"Santos is huge."  

Santos is a city with great attractions and it is at only 65 km from São Paulo. 

It's 7 kms of beach and it has the largest garden at seashore of the world.  

Santos is guaranteed amusement, 24 hours a day, everyday, it has shopping centers, movies, theaters, varied gastronomy, exciting night and much more.  


"Praia do Boqueirão" (Big mouth Beach)  

It is one of the knownest beaches and benefitted by the cleaning program of the border of Santos. The beach is located on the area of "Canal 3" and it is one of the meeting points of the city. 

"Nice... "  

Embaré Beach - Famous for its good waters for bathes. Located on the central area of Santos, the beach is very sought by surfers. The place sheltered, in 1875, Santo Antonio Chapel, current Santo Antonio do Embaré Basilica . 

José Menino Beach - Very frequented by the hang-glider apprentices, who jump from José Menino's Hill, admiring the beautiful landscape from the heights. Sidewalks, gardens at the border and nightlife are the characteristics of that beach that sheltered the first hotel of the seafront, in 1895 - the Intercontinental Hotel - and received the first rails of trolleys. 

"I am going to the canal's tip."  

"Ponta da Praia" (Tip of the Beach) - Place quite frequented, one can watch the coming in and out of ships that access Santos Port. Located at the entrance of the estuary of Santos Port, the beach is the starting point of trips for the bay of Santos and Santos-Guarujá raft

Gonzaga Beach - Meeting point, place of promotions and events, Gonzaga's Beach is close to the commercial center of the neighborhood with the same name. Between canals 2 and 3, it is at a busy area of Santos. Most of the outdoors events, promoted by the City hall and Radio stations of Santos. 

"What's up there?"  

Aparecida Beach - Located between canals 5 and 6, Aparecida beach gathers, in a km of extension, several comercial and leisure options. The neighborhood of same name was born from the local development around "Nossa Senhora Aparecida" Church. 

"Aquário de Santos" (Santos' Aquarium) 

Santos Municipal Aquarium, with 53 years of existence, is the public park of the area that most receives visitors, about 800 thousand per year. It is practically at the seashore, on the gardens of the border, at Tip of the Beach. Renovated this year, it counts with 27 tanks, now larger, and eight aquariums, 1.100 thousand liters of water and 200 species, in a total of 800 animals. 

Santos Bay  

The itinerary of this trip, made on a schooner, begins at Tip of the Beach, towards Fortaleza da Barra Grande - fort built in 1584, after the English pirate Edward Fenton's invasion - on the other side of the channel. 

"The border is good for walks."  

Itatinga paths 

Located at 60 km from downtown, the Itatinga Town occupies one of the most beautiful natural areas of the Brazilian coast, where one can observe three ecosystems: hillside forest, swamp and sandbank. 


Santos Canals 

Seven main canals drain the City area that is in front of Santos bay. 

Projected in the beginning of the century by the engineer Saturnine de Brito, except for Canal 7, they integrate the Sanitation Project of the City of Santos. 


Barra Grande Fortress 

Also called Santo Amaro Fortress, it was built in 1584, to protect the City and the ships moored at the port. It is at the Estuary, in the municipal district of Guarujá territory, but can be seen from  Alm. Saldanha da Gama Av., at Tip of the Beach. 

"There are good waves at the canals."  

"Laje de Santos" (Santos Flagstone)  

The Sea Park of the Flagstone of Santos is located at 45 km from the coast, and it is considered one of the best points for diving of the Brazilian coast, with depth varying from 18 up to 40 meters and visibility that reaches 40 meters. 


Santos Port- Its origin, 1545, is related to the slaves' traffic and the trade of salt. Starting from the 19th century, the port contributed to the improvement of the sanitary conditions of the area and it played main role in the industrial development of the State and of the Country. 

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1. Don't miss visiting Guarujá. But get ready for the ferry-boat traffic... you'll have to be patient...  

2. There is a lot of beaches with wave and many night options in the city. 

3. Visit Santos Flagstone by boat. It is not allowed to dive there, so take binoculars. 

4. There are good places for the autonomous diving, like Moréia shipwreck, the Flagstone Lateral and "Predão" (Face). 

5. The best time to dive in Santos is between March and July. 

6. Enjoy the view from the hang-gliding ramp on José Menino Hill. It is very good.

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