"Historical constructions."

Town planning and Architectural group of the City of Group of constructions of the séc. XIX in streets and squares singularly aligned accompanying the topography of the land. The access is for the street Otávio Gomes, and he/she has as summit the Square Baron of Beautiful Field. The main attractions of the group are the Monumental Fountain, Mother church, Municipal Paço, Solar of the Baron of Brooms, Palacete Itambé, buildings of the Forum and of Old Saint it Marries, Solar of Baron Massarambá, Old Rail Station. Also highlight for the palm trees and imperial figs and the preserved historical pavement.

"The main square."

Dam of Cananéia - he/she is a fall of water with approximate height of 15m and a natural swimming pool of little depth. The place is sought for baths and for the line fishing. End: Rio Cananéia/Estrada of Cananéia-Sede Horário: With the administrator's permission.

Old Rail Station - it was Inaugurated then in 1912 by the President Marechal Hermes of Fonseca, it was abandoned after the extinction of the extension. Acquired for the Fundação Severino Sombra of the Federal Rail Net, it was reformed in his/her old beauty, becoming headquarters of the Universidade Severiano Sombra. End: 0,2 km of the Square Baron of Hourly Beautiful Field: Visitation expresses

"The church."

Waterfall of Finance of the Waterfall - it is formed, firstly, for a dam with two floodgates placed below of a small bridge, doing with that the first fall of the waterfall is artificial. Therefore I lower is the main jump, with 2,5m of height, that a natural swimming pool. Soon afterwards, other fall forms a rapid that extends for about 60m. Their waters egg whites are favorable to baths. In yours I spill stand out the bamboo groves, lilies of the valley and the headquarters of Finance of the Waterfall. E

Waterfall of Finance of Ribeirão - the waterfall that forms several favorable natural swimming pools for the bath. End: Ribeirão of Floresta/Fazenda of Ribeirão, Aliança/Distrito of Sebastião


Monumental fountain - Built in 1845, completely in quarry, the Spanish architect's second project D. Joaquim of la Souto Garcia Sees. End: Square Baron of Beautiful Field

Square Baron of Beautiful Field -0 Built in 1835 at the request of the Baron of Beautiful Field. It was only concluded totally in 1857, when the palm trees were planted and built the sidewalks. The project created a great rug ascending green towards the Mother church enclosed of imperial palm trees, with stonemasons demarcated by cut out bushes, well to the taste of the time. In the century XX the lake, the other trees and the busts were put. One of the main historical marks of the city.

Museum of the Small farm of the Ivy - Old private residence that turned museum in 1965. In his/her collection they stand out oil paintings and French engravings, maps, album of poems, clothing pieces, furniture, old objects and library with about of thousands of newspapers and books of the time of the Empire.

Solar of the Baron of Massambará - it belonged from the Barons of Massambará to 1874, when it was bought by the Government of the Province. Now it shelters the Academical Foundation Severino Sombra. End: Collapse Dr. Joaquim Teixeira Leite, 53-I Center Tel: (24) 2471-1595 schedule: 2nd to 6th of 08:00 to the 18:00 and the sáb. of 08:00 at 12:00hs o'clock.


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1.It's an academical city, for that has many young and agitated night life.

2.A night life  happens at Broadway

3.It's close to  Conservatória that is worth the visit.

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