"There I go... "  

Manaus, that means "Mother of God" in the native language, is a tribute to the tribe "manaós". The "Rubber cycle" of the rubber trees was one of the most important economical cycles of the city. An important time for the city, when it developed a lot. A sewerage system, piped water, electric power, Port, and electric trolleys contributed to the development. Many of these services not even existed in the rest of the country. A very rich time, when merchants sent their children to study in Europe, when the buildings were built with European material. Amazonas Theatre and the Municipal Market standing out. And that, nowadays, they still stand out in the local architecture.  

"These were the original residents of the region."  

For half century, the city suffered with the decline of the rubber cycle, due to the competition with Asia. The solution to keep the area developing happened with the creation of "Zona Franca de Manaus", in 1967. Manaus got a very big tourist flow and Hotels were built to support the tourist. Even today, "Zona Franca" is the main source of income of the state. 

"There is a huge stage for shows, in front of the river."  


"Bosque da Ciência" (Science Wood) - It has a great area, rich in vegetation and animals of the Amazon. 1756 André Araújo Av - Aleixo 

Branco e Silva Craft Center - Any typically regional product, can be found in this Center. It is possible to watch the production of pieces, as well as to acquire any product. Don't forget to taste of the delicious local cookery. 

Adress:  Recife st., 1999 Adrianópolis 

"Nothing is better than enjoying the sunset in Amazon."  

Waters Encounter - The Amazon river is formed by the encounter of the rivers Solimões (a muddy water) and Black (dark water). 

The explanation for the phenomenon that generates that beautiful show could be the density, temperature and speed, all very different between the two rivers. 

Municipal market - A replica of the market, in Paris, "Les Halles". Main receiver in the city of the fishing and rural production of the state. 

"Toucans are easy to find here."  

Manaus Port - Projected and built by the English, it is an interesting engineering work, oscillating with the ascent and descent of Black river's waters. Inaugurated in 1902. 

Taqueirinho Street, 25 - Downtown 

Mindu Park - Perimetral Leste Av - Parque Dez 

CIGS Zoo - it is the largest center with animals of the Amazonian region. It shelters brazilian jaguars, birds, etc. Ponta Negra Highway , 750 - São Jorge 

"'Ponta Negra' (Black Tip) is the most beautiful part of the city."  

Tupé Beach - About 34 km from Manaus, the beach is quite sought by swimmers on the holidays and weekends. The access is made exclusively by waterway. During the flood time of Black River, the beach is restricted to 20 meters of width, and on the low tide, it reaches up to 80 m.   

"Dourada Marinho" Beach - private beach, where the visitor pays a small tax to frequent it and to enjoy a leisure infrastructure, with restaurant, bar, toys and navigation equipments, which can be rented. Location: Tarumã Highway, Km 10 

Paricatuba Waterfall - located at  Black river's right margin, on a small tributary, the waterfall is formed by sedimentary rocks, enclosed by an abundant vegetation. The access is made by waterway. The best period for visitation is from August to February. 

"This is the famous Amazonas Theatre."  

"Cachoeira de Santuário" (Shrine Waterfall) - 3 falls, the tallest with 15 meters. Located at AM 240 highway - Km 12 - Balbina road. 

"Cascatinha do Amor" (Love Cascade) - Located at Guedes stream, of limpid and cold waters, the cascade is accessible only by waterway and then, through a small path in the forest. 

"The most common means of transportation."  

"Cachoeira do Leão" (Lion Waterfall) - located on the Km 34 of the highway AM 010 (Manaus-Itacoatiara), it is a pleasant place to spend the day. 

"Tarumã Grande" (Big Tarumã)- public beach, formed by a stream that flows on a bed of white sand and with a waterfall. Tarumã road and "Vivenda Verde" road - Tarumã 

"Tarumã Pequeno" (Small Tarumã) - segment of the same previous stream; it has several falls, being "Cachoeira das Almas" (Souls Waterfall) the most frequented, with restaurant and dancing rooms. 

"'Ponta Negra' (Black tip)."  

Black Tip Beach - in the past, it was inhabited by the Indians Manáo, which generated the name of the city. It is the main young point of Manaus. On the sidewalk, it is possible to stroll, to practice several sports, to watch local dance presentations in bars. During Black river's low tide, between September and March, the beach extends for almost 2 kilometers. From March to June, with the ascent of the river, the beach practically disappears and the waters reach the solid stone faces. 


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1. Take the vaccine against yellow fever with at least 10 days of antecedence.      

2. It is in a different time zone. It is an hour less.  

3. There is only 2 stations: 

         -  Rainy, it corresponds to winter and it begins in the month of December, proceeding until May, raining practically every day.   

         - Dry, when it rains less, corresponding to summer, going from June to November. The most critical month is September, when the temperature reaches the 40°C 

4.  You can only reach to Manaus by airplane or boat. If you want to go by car, Trans-Amazonian highway is practically impossible to go through.  But you can send your car on a boat to Belém.  

5. The best nightlife point is at Black Tip Beach. It has some blues shows in bars on the sidewalk. Also, there is some nightlife at Turistas Av. 

6. Don't miss visiting Amazonas Theater. It is one of the most beautiful buildings of the country. 

7. The Sunset, watched from the observatory of the Black Tip is awesome. 

8. Taste the typical dishes, such as the "tacacá", fishes like the "tambaqui", "tucunaré" and "pirarucu". 

9. Get to know the jungle hotels at Black river, like Ariaú. 

10. Visit the waters encounter. Solimões (muddy water) and Black rivers (dark water), they meet, but don't mix, forming a unique show. 

11. Don't hire any boatman. Some of them rob you. Seek suitable boatmen indicated by tourism agencies. 

12. The cit is calm, and it has almost no robberies, however you'd better be smart, considering that it is a tourit city.  

13. "Manaus is a very good city for who likes "raves". They happen along the whole year, with djs of the international circuit such as Soul slinger, dj krust, tc slam and many others. Come and check! " tip from Airton Kvra 

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