"The islands are obligatory visit."


Angra dos Reis is one of the oldest cities of Brazil. The lands of the municipal district were discovered officially by the navigator Gonçalo Coelho, on January 06, 1502, two years after the Discovery of Brazil.Consists, however, that a long time before, the tribe of Goionás already enjoyed their beauties. The settlers only arrived in 1556. They noticed a bay close to originating a town. They became town in 1608 receiving the name of Vila dos Reis Magos da Ilha Grande. Then a city of Angra dos Reis happened in 1853. 

"There are cool islands here! "

In Angra private islands exist, that are show luxurious mansions, and other open to the visitation. In these, there are beaches of sand dies and clear and calm waters, good to dive.

There are 365 islands in Angra. The most importants are the Island of the Pigs, the Ilhas Botinas, that are the postcard of the area, the Island of Itanhangá, that are options of trails, escalades, canoeing and dive and the Ilha Grande (Big Island), the most famous of all, replete of adventures and paradisiacal beaches.


The Praia do Dentista (Dentist's Beach) is full of boats in the holidays."

Estrada do Contorno: (Highway of the Outline:) in the continent that it takes to several beaches, from the more popular as the Praia Grande, until the emptiest as the Praia do Retiro. Highlight to the beautiful Beach of Tanguazinho and for historical constructions as the Ermida do Bonfim (1780) and the Naval School.

Ilha da Gipóia:: the name comes from Gibóia, because the format if it assimilates to the of a snake. There they are the very popular beaches of Jurubaíba and of the Flechas. There are also good options for the surfers, as the Grande and Feras. The beach of Piedade is great for families, and Amaral's beach doesn't possess infrastructure, being always more it deserts.

Ponta Leste: a beach of Coqueiro is empty and there are tracks of the beginning of the construction of an abandoned railroad. Maciel's beach possesses good infrastructure, being very busy. In the tip East some happened shipwrecks that can be an attraction for the divers.

"Cool "

At Serra do Mar there are several waterfalls and rapids exist, among them, Bracuhy, Ariró, Branqueta and Capureta.

Waterfall of Banqueta   - it is in a rural neighborhood of the Area of Angra and it possesses some wells for a bath of cold waters. In some few points you can meet some falls more accentuated. It provides good motorcycle walks or montain bike, the nature is exuberant.

"Great restaurants at the islands."

Waterfall of Bracuhy is one of the more acquaintances rapids of the area. In the summit, where the access is just walking, a great waterfall exists. The river is very strong. Keep ready for many bites of "black flies", small mosquitos that "inconvenience a lot of people."

Waterfall of Caputera - several rivers of abundant and clean water with some points of fall of water. Some of those points have great wells where settled bars and other services. An interesting walk is to go up the rapids to foot, seeking less popular points. They are many. The entrance is beside the terminal of Petrobrás, to 20 km of the center of Angra.

"There are dozens of marinas in Angra."

In the continent, close to the plants, it is the praia Brava (Angry beach), sought by the surfers, and the Praia Secreta (Beach Secretes), totally it deserts. Still there close, it is Mambucaba, a historical town that it preserves old big houses.

"Fishs... a lot of fishs." "Peixes... muitos peixes."

Churches and big houses tumbled by the cultural patrimony, whose constructions date from the century XVIII.

"The water is crystalline! "

Mansão do Morcego: (Mansion of the Bat)
Construction that belonged to the pirate Juan of Lorenzo. That one and the old aqueduct date from the séc. XIX (in Ilha Grande).

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1.You must visit Ilha Grande. It is the main island of the area

2.Another 2 extraordinary options are the ilhas Botinas. There you can do an excellent dive.

3.In island of Gipóia exists beaches where many boats are and the beach is seeming like a party (in the holidays). One of them is praia do Dentista. Sometimes, is incredible to belive,but it is difficult to find a space to anchor.

4.Angra of Reis, has one of the best party of new year of Brazil. There are parties in the islands, in the condominiums, in the hotels and in the resorts. Certainty, there it is an excellent place for a new year to pass.

5.Try to know the weather forecast before going.Sometimes it happens of raining one week proceeded in Angra. That happens because of the mountains that healthy very close of the sea.

6.The main program in Angra is boat walk. If you make sick,you are going to the wrong place.

7.Bring your dive equipment if yoiu has. You will miss him.

8.If you have time, try to visit Paraty.

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