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"This the Dedo de Deus."

The city of Teresópolis is located in the top of the Mountain of the Organs, the about 60 km of Rio de Janeiro, enclosed of beautiful landscapes as rivers and cascades, added to a rich flora and fauna places, being many species belonging to the Atlantic Forest. Teresópolis - “City of Teresa” - it is a homage Teresa Cristina, wife of D. Pedro II, that was enchanted deeply with the natural beauties and climate of this beautiful highland area in the end of last century, where, in frequent visits and periods of vacations in the area, he/she rested with the family.

OBSERVATORY OF THE SUPERB - Rodovia BR-116 - entrance Clover for Teresópolis. In clear days, he/she meets casually Great Rio, the Bay of Guanabara and the Fluminense Slope. Of the place they also meet casually the Picos Dedo of God, Finger of Ours Mrs., among others. Permanent visitation.

NATIONAL PARK OF THE MOUNTAIN OF THE ORGANS - Av. Rotariana s/nº - Superb Tel: (21) 2642-1070 of the attraction meet casually the whole Mountain of the Organs, with their countless picks. He/she offers countless leisure options, lodging, streams, cascades, trails and natural swimming pools. Favorable place for the practice of the mountaineering and excursionismo. Visitation: Of 3rd to Sunday of the 08:00 to the 17:00 hs. R$ 3,00 p/pessoa (exempt for 10 year-old minor and larger of 65 years). R$ 12,00 for escalades and crossings. R$ 5,00 for vehicles.

SOURCE JUDITH - Olga of Oliveira Collapses - High it was all remodeled, with construction of green area for leisure and rest. Permanent visitation.
CASCADE OF THE LOVES - Praça Nilo Peçanha - close to the High. The attraction presents natural swimming pool propitiates to the bath. Permanent visitation.

LAKE COMARY - Condomínio Granja Comary - neighborhood Carlos Guinle Of the attraction beautiful vision of the lake is had with small island, besides CBF (Brazilian Confederation of Soccer) to the side esquerd and the bottom the Finger of covered God. Visitation to Saturdays and Sundays.

FEIRARTE - (Fair of Craft of Teresópolis) Praça Higino of Silveira - High the Fair possesses 700 standardized huts approximately, that you/they market: ceramic, fabric, knitting, toys, jewelries, silvers, straw, leather, suede, dehydrated plants, besides other foodstuffs standing out: honey, cookies, liqueurs, chocolates, ice creams, smoked, etc.


"Amazing spots"

SQUARE NILO PEÇANHA - Av. Alberto Torres - High Arboreous with banks, fountain, tables and gardens. He/she is at this Square the Municipal School Ginda Bloch, in architecture original, modern, whose project was executed by Oscar Niemeyer. Permanent visitation.

SOURCE AMÉLIA - Diogo José Ponciano Collapses - High it was totally remodeled recently, with placement of tiles and three exits of water. Permanent visitation.

HILL OF THE OBSERVATORIES - Praça Reginaldo M. of Castro - Farm Offers view survey of the whole city and of the solid of the Mountain of the organs. Permanent visitation.

OBSERVATORY ROBERTO SILVEIRA (it is Worth of the Paradise) - Final of Av. Delfim Moreira - it is Worth of the Paradise Meets casually the whole neighborhood of the valley of the Paradise, it leaves of the Meadow and of the Mountain of the Organs. Permanent visitation.

CASCADE OF THE I DIPPED - Highway Henrique F. Claussen - Ownership the cascade of great beauty, comes with approximate height of 20 m where the waters, with strong intensity, hurry in rapids. It is totally being remodeled, with construction of protection mureta to the visitors for better appreciation of the attraction, with larger safety. Besides installation of kiosks, sanitariums and area for leisure and rest. Permanent visitation.

ORQUIDÁRIO ARANDA - Highway of the Break-flasks, s/nº - Ranch of the Guris Tel: (21) 2742-0628 are exposed and marketed orchids and bromélias, among the a lot of species. Orquidário was created with the main objective of preserving the Brazilian and foreign species, through researches and artificial fecundations, done at laboratory. The place is surrounded by dense vegetation, among pine trees, araucarias and cedars, standing out a lake of great beauty, possessing Japanese carps. Orquidário Aranda is among one of the best of Brazil. Visitation: Daily of the 09:00 to the 17:00 h.

"Fonte Judith"

WOMAN OF STONE - Estrada Teresópolis-Friburgo - I Access for the km 12 of the Highway of Big Vargem. Located in the Mountain of Subaio, it leaves integral of the Mountain of the Sea; it is a mountainous group of rocky formation, with 2040 m of altitude approximately. The Hill is called of Woman of Stone by assimilating to a lying woman's illustration, whose cutting is reproduced by the cismos of the mountains. Permanent visitation.

It is WORTH OF THE FRIARS - WATERFALL OF THE FRADES Estrada Teresópolis-Friburgo - km 19 - Cheerful View. There he/she is the Hill of the Kid goats that is very climbed. The waterfall possesses a fall of approximately 10 m of height, with accentuated slope and great volume of water. Form a natural swimming pool, with transparent waters and bottom of sand, very used for baths, tends in his/her margin, clear sands. Permanent visitation.

ECOLOGICAL TOURISM AND RADICAL SPORTS - it is the face of Teresópolis. For everything that possesses, she is ideal for mountaineering, adventures and expeditions, mountain bike, ecological walks, walks to horse, with jeeps and personal computer-bus.
MUNICIPAL PALACE / PALÁCIO TERESA CRISTINA - Av. Feliciano Sodré 675 - Meadow. The attraction is in the central point of the district / thirst. The attraction is placed in one of the main avenues of the municipal district, in the central point in the Neighborhood of the Meadow, where he/she is installed the Municipal Administration. And

CBF - Located in the neighborhood of the High. It possesses access for the Granja Comary. Important tourist point of the city, due to the fact of being consierado the "cradle of the Tetra-champion Soccer of Brasil" Centro of official Training of the Brazilian selection, being entrusted of serving as inspiration source for our experts, it is in him that everything feels beginning.

SMALL PALACE GRANADO - Av. Delfim Moreira 749 - Meadow. Leaving the Municipal City hall, located to Av. Feliciano Sodré, is followed by Av. Lúcio Meira, Av. Delfim Moreira, where the attraction is placed. The Small palace is surrounded by residential and commercial houses and it is close to the Shopping Várzea.

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