"This is João Pessoa."  

Third older city of Brazil, João Pessoa has four hundred and fifteen years of history, well kept in its monuments and preserved in the green, that it is one of its main characteristics and that yielded the title of the second most green of the world, behind Paris.  

"This is Seixas Tip. The most oriental point of Brazil."  

João Pessoa has about 600 thousand inhabitants, it has great hotels and restaurants and it is one of the most sought destinations on the travel agencies. It is connected to Recife by BR-101 highway and to the interior by BR 230. 

"I will eat a coconut! "  

The streets of João Pessoa, capital of Paraíba, tell the story of its colonization, marked by disputes. The architecture of the buildings was strongly influenced by the presence of the Franciscans. The colonial style is present at the Cross, at Santo Antonio Church, with its impressive Baroque architecture, at São Bento Church, at Globo Hotel, at the  Gunpowder House, at the "Nossa Senhora das Neves" Metropolitan Cathedral, or even at the houses of the Old City.  

"Running on the beach is good."  

At Sanhauá river's margin, the city expanded towards the sea, and it is at the cited Old City where is the Historical Site, with monuments to the Brazilian Baroque art. The houses still preserve the old characteristics.   

The Park "Arruda Câmara", also called "Bica", located at downtown, is a great lake surrounded by coconut trees, it looks like an oasis that shelters several animal species.  

"There are some cool kiosks along the border."  

The most frequented of the 25 km of beaches are: Tambaú, Manaíra, Cabo Branco, Sol, Penha, Seixas and Bessa.   

Tambaba Beach - located in the municipal district of Conde, at 30 km from João Pessoa, it is the meeting point of the naturists. The nudism is practiced there with all the respect. The place has two areas separated by natural obstacles. To "family-tourist" deos not have to be in the nude. While he gets used to the naturalistic scenery, it is allowed to stay  with clothes on. At the Second area, more reserved, the nudism practice is obligatory. The access only allowed to families and couples, being prohibited the entrance of single or alone men. The fiscalization is made by employees of the city hall and policemen. The visitors are also rigorous when supervising.  

"There is a nice pier for dating... "  

Camboinha Beach - it is at "Ilha Areia Vermelha" (Red Sand Island), at 10 minutes from the coast, and it only emerges when the tide is low, what means five hours a day. The name comes from the color of the sands. 

Alligator Beach - at 10 km from downtown, it is sought by who wants to watch the Sunset. There are several bars turned towards the west, with observatories. 

"Praia do Cabo Branco" (White Cape Beach) - it is the eastern extreme point of America: Seixas Tip - a clay cliff and a lot of preserved vegetation, one of the most important geographical marks of the country. It is where the sun rises first throughout Brazil. 

"I strolled along the sidewalk."  


Main Distances 

Brasília  2.244 km
Recife  135 km
Natal  180 km
Fortaleza 675 km
Salvador 956 km

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1. The fans of prehistorical illustrations and prehistory cannot miss Itaquatiaras, in Ingá, at approximately 80 km of João Pessoa.  

2. In January, happens the "Micaroa". The out of time Carnival of João Pessoa. 

3. Fifteen days before the carnival, happens "Folia de Rua" (Street Parties), that is a preview of the carnival. 

4. Make a boat trip for Red Sand Island. They leave from Camboinhas Beach. 

5. A buggy ride to the beaches of the south coast is a good option. 

6. Everyday, between 5:00 and 8:00am Cabo Branco av., that it is the main coastal road, is closed for the people to ride bicycles and to run. 

7. If you like to wake up very early, go to Cabo Branco Lighthouse. You will be the first person in Brazil to see the sun rise. It is there where the sun rises first in the whole Latin America. 

8.  "If you're going to João Pessoa by car, don't miss: - Picãozinho Reef. Take a boat in front of Tambaú Hotel. It's possible to see a lot of fishes and other things with snorkel and mask, when the tide is low. - Coqueirinho Beach. It is a beach of difficult access. Leave the car on the top of the hill, because it is not easy to go up on it. Incredible view. I swimed with Sea Turtles there. It is at the exit of Cabo Branco Lighthouse, or you can go by Conde, towards Jacumã, neighboring municipal districts. - Close to Coqueirinho, there is Tambaba, a beautiful beach, where it has a reserved area for the naturism. It is worthwhile to go to the naturist side, because the beach is more beautiful than on the other side. But everything is expensive on both sides. - Take the Ferry Boat in Cabedelo, and go to Lucena. It is a great Beach. - Also, Recife is at 120 Km to the South (visit Porto de Galinhas), and Natal at 180 Km to the North (visit Genipabú, Pipa). Hugs for the dog and everyone, "tip from Rafael Calzado.

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