" This is the Tabuleiro Waterfall."

Conceição de Mato Dentro meets to 168 km of Belo Horizonte. Leaving the capital to catch MG 424 felt Boundaries (attention for not proceeding for Pedro Leopoldo), until Lagoa Santa from where the access is had for MG 10, until the district of Mountain of the Liana (old Cardinal Mota) in Santana of the Stream. Of this point in before MG-010 should be proceeded for more 63 Km even Conceição of the Bush Inside.

It was in 1701 that a group of pioneers led by colonel Antônio Soares Ferreira, leaving of Sabará, it reached the area known as Ivituruí or I Saw Fine. The place was already inhabited by the Indians botocudos. The sertanistas Gaspar Soares, Manoel Corrêa of Paiva and Gabriel Ponce of Léon left of the Town of the Prince (current I Saw) proceeding heading for the south. In 1702, that last one, admired with the wealth of the area decided to raise a small wattle and daub chapel in honor to Ours Mrs. of Conceição, also creating the name of the city. The image of wood of the virgin arrived in 1703, arrival of the city of Itu, in the interior from São Paulo. The gold, discovered on the margins of the ribeirão Santo Antônio and their tributaries he/she created the settlement of the municipal district.
The first caravan was formed along the course of the villages of Tapera, Streams and Conceição. Like this, immigrants in search of gold constantly arrived and the village soon bloomed. After the end of the plowings, the area passed to be characterized by a subsistence agriculture and an extensive livestock. In 1752, the Mother church of Ours Mrs. of Conceição he/she became autonomous parish. Up to 1840, the church was as part of the municipal district of I Saw.

Waterfall of the Tail of Horse
The waterfall Tail of Horse is formed by a face with about 120 meters of height. They are two parallel falls, being one with 40 meters in the first landing and to another of 80 meters formed by the union of two courses of water. there is a great well formed by the fall of water with approximately 1750 m2 (50x35m) and with more than 6 meters of depth. Small bushes and rocky faces surround the place, tends a vegetation formed by ciliary forests and of galleries and still fields rupestres and savannahs. The water has cold temperature and caramel color. In elapsing of the trail that gives access the waterfall of Tail of Horse it is possible to dazzle with the landscape and with the infinity of native plants, birds, insects besides could stop in the several wells in the itinerary. The 273 meters of free fall do of the waterfall of the Board the more discharge of the State of Minas Gerais and the third of Brazil. Amid immense blocks of stones, the nature is portrayed through a monumental face through where drain the waters forming an enormous well. The shade of the waters is caramel and the temperature of the water is cold, as the climate of the atmosphere, due the constant wind currents and the little incidence of solar rays.

"This the Salão  de Pedras."

Waterfall of the Board
To access that attraction it is recommended to hire a local driver, because there is no signalling in the trail and the walk is difficult due to the mountainous relief.

The waterfall of Three Barra is located in the town of same name and it possesses a fall of approximately 20 meters of height. In the place two options exist for the bath, being one in a well, in the high of the waterfall and other in a well that is below the fall. In that attraction the camping is very common. The transparency of the waters gets confused with the tone caramel and the temperature is almost always pleasant. In any time of the year the volume of water in the well is ideal for the bath. Around of the waterfall, the vegetation is composed by ciliary forest with trees of medium load. Careful should be been if he/she wants to dive, therefore blocks of stones exist submerged and due to the great volume of waters there is formation of waves.

That attraction is close to the entrance of the Big mouth or Canyon of Rio Preto. In this waterfall it is possible to notice an effect of the bride's veil caused by the fall of the waters on the rocks. The dear depth of the well rotates around 1,5 meters. The dive in the place is advisable, however it is necessary to take care because blocks of stones exist submerged what facilitates the occurrence of acidentes.A shade of the water is brown clear, almost transparent. Around, the vegetation is diversified among the small bushes in ciliary forest and of gallery, savannah and fields rupestres and still gigantic and dribbly bromélias native on the face. Of the town of Board he/she is considered that the worn-out time is of 1:30 of walk.

"This icool!"

The Well is located at the bed of the Black river and it possesses 800m of extension approximately and his/her depth is ignored, although in some parts it is possible to access the bottom. To the I spill are further on rocks and great stone blocks with ciliary forest, with trees of small load, forests of galleries and pastures. The water has the brownish shade and it is cold. The presence of great blocks submerged impedes the dive practice. Some species of fish as the piau, characin, pirapetinga, mandi and it had betrayed can be found in Val's Well.

The encounter of the courses of water of the Black river and Big Stream form that attraction. The Well Gave birth has area approximately of 200 square meters. To his/her circuit they are rocky formations, ciliary forests and a small beach of white gravel that it contrasts with the shade caramel of the water. In elapsing of the courses of water there are formation of small falls and rapids formadoras of the panelõesA temperature of the water is pleasant making possible the bath. To maintain the cleaning of the place brasses of the city hall that collect the garbage during the periods of larger visitation exist. He/she gave place is also possible to access the waterfall of the Board, but the signalling until that other attraction is precarious.

In the Stream of the Trunk the formation of small falls and rapids can be observed along his/her course. There two knowner falls exist, being the top trunk, with approximately 4 meters of fall, where there is no well formation, with the water falling directly on the rocks and the trunk of low with approximately 20 meters of height that it doesn't also present well. It is surrounded by savannah vegetation and ciliary forest. In the East and headboard of the stream, it is prohibited to take a bath because the water is captured for consumption in the city. The access is signaled properly

"Look that!"

The Park Municipal Living room of the Stones was elevated the category of municipal park in December of 1999, tends an extension of 700 hectares. The whole park is composed by very old rocky formations sculpted by the action of the time in erosions eólicas and pluvial. Those erosions generated quite interesting formations. That attraction is perfect for who seeks for peacefulness. The access is well signaled and the location is privileged.

The swimming pool of hot water is formed starting from the represamento of the course of water. In the place there are kiosks and an artificial shower, enclosed for small stone blocks. The downtown proximity does with that that is one of the attractions more sought by the local community.

Arriving at the Well of the Nymphs or Lake of the Nymphs, it is possible to see the contrast between the green and the caramel on the waters that run in a small fall and deságuam in a well of low depth. To reach that well, it is just enough to walk for on the stones. The several vegetation in several species hides all the around of the river.

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1.The waterfall of Tabuleiro is the main attraction. To arrive there you has a half weighed trail of 1 hour and 20 minutes. But it is worth each step.

2.A Waterfall Tail of Horse is attraction that doesn't give to lose also. . But it is worth each step.

3.Vá to tan one for of the sun in the Living room of Sand.

4.If you have a time enough go to Serra do Cipo that is close.

5.Try the angu pastry, one of the very pleasant local food.  Try to drinking the soft drink Chapeu de Couro that only has in Minas.

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