"Nice Place."

Tramandaí is an enclosed city for ponds, that get to reach Capon of the Canoe, all interconnected. It is the most popular spa of Rio Grande do Sul, frequented by people of all of the areas of the State.

In that city the main attractions for people of other States are not at the edge of the beach. As in the whole coast gaucho, except for Towers, the edge of the sea doesn't have larger attractions besides the beach.

As the city is surrounded of ponds, take advantage to do a boat walk mainly for the Lagoa Tramandaí. You will find countless options for recruiting of those walks in the vicinity of the bridge on the own river Tramandaí, dividing this city of Imbé. In the margin of that river, beside Tramandaí, also several fishing mini-platforms exist, quite sought during the summer vacation season, mainly for the fishing of the sardine. In the marine platform, of larger load and that he/she enters some inside dozens of meters sea, the fishing is a privilege of partners, but it is possible visitation and, during the summer vacation season, exisem some special plans for no partners.

"Fishing in the channel."

During the stay in Tramandaí doesn't stop visiting the Park Historical Marechal Osório, where there is a replica of the house where that was born to militate, in 1808; a replica of the boat Seival built by Giuseppe Garibaldi during the Revolução Farroupilha; and still the Museus Histórico and of Weapons. The park is located in the kilometer 100 of RS-030, in the exit for Osório, to 9 kilometers of Tramandaí, with visitation of the 8 to the 18 hours.

MARINE PLATFORM: Concretada 400 meters sea the inside, the platform of fishing of Tramandaí is stage of national and international competitions of fishing.

PARCÃO OF THE BEIRA RIO: They are 17 mini concrete platforms Rio Tramandaí's margin with the whole leisure infrastructure returned to the apreciadores of the fishing with line and tarrafa.

"There are  some bars behind the dunes."

FISHING OF THE SARDINE: Leisure activity the year I complete in the bridge that links Tramandaí to the municipal district of Imbé. A counter was built in the main bridge and it is constant scenery of the fishing of the sardine that in the simple to shine of the fishhook surrenders to the capture, without bait need.

TIP OF THE BAR: Daily show where the fishermen throw their nets in the shoal of fish to each indication of the Hindu priests.

SUNSET IN THE RIO TRAMANDAÍ: Show of rare beauty is the sunset in Rio Tramandaí, framed by the mountains of the Mountain of the Sea in a beautiful contrast of lights and shadows.


TRAIL OF HORTO: Forest Horto of the North Coast, located in Tramandaí it is a rare one reserved to the preservation, I study multiplication of forest specimens. It is the road for which the groups can enter in communion with the nature, accompanied of guides that will indicate the points and their particularities.

MUNICIPAL HISTORICAL MUSEUM: The Municipal Museum Profª. Abrelina Hoffmeister, is located in Av. Fernandes Bastos, n.º 30. It is open to public visitation. Through a collection of more than a thousand pieces, it counts a little of the history of Tramandaí. They are exposed pictures of the time of 1820, antique objects, pieces of furniture and objects of the old chapel, domestic utensils, tools, etc... Schedule of operation: of the 08:00 the 11h30mim and of the 13h30mim the 17h30mim.

AZOREAN ROOM: He/she works the Municipal Museum close to. Valuing the Azorean colonization of the North Coast of RS, Tramandaí puts to the public's disposition in general, typical clothes, pictures, objects, posters and books on the Island of Azores.


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