"This is the main street of the city."  

The city of Lavras Novas, has its origins at that time of the gold, in 1716. For the exploration, the slaves were to the area, which still shelters their descendants until today. It is told that the village is remaining of a quilombo. 

"Strange stones."  

Lavras Novas has calm streets and alleys and a receptive population, as most of the Minas inhabitants are. The tourism began to grow in 1995, with the installation of bars and lodgings, which, little by little, attracted more tourists. 

"The water is transparent...

"Cachoeira do Castelinho" (Waterfall of the Castle) - more known as "Cachoeira da Chapada" (Plate Waterfall), as the own name says, it is locate in the municipal district of Chapada, at 9 km from Lavras Novas. Leaving Lavras Novas towards Ouro Preto, turn  left at the first crossing point of the highway. From this crossing point it's 4 more km until arriving at the municipal district. 

"It is possible stroll along endless trails." 

"Cachoeira da Chapada" (Plate Waterfall) - if you're in search of peace, go up the small river that flows out at the waterfall, because there are some wells that are allways with nobody. If you're in search of adventure, go up until the end of this river, where there is a beautiful cave with three falls of water. 

"Beautiful... "  

"Cachoeira do Falcão" (Falcon Waterfall) - to visit it, you should go towards Plate. At the first forkr, turn left. The waterfall is on the right side of the road. Stop the car on the plateau and to go down on foot. It is around 5 minutes of walk.  

"Cachoeira do Pocinho" (Waterfall of the Well) - approximately 15 minutes of walk, with beautiful landscapes, by trails of easy access. The beginning of the walk is at the gate that is beside "Palavras Novas" Lodging. Go down the trail and turn, at the 3rd wood post, to the left. From this point, it is only 15 minutes of walk.  

"This is the main chapel of the city."  

"Cachoeira 3 Pingos" (3 Drops Waterfall): the beginning of the walk is after the end of the main street (at the Bar Kokopelli). It's approximately 1 hour of walk, with beautiful landscapes along the course. At the first crossing point, turn left. From this point, it's 100 more meters. 

"See you around! "  

Custódio Dam: it is the same road that takes to the 3 Drops Waterfall. However, a little more far away. The beginning of the walk is after the end of the Main street (at the Bar Kokopelli). It's a total of 90 minutes of walk.   

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1. If you are seeking agitation, make your reservation with at least 2 months of antecedence, because the city gets full on the holidays. But if you're in serch of peace, the best option is to go on any weekend, the city is empty.  

2. At night some bars are open, with "forró" and, if you want something more formal, Caburé is a good option. 

3. Lavras Novas still doesn't have a specific camping, however, you may camp on the back yard of some residents, at the Waterfall of the Castle and at the Waterfall of the Well. 

4. Do a horse ride aorund the region. 

5. People who enjoy treavelling the trails by motorcycle or bike will have a nice time there. 

6. Lavras Novas is the kind of place for who is seeking

7. If go to the Waterfall of the Castle, it is advisable to stop the car at Tereza's bar, because there have been many robberies close to the waterfall.

8. "In Lavras Novas, nobody should miss visiting the house of an artist that lives in the city, Suzana João. She has a "Curdiá", a house for people to savor a good tea, in a place that seems fake! Besides everything, this woman's voice is charming and she has even recorded a CD, that you should buy at the Curdiá. The house is not open to the public, but surely Suzana, as an inhabitant of Minas Gerais, wouldn't deny you a the pleasure of a visit to such a great place."  tip from Lilian Alves Gomes, Divinópolis MG

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