"There are many solitary places around the roads."  

The Ecological Station Juréia Itatins, is one of the last reservations of Atlantic forest of Brazil. Landscapes of impressive beauty shelter ecosystems of rare integrity. 

Considered Conservation Unit in 1987, the Station protects about 80.000 hectares of Atlantic forest and associated ecosystems, like sandbanks, mangroves, fluvial plains, beaches, hill top vegetation and rocky coasts 

"This is the ferry-boat that takes us."  

Between the two blocks of mountains -  Pogoçã Peak, in Juréia and  God'd Peak, in Itatins - a coastal plain with fluvial drainage quite dense form the basins of Una do Prelado river and of "Rio Verde" (Green river). 

"The sea destroyed the houses that were built in front of it."  

The different atmospheres of the Station, with rich flora, also shelter a diversified fauna, with species in extinction like tapirs, "jacutingas", "gavião-pomba", brazillian jaguar, brown jaguar, leopard cats, purple head parrot, monkey-coalmen and monkeys. The  inhabitants of the seaside live together, side by side, with this nature 

"You will probably get stalled."  

On the South coast of São Paulo, located between Peruíbe and Iguape, Juréia is considered one of the last five ecological shrines of the world, which means, one of the last five places of the planet which have not been devastated. Juréia Beach is an immensity of white sand that extends endlessly, and only the noise from the waves disturb the silence of the beach. 

"There is a good infrastructure at the arrival point of the ferry-boat. "  

In some places, the accumulation of sand was so big that it got to form islets and even islands enclosed by "Rio Ribeira" (Riverside river's) waters. "Cananéia" and "Ilha Comprida" Long Island are examples of this kind of island, formed by the material brought by the river. 

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1. A way reaching the most isolated part is by Iguape, and it can only be done by car, through the ferry-boat.  

2. Take everything you'll need, there nothing there, not even garbage collectors, then bring back your stuff. 

3. If your car is not a 4x4, you'll probably be stalled at the road. 

4. Take a camping tent, you will need it. 

5. There are some waves and I'm talking about many kms of wave without crowd. 

6. At the arrival point of the ferry-boat you find many bars and markets, that is your last chance of buying anything.

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