"There are great off-road tracks here. "  

Around "São José do Embassaí" Chapel, which was built in 1675,  the first village of Maricá arose. The old natives called that area "Maricahaa ", then the name of the place. 

Maricá Sandbank is a strip of sand with about 35 km of extension and variable width that follows the coast, from "Ponta Negra" to "Ponta de Itaipuaçú".  The vegetation is typical of sandbank, composed by cactus, "bromélia", several species of grass and bush of low load. Near the sea the vegetation is substituted by dunes. 

"There is also a nice cannal."  

There is only one beach in Maricá, but it gets different names at several passages. Also, this is the largest strip of sand of the state. Besides it has several interconnected ponds: the Ponds of Maricá, Barra and Guarapina. At them, we find the beaches of Araçatiba (polluted), Jacaroá, Boqueirão, São José do Embassaí, Barra, Guarapina, Jaconé, Brava and Padre. In these ponds many kinds of fishing fishing are practiced. The flooding areas of the Maricá and Taboa ponds, has plants whose leaves are used to weave baskets and mats. 

"In 'Ponta Negra' (Black Tip) you'll see some waves."  

The main attractions are: 

"Pedra do Elefante" (Stone of the Elephant) - in the form of a lying elephant, with the trunk inside the sea. Its base is covered by the tropical forest and its top, in steep rock, allows the practice of scaling, of medium and high difficulty. 

The beach of Itaipuaçu has transparent and greenish waters, with temperature between cold and lukewarm. It is surrounded by the Stone of the Elephant, Tiririca mountains, Itaocara Stone and a great number of constructions. It is very frequented for the practice of line fishing, being very dangerous for the bath in reason of its strong waves, ditches and currents. The best points for bath are "Recanto" and the tip at the boundary with Niterói

"The sand here is so white!."  

The Beach of Guaratiba is an oceanic beach, located between the beaches of "Barra" and "Cordeirinho" (Bambuí). It is of approximately 4 km of extension and the predominant vegetation is of grass. As at the other beaches of Maricá Sandbank , the line fishing is practiced.   

"From the Tiririca Mountains you have a nice view of Itaipuaçú."  

The Beach of Barra is a prolongation of the Beach of Itaipuaçu. It is close to the ponds of Maricá and Barra and it has approximately 9 km in extension. The sands are white and soft and the vegetation is typical of sandbank. The line fishing is practiced and the waves are strong and dangerous.  



The beach of Bambí is a prolongation of the beach of Guaratiba, and is located at the east side of Maricá Sandbank. It is close to Black Tip and is also favorable for the line fishing along its 4,5 km of extension. The Priest's Pond stands out in the surrounding landscape.   

"What's up, horse?! "  

The last of the beaches of Maricá sandbank is the Black Tip. Its is the favorite of the surfers for its strong waves. It also has, as attraction, "Farol de Ponta Negra" (Lighthouse of Black Tip) and the Pond of Guarapina. The most favorable passage for the practice of the surf and to bathe is close to the Black Tip.  

"Miles and miles of deserted beaches"  

There is also "Espraiado" waterfall. It is formed by the scarps of "Silvado" Moutains, by Mato Grosso Mountains and Barro do Ouro Mountains. On the top, dense vegetation of the tropical forest. On the bottom, areas of grass and scattered vegetation. The landscape is composed by mountains, streams that are born at the hillsides and run on stony beds to the bottom of the valley, where the waterfall is formed. It is at 10,5 km from Maricá downtown. It is on Espraiado Road.   

"There are some kioskes in the beach."


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1. Don't even think about bathing in the beach of Itaipuaçu. The waves break strongly and very close to the sand.   

2. There are many trails for the off-road lovers.  

3. Surf in Ponta Negra

4. The roads of the coast are of dirt and with some holes. 

5. The nightlife takes place at the square of the city. 

6. Make a ride by car form Itaipuaçú to Maricá. The road is deserted and full of dunes. (It is not advisable to do it at night) 

7. It is worthwhile to visit Saquarema, that is nearby.  

8. "Hi! I live in Marica for a little time but I know a beach that most people don't! It is between black Tip and Jacone, there is no sign to indicate it, you have to quess where half of the way is, stop and ask somebody. The point is great, the waves come by side in relation to beach, that is small and fixed between the rocks of the cliff. Please, don't dirty it. more information at " tip from Canil Attitude 

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