparica Beach: continuation of Itapoã, it is 5 kilometers downtown. Also has bars and kiosks along the whole border. 

Ribeiro Beach: small beach where fishermen moor their boats. There is a legend that  the priest José de Anchieta would have accomplished a miracle at this beach. The guy moved a great stone in table format to help some people.  

"I'm going for a dive."  

"Convento da Penha" (Convent of the Rock): it is on the top of a rock of 154 meters of height. It has the same view since 1644. It is the largest tourist-religious point of the State and its construction began around 1570 by a friar called Pedro Palácios. In the place, besides the good look, masses are realized everyday. 

Santa Luzia Lighthouse: It has 17 meters of height and it was built in Scotland.  Dom Pedro II inaugurated it in 1871. 

"There are several kiosks on the sidewalk".  


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1. The best beaches to surf are "Barra do Jucú", "Praia D'ulé", "Tropical" and "Dunas".  

2. Visit Guarapari that is nearby. 

3. The view from the Convent of the Rock is cool and it is worth a visit.  

4. Vila Velha has some nightlife, but a lot of people go to Vitória or Guarapari.  

5. "Morro do Moreno" (Hill of the Brunet) has a nice view, but the access is difficult because the road is in awful conditionsd. People practice Hang-gliding and parachuting from its top.  

6. "Hey people, in Vila Velha it is also worth to visit Garoto chocolates factory and to smell fresh chocolate in the air. The factory is about 3 km downtown and it has a store where their products are sold." tip from Ingrid and Marco.  

7. "In Vila Velha, for who prefers peacefulness and nature, the best it is to enjoy the Hill of the Brunet, not by the highway, but by the trails that is more exciting, and for who doesn't know the place, just wait on the corner before the Hill that there is always one going up, and you can ask for a help!! " Native from Itapuã - CMI  

8. "For the mountaineering and rapel lovers, seek the site of the Espirito Santo Escalade Association, that practices a lot of activities on the Hill of the Brunet." tip from Milton Moraes Filho

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