"There are some cool stone towers."  

The municipal district of "Torres" (Towers) has this name due to existence of three crags that extend until the shore. The area of Torres was inhabited originaly by indians Carijós, who were devoted the fishing and to a rudimentary agriculture. Manuel Ferreira Porto, founder of Torres is nominated in 1814, as second lieutenant of the area of "Rio Grande" and commander Torres Prison. In 1824, the official inauguration of "São Domingos das Torres" Church, initial mark of the settlement, happens. In 1826 the first German arrived in Torres,  immigrants for initiative of São Leopoldo's Viscount. In 1830, the Italian immigrants arrived. On May 21, 1878, Towers began arose to the municipal district category through the provincial law 1152. 

"The view of the beach is very different."  

Tourist points  

"Praia Grande" (Big beach): 

With 2.000 meters of extension, it is the favorite for sea bathing and where it happens most of the sport events of the summer like: soccer, volleyball, surfing and others. In  Big Beach also happens countless outdoors show

"Prainha" (Little Beach) or "Praia do Meio" (Middle Beach): 

It has 600 meters of extension and it is the calmest beach of Torres. As it has rocky soil, it is not appropriate for bathing, but it has great natural beauty.  

"The towers are huge... " 

"Praia da Cal" (Whitewash Beach): it has 800 meters of extension, being one of the most beautiful and favorite places for surfing. 

"Praia da Guarita" (Watch tower Beach): it has 400 meters of extension, located at "Parque da Guarita" (Watch tower Park), it is the most beautiful beach of Torres, surrounded by the "Centro" (Center), "Sul" (South) and "Guarita" (Watch tower)  Towers. This last one is name of the complex

"I'm going to check the other beach."  

Itapeva Beach: 

it has 6.000 meters of extension and it is located after the Watch tower Park. It has this name due to Itapeva Hill, that means "flat stone" in Tupi Guarani. 

Mampituba River: 

River that marks the boundary between the states of Rio Grande do Sul and Santa Catarina. The name Mampituba is of Tupi Guarani origin and it means river of many curves, or serpents (flat snakes) 

Picture of the river Mampituba, Ponte Pênsil and Wet 

"There is a bike lane among the cliffs and rocks of the beach."  


located at Mampituba river's mouth, it has 250 meters of extension and it is used for  fishing. It was built to fasten the bar of the river.  

"Ponte Pênsil" (Suspension Bridge): 

built in 1985, it substituted the old wood bridge. This is of concrete and steel cables, it takes to Passo de Torres(SC). 

"Oh, I'm tired... "  

"Torre do Norte"  (North Tower) or "Morro do Farol" (Lighthouse Hill): 

it is known as Lighthouse Hill due to construction of the first lighthouse, in 1912. At the base of the hill, beside the sea, there is a "Nossa Senhora da Aparecida" grotto. Formerly, the cemetery of the city was there. Ideal place to see the natural beauties of the city, we can see all beaches, the towers, "Lagoa do Violão" (Guitar Pond), the mountains, the dunes and "Ilha do Lobos" (Wolves Island). 

"Ilha dos Lobos" (Wolves Island): 

it is the only marine island of Rio Grande do Sul. It has this name because it is the only island of Brazil where, in the months of July to November, the sea wolves, seeking hot waters, arrive for the mating. Now it is the ecological reservation where it is neither allowed the fishing nor the disembarkation. It is located in front of Big Beach. 


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1. There are some waves and it is worth to surf during the winter.  

2. Take a long john for surfing, because the water is very cold. And coats for the cold out of the water also. 

3. In the low season, everything closes between 12:30 and 2:00. It is the lunchtime and nobody works. 

4. Try the maté tea and the sheep barbecue. 

5. At about 80 km of distance you find Itambézinho and Fortaleza canyons and that are in "Aparados da Serra" and "Serra Geral" Parks that worth the visit. They are the largest of Brazil.  

6. Between April 28 and May 01 the world championship of "balooning" happens at the Watch tower Park. It is a very beautiful event. 

7. The Wolves Island, that can be seen from Big Beach, is frequented in certain times by sea wolves and sea lions from Antarctica. 

8. "We were very happy to see your site and how you showed our beach. We would like to give a tip on radical tripsc that can be done here in Torres, just access our page and if possible, include our address.   Also a hotel tip, Furninha Hotel ( that has a great service and it is very well located. A hug" tip from Blue Beach Tur Team

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