Bonito's (Beautiful) first residents were the Indians. They were of different tribes, like Tapetim, Chamacocos, Guaianás and others. But as time went by, white men occupied this area of crystalline rivers and good waterfalls.  

"Gruta Azul (Blue Cave) is the great attraction."  

When Guerra do Paraguai (Paraguay War) ended, D. Pedro II donated those lands for the war heroes as a recognition for the services rendered to their Homeland. One of the military men who received this prize was the Army Capitain Luiz da Costa Leite Falcão.  

" This is Rio Sucuri (Sucuri river). "  

Mr. Falcão named his farm Rincão Bonito, and with the time (in 1915) his farm became Distrito de Paz de Bonito (Bonito Peace District), and 33 years later the territory was elevated to the municipal district category. For this reason Falcão is considered the explorer of the area and the first resident of Bonito. 

"I visited a waterfall in Fazenda Monte Cristo (Monte Cristo Farm)... "  

Back to the year of 2000, Bonito is in Mato Grosso do Sul, about 277km from Campo Grande. For who comes from the Southeast, BR-262 highway is an option.  From the North and Northeast, come by the BR-163 highway. For who comes from the South, take the BR-267 highway, that meets BR-163 in Nova Alvorada (MS) is the best choice. 

"The trails are very cool."  

In Bonito it is hot the whole year. In the summer it rains a lot and the dirt roads that take to the walks may be on bad conditions, but onthe other hand, the waterfalls are more beautiful. To dive, prefer the winter, when the waters are clearer (winter). 

"I sailed in  Rio Bonito (Beautiful river)."  

Main attractions: (distances from Bonito downtown) 

Gruta do Lago Azul (Blue Lake Cave) (21 km)  After a descent of 100m, you arrive at a lake of crystalline waters, with up to 90m depth . Nobody knows for sure from where their waters come, but people think it comes from an underground river. They say that inside of the cave there are some pre-historical bone of giant sltohs and sabre tooth tigers . Cool. 

Aquário Natural (Natural Aquarius) (7 km)  A flotation dive in a lake of approximately 900m of extension in the middle of hundreds of different fishes as dourado, piraputangas, pacus, lambaris and others.  The dive continues until it meets Rio Formosinho (Formosinho river) in a distance of 800m. The return is made on foot, by trail in the middle of the ciliary forest. 

"This is one of the best places of the world for diving."  

Balneário Municipal (Municipal spa) (7 km) A camping area, where the local personnel frequents. The waters are crystalline and it is the cheapest program of the city. It has volleyball court of sand and snack bar. 

Bóia Cross (Rubber Ring Cross) (7 km)  - It is done on rubber rings, it goes down Formosinho river, in a course of 800 m. The ride ends in Balneário Três Rios (Three Rivers spa). 

"The city is all like this."  

Cachoeiras do Rio Aquidaban (Aquidaban river Waterfalls) (54 km)   - A trail in the middle of the native forest. It is a total of 9 waterfalls and from its top you can see Pantanal do Nabileque (Nabileque Swampland), Serra da Bodoquena (Bodoquena Moutains) and the Indigenous reserve Kadiwéu. 

Cachoeiras do Rio Mimoso (Delicate River Waterfalls)  (18 km)   - There is a trail to visit its three waterfalls. The largest waterfall is 8m of height. 

"I jumped a lot in the rivers."  

Cachoeiras do Rio do Peixe (River of the Fish Waterfalls) (36 km)   - There you make a  tour for several waterfalls and natural swimming pools in a trail of approximately 1km. 

Ilha do Padre (Priest's Island ) (12 km)   - An enclosed earth piece for waterfalls, natural swimming pools and several falls of water. Infrastructure for camping (bathrooms, showers, barbecue grill, snack bars and huts

"The flotation is an obligatory program."  

Passeio Ecológico no Rio FormosoI (Formosa river Ecological sail) (12 km)   - You travel in inflatable boats with capacity for 12 people, in a course of 6 Km, going by three waterfalls and a rapid. It is possible to see several species of birds and monkeys. The ride finishes at the Priest's Island, formed by countless waterfalls and natural swimming pools.  

