"Here we are."

This is the Capital of the Coffee, and of Chopp. This city is known by being in the fourth place in the financial position of the country and for being the largest center producing of sugar and alcohol of the whole planet.

The city is big and it almost possesses three million inhabitants, that have a per capita income almost equal to the one of many European countries and the double of the whole Brazilian average.

"Let's go."

Park Curupira - the largest space for leisure of the city, waits for the visitors with 152 thousand m2 of pure and very green air. Here, waterfalls and artificial lakes compose the cut scenery for trails traveled by bicycles and a lot of beautiful people going Jogging.

Japanese garden, - in the Municipal Forest Fábio Barreto, possesses lakes, bridges, flowers, kiosks and hundreds of Japanese ornamental plants planted by the Japanese community of Ribeirão. Behind this oriental garden, it is a ready Observatory giving a present him/her with a view of the city.

"Let's drink a "chopp"

Breakfast dançante - On Sundays, don't forget to wake up early to participate in a weekly event of here: the Projeto Café, where the people drink coffee between 10 h and 11 h to the cry sound, tends as scenery the beautiful gardens of the botanical park of the Historical Museum and of the Museum of the Coffee (16 633-1986).

Museum of the Café Francisco Schmidt Later - objects that tell the history of this grain in a such rare and detailed exhibition of the ascension and the barons' fall, that the museum passed to the only of the world to be considered in this gender.

"Beer, beer, beer!"

MARP - Museum of Art of Ribeirão Preto, headquartered in the old building of the City hall, it possesses a vast collection of works of art. In him it is organized the rung artistic event of the area, attracting artists and buyers of the whole country: SARP - Living room of Art of Ribeirão Preto, that happens once a year, the months of June, July and August.

Museum House of Portinari (16 664-4284), that it is in Brodósqui, a neighboring city to Ribeirão. In the museum, you will know the studio of the genius, where everything stays intact: of the brushes, screens, paints until the sacred screens. In the garden, they are consecrated works.

Metropolitan cathedral of São Sebastião - lined of colored stained glass windows and afrescos of Benedito Calixto protected by a majestic romantic architecture with Gothic lines.

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1.Drink a chopp at Bar Pingüim. It is the best chopp of Brazil.

2.A city has great restaurants. Eat is a pleasant program over there.

3.Visit the Fair of Art and Craft, that it happens all of the weekends and holidays in the Square of the Flags.

4.Go to Avenue July Nine that was residential place of the richs in the decade of 20. Now is financial center of the city

5.A city has agitated night life and they exist more 500 bars in the city. There are night life for all of the tastes.

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