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Guimarães' National Park of the Plated settles on a passage of the plateaus divisors between the basins of the rivers of the Silver and Amazon. Distant only 67 km of Cuiabá and close also á city of Plated of Guimarães, considered geodesic center of South America. His/her drainage net shelters the headboards of several important rivers for the plain cuiabana, like Aricazinho, Coxipó, Horsefly, stream Salgadeira and other.

"Veu da Noiva"

Waterfall Veil of Bride - Incredible scenic beauty that it inspired Dom Aquino Corrêa of Costa in the poem “Veil of Bride”, originating the name of the waterfall. It was white of many cameramen, artists, photographers, researchers and tourists that walk for the edge of the face to the river. The more determinations go down to the form lake, where the water falls, with 86 m of free fall. He/she has restaurant, lunch under order.
I walk of the Waters
This walk of 4 km goes by the main cahoeiras of the Park. The first of them is the Bride's famous Cachoeira Véu, the largest of the Park with 86 m of fall. To follow the sequence of seven cahoeiras of Rio it comes September Seven, among them the Independence and of the Jump and Jump of the Swallows. The presence of a guide is optional.

"Morro dos Ventos"

I walk of the Stones
They are 8 km of walk for one of the main archeological ranches of the Plated. Among the attractions they are the House of Stone, Alligator of Stone, Holed Stone, Mushroom of Stone and Table of the Sacrifice. Still inside of the ranch the Morro São Jerônimo, the largest observatory of the Park with 836 m of height can be visited.

City of Stone
The walk is short (300 m) going by formations rochosoas sculpted by the wind and for the rain. Their formats remind the ruins of a city. The faces have more than 300 m of free fall. The access is starting from the estrda for Cold Water.

"Cidade de Pedra"

Cave Aroe Jari and Blue Pond
With 1.400 m of extension, that cave (one of the largest of sandstone of Brazil) it counts with the presence of several waterfalls. In one of their extremities he/she is the Blue Pond, a natural swimming pool of crystalline blue water. The access is for the highway for Green Field and the trail until the cave lasts about one hour.


Gate of the Hell
Of this observatory the City of Stone can see. The fact more onlooker of this attraction is that when going up the mountain (before the curve of the gate) if you stop the car in point died he arises instead of going down.

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Our church Mrs. of Sacramento
In the central area of the city of Plated of Guimarães that historical monument was built in 1779 by slaves of the area. Completely in Baroque style, it possesses the painted altar of gold and still conserved.

Old tropeiros road, in that place, that actually is a tourist terminal, the traveler can find a camping area, restaurants and the Cachoeira Salgadeira. To arrive there it is enough to catch the access for Cuibá for the MT-251 (21 km).

"This place is amazing."

Waterfall of Martinha TO 40 downtown km-it includes the sequence of five waterfalls of larger volume of water of the Plated.
Observatory is located to 8 km of the Plated of Guimarães. With 845m above the sea level, o  plateau of 150m of diameter, approximately presents fantastic landscape of Planície Pantaneira's encounter with Plated her.

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1.In the  city of Chapada of Guimarães the tourist finds options of discos, bars and restaurants.

2.Get vaccine against yellow fever with 10 days of antecedence.

3.This place is very hot. Take water for the walks.

4.Visit  the Cidade das Pedras in the end in the afternoon. It is a beautiful place.

5.The Cachoeira Véu da Noiva is one of the main attractions. Don't lose.

6.Eat lunch in the Morro dos Ventos in the afternoon. It is a restaurant in a very beautiful place.

7.If you have disposition to give a good walk goes to the Caverna Aroe Jari and Blue Pond

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