Passeio Ecológico no Rio Sucuri (Sucuri river Ecological sail) (22 km)   - Waters as crystalline as in Fernando de Noronha. A boat with capacity for seven people and specialized guides accompany the group, in a dive with lifejackets and masks. 

"You can't tell which river is better than the other... "  

Recanto Ecológico Rio da Prata (Silver river Ecological retreat) (56 km)   - An hour walk by a trail in the totally virgin ciliary forest , accompanying Silver Rio  to the East. From there you follow by superficial diving, with mask and diving clothes, where  you can observe Dourado and Pintado fishes that calmly swim in the crystalline waters. 

"After you get to know the places, long dirt roads are almost pleasurable."  

If you intend to go in the high season - mainly in the summer and lingering holidays - it is good to make reservations with antecedence. Despite the large number of lodgings and hotels, you should be precacious. Even if you intend to go out of season, it is good to verify if there are vacancies, because, the place that you intend to stay could be in renovation or reserved for some group trip. 

"Look at the color of this water!"  

Reservations for the walks and sails work just like in the hotels, take precaution. The number of people per walk is limited - all these measures are to preserve the place - and you're not allowed to go without a guide or without travel agency. Except for the municipal spa and for the priest's island, for all the other places you need a guide or a travel agency to enter. Most of the attractions is in private properties, so don't forget to make reservations with antecedence in your travel agency or when you arrive there, in Bonito. 

"That's it!! "  

If you prefer to plan your trip in advance, you can make reservations for all of the attractions. Difficultly you will manage to do more than a trip for period, mainly because the distances are not short and you end up staying more than expected described, mainly out of season. 

"I'm going for a quick dive.. "  


Besides each one's preferences, if I had two days to spend in Bonito, I would choose the following trips,  in this order: 

01:    1. the Blue Lake Cave, in the morning. 

        2. Sucuri river, in the afternoon. 

02:   3. Natural Aquarius, in the morning 

        4. Formoso river (rapids), in the afternoon. 

        In my opinion, those are the best attractions (or unmissable).  

"Abismo Anhumas (Anhumas Abyss)"  

There are two camping areas: The Municipal Spa and the Priest's Island. The campings are like all the other campings, they have the same structure and they are open 24 hs a day. The walk areas, for instance, those inside the spa, are open only in the known time of the day. The rest is the same. 

"So much fishes!! "  

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1. All the attractions are far, for that car makes the difference.  

2. If you don't have a car, take a bike, because the city has bike lane on the roads and there are no ascents nor descents, making it easier to ride the long distances. Vans, taxis and motorcycle-taxis also exist. 

3. Everything is paid. 99% of the attractions are in private places and they cost between R$10 and R$40. So don't expect it to be a cheap trip, because it is not. 

4. The city has some nightlife, and ot takes place in front of a place called Ritz Burguer. There is a bar called Taboa with live show and a nightclub called Pirate to where people go after the street empties.  

5. Spend at least 4 days in Bonito. There is a lot of things to do and one could stay one whole week doing several trips without repeating any.   

6. It is good to take rubber clothes and diving equipment. In case you don't have, you can rent it in many places there. 

7. Don't miss doing a trip because it's expensive.  All of them are worth each spent cent. The place is really Beautiful. 

8. For who wants to go by airplane, the closest airport is in Campo Grande. 

9. Also, visit Jardim, the neighboring city, where one can get to know many cool places like Buraco das Araras (Macaw's hole) e Rio da Prata (Silver river).  

10. "Haxi, Bonito it is the most beautiful place that I've ever known. As it was already said, the place is preserved in a rigorous way, and for the walks, and superficial dives, you take only the clothes you're wearing, and an underwater camera. Don't even think on bringing snack packs and beer cans, (Except for Priest's Island), and all your belongings are kept in the reception of each trip. Hire the local guides,  because it's a waste of time to go unprepared! Two nice tips for walks in Beautiful, besides those mentioned here, are  Gruta São Miguel (São Miguel Cave) and the famous Buraco das Araras (Macaws' Hole), an incredible hole of more than 100 meters of height, that makes you dizzy by just looking at it.. " tip from Zé Roberto/SP  

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