"This is Vila Velha State Park

To get to Vila Velha State Park, take BR-376 - "Rodovia do Café" (the Highway of the Coffee) - to the north, it is at 80 km from Curitiba and 20 km from Ponta Grossa. 

"This is "Lagoa Dourada" (Gold Pond)."  

When Vila Velha was inhabited by the Indians, it was called Itacueretaba, which means "the extinct city of stones", later the white man arrived and changed the name.  

"This is the most famous formation, "A Taça" (the Cup)."  

If you know "Road Runner", the cartoon, you will be admired on how similar these landscapes are. If that blue ostrich, screaming beep-beep with a wolf running after it, runs by you, don't be scared.  

"This looks like a giant's boot... "  

Changing the subject, the park has approximately 23 stones with shapes that remind images of animals, objects and of the human being. There is the sphinx, the Indian, the bear, the camel, the gorillas, the castle, the ship and the most famous of all and that is the symbol of Vila Velha, the cup. 

"It looks like the Road Runner cartoon. "  

The area has already been an ocean, 600.000.000 years ago. Then there were a lot of eruptions and mountains were formed. Then came the Glacial Era and everything became ice. 200.000.000 passed and the ice began to melt dragging pieces of rocks through where the water flowed forming that sandish land. Even today the formations are changing with the erosion of the wind and of the rain. 

"There are lots of 'Quatis' all over the park."  

But the walk doesn't end over there. There is also ""urnas" and "Lagoa Dourada" (Gold Pond) to be visited. The Gold Pond is called this because it has the bottom covered by 'mica' or 'malacacheta'. In the afternoon, due to that bottom and under the sun shining, the water gets gold. Surrounding it, there is a dense forest and the lake has an underground connection of 3 km of distance with the 4 caverns of the area, which are the great surprise of this trip.  

"This yellow elevator takes to the bottom of a crater that has a big lake inside of it."  

The Caverns, which are at 3 km from Vila Velha, are circular craters of great diameter. They are also known as "Caldeirões do Inferno" (Hell's Caldrons). They have 100 meters of depth. 

In one of the caverns, an elevator goes 54 m down and gives access to its interior, on a flotation platform. It is very nice.... the best surprise for who had no expectations. 

"Oh my god, a giant baseball bat!!!!!! "  

Of the 4 caverns, only two are prepared to receive visitors. Some characteristics of each cavern are listed below: 

Cavern 1 - Diameter: 80 m. Depth: 107 meters, 53 filled by water. 

Cavern 2 - it is formed by the union of two depressions. Diameter: 90 to 150 meters. Depth: 70 meters, 30 filled by water. 

"See ya!! "  

Cavern 3 - the collapse process is in formation, it still doesn't reach the water level. Diameter: 75 to 100 meters. Depth: 20 meters. 

Cavern 4 - the visitation is not allowed. Depth: 43 meters, 13 filled by water. 


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1. The lodging is in the city of Ponta Grossa, that is nearby and offers good infrastructure.  

2. For who wants to be practically inside of the Park, there is a camping. 

3. You must visit Furna1. It is a super deep crate that has a lake in it. The descent is made in a panoramic elevator. It is very nice. 

4. Quem want to do the night in Ponta Grossa the good of the night is close to the university of the city. 

5. The Park is full of 'quatis'. It is kind of cute and it seems to be idiot, but he is tough. So, don't them, because they can attack you. 

6. The walks of the Park and of the Caverns are payed, so, save some money for it.  

7. If possible, visit Guaterlá Park, that is nearby.  

8. Keep your eyes open, there is a lot of snakes in the region. There are many signs warning. 

9. "A good walk in Vila Velha (PR) is "BURACO DO PADRE" (PRIEST'S HOLE). It is a hole - literally - on a hill, that has a waterfall that comes from one of the walls. The access is complicated, but it is worthwhile. Get information at the entrance of the city on how to get to there. You go by car to a certain point and then it proceeds on foot (about 500m) edging a stream, go by a grotto and arrive at the waterfall - there is a swimming pool to freshen up". tip from Geraldo Evandro Papa 

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