""That place should be cool."

The Waterfall of India is a small fall d´água, call of Country Beach. She is placed at the Municipal Spa João Raposo. There we can find a called artist's Vilma Noel sculpture that lives in the south of France. "India", is not taken care of an Indian, but of a sea entity.

MUSEUM VICENTE CELESTINO AND GILDA OF ABREU - inaugurated on March 13, 1999. Built to also perpetuate the singer of the Voz Orgulho of Brazil" and also Gilda of Abreu, his/her wife, that he/she was the second person to drive movies in Brazil, it was also writer, singer and actress. A house colonial style with seven rooms, with pieces of furniture that belonged to the couple, marriage clothes, clothes of the "Drunk" and of other films, guitar, radio, trophies and other objects are also part of this collection

"The constructions are historical and well preserved."

The big house centennial, "good-looking remained", with nine windowsill windows, one of the most beautiful facades of the City, had as resident priest João Pedron, during decades.
Permanent and itinerant exhibitions of sculptures and paintings (primitive and classic) and of artisans; tapestries, live music; the presence of the expected Projects Seresteiro of the Tomorrow. Library, courses and contests of arts and ballads, lectures and other events.

Old Rail Station - it is placed in the center of Conservatória and it was built in the century XIX, having been initiate in 1880 and finished in 1883.A old Station of the Mining Net of Transport, it was inaugurated by D. Pedro II on November 21, 1883. With the extinction of the train in 1961, in the Governo Jânio Quadros, it was transformed in bus station, where now it also works the Military detachment of Ostensible Policing, the public phone and the Museum of Conservatória. The construction of the current bus station had as construction material, in the earthy, the solitary stones of the excavation of the Tunnel that Cries. In the second pavement it used bricks coming of France.

"Here it is the place of the singers"

The Tunnel of Capoeirão has about 400 meters in length, and it was built by the Co. Estrada Santa Isabel between 1877 and 1886 to give passage to their trains that drained the production of coffee of that area to Barra of Piraí. He/she counts him that the Tunnel of Capoeirão was built by the slaves and, in his/her construction they died a lot of people, they were people arrivals of Bahia, the Tunnel of Capoeirão took about 10 years to be ready.

"We arrive  the city for a very narrow tunnel."

LOCOMOTIVE 206 Of the years 1920 up to 1935, was very used for the trips of the Station of Barra of Piraí, in the State of Rio, until the Station of Soledade in the State of Minas. He/she passed inside of the tunnel.

MOUNTAIN OF the BEAUTY - of his/her summit he/she already meets casually the State of Minas Gerais. The highest picks in the Mountain of the Beauty are the Pick of the Russian Horse with 1.295m of altitude and the Pick of the Saucer with 1.300m.
Of the place he/she meets casually all it is Worth him/it of Rio Preto, also meeting casually the tower of the Head office of jacutinga Santa Rita already in Minas Gerais. He/she exists at the place, a ramp of 360 hang-gliding degrees - wing delta, that in the moment it is disabled. The Mountain of the Beauty calls herself Saws Taquara, and, there is a time behind, the Mountain was, and it is still, sought by ufólogos and for several times the mountain was mentioned in magazines and newspapers as point of Extraterrestrial Events, OVNI´s.


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1.This is the city of the singers. The program is to hear some old Brazilian music at night. It is different and very good.

2.The city is frequented by musicians of the old guard, Brazilian popular music... and some very old ones.

3.The main program is to go for Crossbar to wait the singers to leave at 23:00 in Saturday. A crowd follows the singerss that  give a complete turn in the city.

4.If you like OVNIS, go the Serra da Beleza. Some appear for there once in a while.

5.If you have time go to Santa Rita of Jacutinga that has some good waterfalls.

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