"There I go... "  

In the middle of the dunes we find the famous Jacumã Pond with some strange sports invented there that provide a lot of fun.  

Jacumã is the pond of the "Aero-bunda" and of the "Ski-bunda" (Aerobutt and Buttski). It is a cool descent of 20 meters of height and you falls right on the water. Don't worry about the ascent or if you can't swim because there is a cable car and lifejackets. 

''There is a rail that takes the people up there."   \

"Aero-bunda" - Seating on a kind of chair connected to a rope that crosses the pond, you slide to the water from a height of about 30 meters, bouncing on the mirror of water.  


"Ski-bunda" - you sit down on a board, put your heel on the tips, control the balance with the hands on the ground and it go down a ramp of sand towards a small lake. This was a very common amusement at Careca Hill, at "Praia de Ponta Negra" (Black Tip Beach), but since the closing of the hill, six years ago, at the request of the environmentalists, the game was transferred to Jacumã, or any other nearby dune. 

"This place is nice" 

"Cachoeirinha" - Small falls of warm water flanked by dune vegetation, good to relax. 

"Go on, buddy!!

Ponds - In Jacumã you will have access to two ponds: the one of Jacumã and "Lagoa Comprida" (Long Pond) that are close one to the other, separated by the dunes. The view is incredible and unforgettable!  


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1. To ride on the aero-bunda or ski-bunda you have to pay for every time you go down. It is cheap and it is really worthwhile.  

2. There are some bars near the Pond where you can eat a fish or drink a beer. 

3. If you love long walks, you will discover a new world amid the dunes, by the trails full of surprises, including "Cachoeirinha". 

4. Observe the "gameleira" that is a typical tree of the region. 

5. Come early if you want to go walking to there, because the sun heats up the sand and it burns the feet, or go in the end of the afternoon. 

6. Don't miss the opportunity to ride on camels in Genipabu

7. If you make the buggy trip, it is better still, because the emotion is doubled.

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