" The cart walk is traditional."

Parque das Águas

It is the postcard of the city and his/her main tourist attraction. It is one of the most beautiful Parks of Latin America. Located in São Lourenço's center, it possesses enormous green area and it is divided in Parques I and II.

Of property of the French group Perrier, there can gorge with the waters of their 6 natural sources: plus the famous water Vichy

Parque I

He/she understands of hundreds of vegetable species, besides rare orchids and a Brazilwood (Pão Brazil), planted by Getúlio Varga. His/her fauna is also varied, with monkeys and capuchin monkeys, an infinity of birds besides the traditional geese, ducks and ducks.

"Different waters, different tastes."

Traveling their boulevards found the several sources of mineral water, the spa, several stores, restaurant, snack bar, the lake with their 90.000 m². In the wharf we have kayaks, pedalo boats, boats to I row that provide.

The Spa, I Center Hidroterápico to the margins of the lake disposes of showers, dry saunas and to steam, massages, bubble baths, baths of salts and aesthetic treatments. It is a beautiful construction that marks the Park of the Waters.

The several stores that are inside of the Park, offer a great variety of products as honey, própolis, memories, meshes, books, goods for presents etc. In the gallery he/she can wonder, or even to acquire, artists' of the city pictorial works.

The Parque I will please the followers of the Bowl, that will be served with several covered courts. To the side the Rink of Skating, with sound adapts and, also, totally covered. The boats controlled by radio also provide a good amusement.

"The park has a beautiful lake."

As Fontes
They are inside six the sources of mineral water of the Parque I.

He/she stands out the importance of the water of the source Vichy that is only found in two places in the world: in Vichy, in France, in the Fonte São Lourenço and in São Lourenço, in the source Vichy.

Relationship of Fontes: Guide (gaseous), Vichy (alkaline)
Spring (rusted), Alkaline Source, Source Jaime Sotto Maior (sulfurous) famous as the Source of the Beauty", Andrade Figueira (magnesiana) he/she is closed, temporarily and to José Carlos of Andrade (elegance-gaseous).

"Beautiful visual."

Parque II

The Park II was enclosed to the first at little time and his/her vegetation still meets in development phase. The access is through a tunnel that ties her/it both passing underneath the street Saturnine of Veiga. That park is excellent for the practice of sports, with shuttlecock blocks, voley, soccer society, living room soccer, bicicross track, including the rent of the bicycles. It still counts with area for sunbathings and mainly with the shower of mineral water. It also disposes snack bar and lake for fishing.

The seventh source, to José Carlos of Andrade (elegance-gaseous), he/she also meets there.

"The train station."

The cable car -it is at the Observatory. He/she gives to see Rio Verde, the lake, the forest.

Memorial Tancredo Neves - it is the highest and original monument of the city. A grandiose work. Of there you can see the whole city.

"Maria Fumaça."

House of the Culture - of old construction it shelters the Museum of the Press.

Brazilian society of Eubiose - since 1949 he/she is devoted the all of the religions of the world. That place would be considered the World Center of irradiation with the astral plan; for the communion of the thought, in a preparation for the future society.

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1.There are a night life in the sidewalk of the city. Over there also they are the best restaurants.

2.Try the several tastes of the waters in the park.

3. Go to the "pedalinho" boat in the lake. It will relax you

4. go for a train walk "Maria Fumaça". It is a turn to the past.

5. Bags and coats are very cheap. Check it out.

6.Did you like São Lourenço? Try Lamabari and Caxambu , it is close .

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