"Here it is: the entrance door of the Amazonian."  

The city of Belém, that was founded in 1616, still preserves itsPortuguese roots in the tiled big houses of the Old City and in the cookery with dishes of strong taste, like duck in tucupi and tacacá that is served at huts in the street. 

"The nightlife in Cais das Docas is good".  

The mango trees cover all downtown streets, where the avenues are wide, typical of great cities. The climate is hot and humid the whole year and the rainy station, that it is from December to May is called winter by the inhabitants. 

"Belém is also an important port."  

Cidade Velha (Old city) - houses and solar with Portuguese tiles, narrow streets from the time of the colonization. Visit Ladeira do Castelo (Slope of the Castle), Igreja do Carmo (Carmo Church) , Palácio Velho (Old Palace), Palacete Pinto, Capela São João, Palácio Guajará and Teatro da Paz (Theater of Paz). 

"There are beautiful historical constructions here".  

Forte do Castelo (Castle Fort)- In Rio Guamá's confluence with Baia de Guarujá (GuarajáBay) , it was built by the Portuguese in 1616. Now it is the headquarters of the Military Circle. 

Igreja Basílica de Nazaré (Basilica Nazareth Church)  - it has walls with stone mosaics , roof of red cedar and 53 stained glass windows. 

"This is "Ver o Peso" (watch the weight)."  

Catedral da Sé - Baroque style on the outside and neoclassicist inside, it is illuminated by 28 copper chandeliers. 

Museu Emílio Goeldi (Emílio Goeldi Museum)  - Amazonian fauna and flora research center. There are more than 3.000 samples of plants, 700 of wood and a lot of dozens of animals. 

"The boats are very different."  

In Baía de Guarujá, three old hangars of the docks of Belém were renovated and they were baptized of Estação das Docas (Docks Station). It is a complex with five restaurants and all of them have tables separated by a glass door. Who wants to escape from the heat comes inside, air conditioning ambient, while those that prefer the breeze of the sea opt for the outside. Inside, a band plays Brazilian music on a stage that moves from an end to another of the Station.  

Main Distances  

São Paulo 2940
Rio de Janeiro 3453
São Luis  806

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1. It is advisable to vaccinate against yellow fever 10 days before the trip.  

2. Try the local dishes, like the duck with tucupi, tacacá and açaí.    

3. If you have the time it is worth to know Ilha de Marajó (Marajó Island) that is near. 

4. When walking in downtown it is probable that a huge mango would fall on your head.  Nobody starve around there. 

5. Take the time to spend one night in the Docks. It is a very modern place with good restaurants and shows. The sunset, watched from this place is also an awesome show. 

6. Other good option at night is Docas Boulevar, on Thursday. 

7. It is also worthwhile to know "Watch the wheight" that is a fair of local products. 

8. They don't use summertime there.  You'll might need to put back your clock. 

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