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"People practice windsurfing at Camburi."  

For who doesn't know, this is the third oldest capital of Brazil. Behind which ones? Rio and São Paulo? Wrong, behind Recife and Salvador. Vitória was founded only 3 years after those places. 

"This is Jurema Curve."  

The oldest residents, the goitagazes Indians, called it, that in spite of not seeming, it is an island, of Guanaaní Island, or Island of the Honey in our idiom.  

"At "Praia do Canto" (Beach of the Corner) there is a good yacht club."  

The guys gave this name due to an abundance of seafood avaiable, that is one of the speciality of the city. 

"Great beaches!! "  

As well as Salvador, the city began to be built on top of the hills, and it is known as "Cidade Alta" (High City).  

"This is "Praça dos Namorados" (Square of the Lovers)."  

It's funny that the Portuguese always began their constructions on top of hills. I don't know if it was to enjoy the nice views, to protect from the invaders or if the guys liked to go up stairways. It should be the 3 of them... 

"I walked close to "Terceira Ponte" (Third Bridge)." 


Camburi: it is the largest of Vitória, it has 5 km of extension. 44 kiosks offer the most different foods and attractions. At night, people stroll along the sidewalk. 

"At Camburi enjoy the shadow of the coconut trees."  

"Praia da Ilha do Boi" (Beach of the Island of the Ox): it is the most frequented. It is located in a place with several good houses, but the access is free. 

"Sometimes the nightlife is at Jurema Curve."  

Jurema Curve: Located at the Suá Bay. The nightlife happens on thursdays. Several kiosks have live music. It is a street night. Check it out. 

"Huge ships pass here! "  

"Das Castanheiras": the most hidden and calm of the island. For who is in order to flee from the crowd, that is the point. It's a good place. 

"There is a long bike lane."  

It is worthwhile to get to know "Morro da Fonte Grande" (Hill of the Big Source). This is the hill of the TV and radio antennas. It has more than 300 meters of height and cool view of the city.  

"I think it's going to rain... "  

The foods of Vitória can be considered an attraction. As it has an abundance of seafood, the local people specialized on cooking those foods well. "Torta Capixaba" (Pie of Espírito Santo) is made with palm heart, cod, fish and many other stuff. You'll only find it in Espírito Santo, so don't miss it. 

"It's possible to see the Convent of the Rock, in Vila Velha, from Vitória."  

The fish stew is also great. There are stew made of almost any thing that lives in the sea. 

"I took a nap on the beach... "  


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1. There are some nightclubs in the city, but the traditional nightlife is at "Lama" (Mud) and "Triângulo das Bermudas" (Triangle of Bermuda).  

2. In the weekends and lingering holidays, people often go at night to Guarapari for  nightclubs like "Lua Azul" (Blue Moon), "Tribo de Gaia" (Gaia Tribe) and MAIS (Meaípe). 

3. To surf, the waves are at the following beaches: Mole, Jacaraípe, Barra do Jucú in Vila Velha , D'úle and  Setiba in Guarapari.  

4. If you prefer mountains, visit "Pedra Azul" (Blue Stone), that is a place close to the city and it is very good. 

5. Don't miss eating fish stew and the local pies. They really know how to prepare these dishes there. 

6. Visit "Convento da Penha" (Convent of the Rock), in Vila Velha, to check the panoramic view of the city. 

7. The city has several cool bands of rock'n roll, punk and reggae. If possible, go to a show. 

8. If you pass on the Third Bridge (Vitória-Vila Velha), you have to pay a toll both when going and coming. 

9. The nightlife at Jurema curve (which worths to check, because of the amount of chicks and the quality of the reggae played there) is, actually, on Tuesdays, and not on Thursdays, as shown on the site. Before saying good-bye, congratulations for the great site. A hug! " Tip from Leandro Sanchez  

10. "In the summer it is worthwhile to check the nightlife of Meaípe." tip from Flavia Corrêa - RJ  

11. "It is worthwhile to walk on the sidewalk of Camburi beach and on "Pedra da Cebola" (stone of the onion). They are two opportunities to get to know natural beauties and to lose weight". tip from Fernando Vitória-ES

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