"That is "Pequena Finlândia" (Small Finland), a cool place"  

Originally occupied by the Indians Puris, it began to be dominated by the white man in the middle of the 18th century, who looked for gold. In 1744 the actual Resende - known by the Indians as Tumburibá - was taken right after and soon afterwards named "Campo Alegre da Paraíba Nova". 

"There are great point to dive and swim here"     

The Finnish immigration in Penedo, still district of Resende, differs basically from the others that has come to Brazil. These Nordic don't look for material wealth here, nor 'to make' Brazil, as it was common for the Iberian people; they don't leave their land for political persecutions, nor they escape from racial or religious reasons. They were, at that time, people of defined position in Finland: agricultural technicians, architecture drawing technicians, builders, gymnasts, farmers, masseurs, teachers and others. They live a life without much material difficulties, amid friends and the family. They are of  Protestant-lutheran origin. Cheerful, in groups, they meet and sing their native songs and religious hymns. Sensitive, they play musical instruments, piano, violin, organ, kantele (a kind of zither). They Play and they sing. 

 "There are good restaurantes here!"    

They get surprised with the natural beauties of Rio, they make comfortable at a German pension at Riachuelo street, enroll in Berlitz school to learn Portuguese in a intensive course. With a  basic vocabulary, they travel by train to Barra Mansa, where, by the manager of the pension's indication, they all go to work in "Três Poços" Farm, property of São Bento's Monastery. Barra Mansa is just to get the knowledge on the land, but the central objective is the search of an own place to purchase, the community's establishment and put their ideas in practice.  



This colony, today with few Finnish, creates in that region a special way of life, a Brazilian interest for the Finland stuff, improves the local work, train artisans to the loom, makes the sauna known in Brazil, shows the taste of their chutneys, jellies and 'pullas', diffuses the old Finnish dances. (...)  

"Três Cachoeiras" (Three Waterfalls) - they are located in "Rio das Pedras" (Stones' River) and they stand out for the formation of three small falls of water, the largest measuring 3 m of height, approximately. The waters are clear and cold, favorable for baths, due to several natural swimming pools. In the summer, there is also a natural sled. The vegetation of the right margin is dense while on the left there is just grass. The place is very frequented by the local population and tourists in the weekends and holidays. 

"Those are the Three Waterfalls"     

God's Waterfall  - it is located in Stones' River and it is the largest one of the city, measuring 15 m of height, approximately. Its waters are clear and cold, favorable for baths, due to existence of a great natural swimming pool. The access is made by two trails: the first of approximately 10 minutes of walk and the other, very smaller, that has a wide parking.  

 "This is God's Waterfall, the best in that area"    

"Três Bacias" (Three Basins) - located in Stones' River, they are away from the central area of the city and on the highest area, along the course of the river. It offers more privacy, because it is less visited. It stands out for the formation of three small stone basins. Their waters are extremely clean and cold, favorable for swimming.  

"Poção do Rio das Pedras" (Stones' River Well) - natural Swimming pool located at a central passage of the city. The stones around the swimming pool of good depth, are an invitation for the children's acrobatic dives.  


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1. Visit Mauá that is nearby.  

2.  "Pico das Agulhas Negras" (Black Needles Peak) is also worth a visit. 

3. There is cell phone signal. 

4. God's Waterfall is the best attraction. 

5. The Small Finland is a nice place to eat.  

6. "Hi, Haxi!!! it lacked a cool tip about Penedo: its nightlife. A calm night, that has no similar in the state of Rio de Janeiro. You can come out to eat, to dance, to feel cold (!!!), and to have fun, in a lively mood, that gathers wonderful women, seniors, and children playing until dawn. Great trip option to make with your girlfriend." trip from Fábio Almeida  

7. "Besides the waterfalls and natural beauties, Penedo is a magic place for the children. Because of the Finnish inspirations, the city has mini-factories of chocolate, delicious. Santa's house must also be visited. After all, isn't he "Finnish?? " tip from Sabrina Trézze - Niterói (RJ)  

8. Don't miss going to Penedinho Peak. It is a hill from where you'll have an incredible view of the city, the Volkswagen Factory, in Porto Real can also be seen. It is a private property, so, to enter, you'll need authorization at the Chocolate Factory ." tip from Leandro Bittencourt - Rio de Janeiro (RJ) 

9. "If you are seeking peace and peacefulness, you found it. The city is very good, it has a little of everything. Just get ready for the constant cold.  But, it is always worthwhile to take a finnish ice cream!! and, of course, chocolates.... Go up Penedinho Peak, it is quick and the place is beautiful. " tip from Lanuza Madruga

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