"The houses here are very colorful."  

Around 1690, the Pioneers explored the area seeking Indians to be be used as slaves. The guys came from São Paulo hen one of their slaves found small stones that got the attention. They were taken to the Governor of Rio de Janeiro that verified to be gold. Since then, the place became the stronghold of the gold, located by the Pedra Itacurumim solid, today Itacolomy Peak .  

"It seems I backed in the time."  

Several expeditions then were initiate to search this Pedra Itacurumim and in the same year the gold started to be explored. Then a village arose in 1711, got the denomination of Town, and in 1823 it started to be the Imperial House and capital City of the Province of Minas Gerais. During the gold cycle, lived here more people than in Rio de Janeiro, in the same time. 

"The alleys here are very cool."  

The city had two famous residents. One of these is our dear "Tiradentes". To remind you, that poor fellow was killed by not agreeing with the collection of "Quinto do Ouro"  (Gold Fifth), a tax that was collected by the Crown from the population of the Province. The poor fellow died, because he was sneaked by some guy of his movement. That guy suffered... he was hung, decapitated, quartered, the parts of his body were sent for the cities through where he passed, his head was exposed at public square, his house was demolished and people even threw thick salt on his destroyed house, to not even grass grow there... Damn it, those Portuguese were worse than the devil. 

"The dozens of churches are one of the attractions of the city."  

The other important guy that lived here was “Alejadinho”. This guy was good... he stood out on the art during the period of the Literature called Baroque. His works not just stand out in Ouro Preto but also in other places like Congonhas. It is worth to remind that the guy was crippled and that great part of his works was when his body was getting deformed, since he suffered of leprosy.  


Ouro Preto has dozens of churches. Below is a list of the main ones:  

Nowadays, Ouro Preto lives on the history, history that began the process of Brazil's liberation.  

"Bye... "  


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1. The most famous party of the city happens on October 12. It is the 12 Party that transforms the city in a great crowd.  

2. In the great parties like one of the 12, the people stay in Student Republics, besides the traditional lodgings. But to accommodate in these republics you should know it and to ask the permission of somebody who lives there. 

3. If you like to visit Churches, it is in the right place. 

4. Outside of the city, you can visit the gold mines and the Itacolomy Park. You can see the city from the Peak. 

5. People are saying that some cases of robberies are happening at the waterfalls, so keep your eyes open. 

6. In the winter, it is very cold. 

7. "People, if you go by car, visit Mariana, a historical city that is very close, about 10 minutes by car. To get to know the city, at the main square, there are some tourist guides, that explain everything, it is worthwhile. The night is cool at Direita Street. Bye! " tip from Bruno 

8. "If you go by car, take care with the laws, the own residents can fine you easily." tip from Leandro / BH-MG  

10. "I don't recommend men to go feminin republic, because when I went at the 12 Party, the chicks of the republic beat about 20 guys.... that's it!!! Oh! and take at the waterfall, many robberies happen there." tip from Daniel (Brasília)  

11. "It is worthwhile to remind that besides the 12 Party, the city is quite sought in the carnival. It is different to be in this time in a city far away from the beach, but it is worthwhile. Besides very lively (you won't fall asleep during the 4 days), there are many beautiful people from everywhere in Brazil. The important is to make reservations in advance, mainly in the republics!!! "tip from Ellen    

12. "There is no need for special days to visit Ouro Preto. It is always very lively. Besides, during the whole month of July happens the winter festival with several cool attractions. It is really good. It is paradise, but  go prepared, it is VERY cold! tip from Marina  

13. "For who likes the past, Ouro Preto is a good choice. It is a beautiful historical city, rich in churches and works of art, like master Aleijadinho's sculptures. Check it out, it is worthwhile! "tip from Jeferson Teixeira Soares - Nova Lima  

14. "1 - Chico Rei Mine - Dom Silvério street - Two tunnels are open for visitation, with illumination ($5,00 p/ person). At the entrance of the mine there is a great restaurant (it opens at noon for lunch). 2 - Fonte do Bem Querer Mine - Padre Faria street, 31 ($5,00 p/ person) - An illuminated tunnel, one can see the veins from where the powdered gold was taken. At the entrance of the mine there is a swimming pool with mineral water, that can be used in the summer. 3 - care with the waterfalls, the own population informs about the robberies. 4 - in the (whole) month of July, the Winter Festival happen, on Tiradentes Square. There are shows at night. 5 - all of the attractions of Ouro Preto are payed, bring some change. It's not allowed to take pictures of the inside of the churches 6 - If you have time available, visit Cordisburgo (100 km after BH, by BR 040). There you'll find Maquiné Grotto and Rei do Mato Grotto. It is worth the visit." tip from Geraldo E. Papa - Santo André - SP 

15. "I spent the Carnival in Ouro Preto, and I stayed at the Republica dos Deuses, that is in the neighborhood of Rosário. It was really worthwhile, the people of there is great, the party and the drinks are all free, and the best of it, it has a lot of women. It is really worthwhile to spend the carnival there, and mainly to stay at the student republics. I recommend Republica dos Deuses. That is my tip." tip from Rafael B. Cyrillo - Balneário Camboriú / SC  

16. "We spent the Holy Week / 2003 Ouro Preto, and here are some interesting tips: 1) Notice the details of "Casa dos Contos" and try to travel to that time, the place is fascinating. 2) the churches must be visited, and, despite the lack of care, they are still  wonderful, don't miss the churches of N.Sra. do Pilar, Matriz de N.Sra. Conceição (where the remains of Aleijadinho body are), N.Sra. do Carmo. 3) Chico Rei Mine is very interesting, and you can really see the manual mining of that time. 4) with so many important places, the "House of the Opera" is almost unnoticed, it was built in 1770 for King Dom José, the first birthday, it is the oldest south american theater, the interior is surprising, don't miss it!! 5) Bring comfortable shoes. 6) the best restaurants are at Direita street,"Casa do Ouvidor", "Café Gerais", "Booze Café". tip from Marcelo Pietrafesa and Cilene Marchi - Serra Negra - SP 

17. "Ouro Preto is really a wonderful city in any time, in the 12, in the Carnival, or in a Symposium offered by UFOP. The essential of OP is to stay at a republic, because you'll be well received and it is not expensive. I stayed at Necrotério and I only have praises to offer...  " tip from Valkíria Kolsky Rio de Janeiro 

18. "A tip on museums: The museum of the reductions in Amarantina (25km from Ouro Preto, towards BH). In that museum several reduced historical constructions can be seen. They are not miniatures, but reductions in 1:25 scale, made with bricks, concrete, iron, cement, etc... it is simply unbelievable. To have an idea, this link shows a little of what is exposed" tip from Daniel Gallo - Campinas / SP

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