"This city is very old! "   

Paraty is a beautiful colonial city, considered National and World Historical Patrimony, it still preserves its countless natural and architectural charms.  

Walk for the historical center of Paraty is like entering another time, where walking is slow due to the stones of its streets.  

"And there are some nice Churches

The big houses and churches show an old style and the mysterious masonic symbols that decorate their walls make us imagine how life would be in Brazil at that time. The prohibition of the traffic of automobiles in downtown contributes to it. 

"The corners are very similar."   

The city was founded in 1667, around "Nossa Senhora dos Remédios" Church. It had great economical importance due to the sugarcane mills (it had more than 250), being considered synonym of good liquor.  

"The streets are made of stone... "     

In the 18th century, the city stood out as an important port, through where the gold and the precious stones from Minas Gerais were taken away to Portugal. However, constant attacks of pirates that took refuge at beaches like "Trindade", made the gold route change, leaving the city to a great economical isolation.  

After the building of Paraty-Cunha highway, and mainly after Rio-Santos highway construction in the 70s, Paraty became pole of national and international tourism, due to its good conservation  and thanks to its natural beauties.     


Iriri Waterfall - it is at Km 158 of Rio-Santos highway, towards Paraty-Angra of Reis, with entrance at the left. It is a beautiful fall of water that finishes at a refreshing swimming pool.  

"When the tide is high, the streets get flooded

"Pedra Branca" (White stone) - it is one of the most beautiful waterfalls of Paraty. On Paraty-Cunha road, after Ponte Branca, go to the right, until the end. There you find a trail that takes us to this paradise. Close to the waterfall, there are the ruins of the first power station of the city. 

"Do tobogã" (Of the sled) - This waterfall, also known as "Penha" waterfall, is located at Paraty-Cunha highway. Close to Penha Church, there is a trail that takes to the sled. At the end of this sled, a great swimming pool is formed.   

"The doors of the houses here are colored."   


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1. Make some boat trips, for instance, to Paraty-Mirim.  

2. If you have diving equipment, bring it. 

3. There is cell phone signal and public phone too. 

4. It's not allowed to drive cars in the city, so you'll have to walk a little. 

5. "People, for who is going to Paraty, try the delicious Fish stew of the restaurant Arpoador. The specialty of the restaurant is fish stew, anyone you feel like eating. Oh, and you can't also miss the boat trip, to dive near the beautiful islands of Paraty bay. Bye tip from Felipe Triaca - Brasília - DF 

6. Visit Martins de Sá , Rio de Janeiro! Take the boat at Paraty port. I have already been there and it is a kind of unknown place, but very cool and very difficult to get to it. It is worthwhile. That was my tip. Bye! " tip from Deco 

7. "A cool tip is to make the gold course, leaving from Parati (RJ) going by Cunha (SP) and reaching Ouro Preto. That walk is worthwhile, because of the colonial history of  Brazil, for the nature and the cookery that accompanies you for the more 700 kilometers. I made that trip recently and it was a true lesson on Brazil's history." tip from Oswaldo Macedo  

8. "Praia do Sono" (Sleep Beach) worths the visit, mainly for who likes a walk for the nature, to surf great waves and to camp. The walk takes about an hour and a half, leaving a parking inside of the condominium "Laranjeira"; and the view is unforgettable. For who likes to camp, it is the ideal. Don't take much stuff, just the essential, don't forget to take camera, lantern and repellent. It has plenty fresh water and food (a bit expensive; at the camping and in the fishermen town). The nice of Paraty is that in only one place, it gathers beaches, waterfalls, and great trails. For who likes calmness or adventure, Paraty is ideal.... "tip from Gabriel and Marisol - Niterói RJ.  

9. "Paraty is great, you can do everything. You'd better take some money to buy the craft accessories, like earrings, bracelets, strings, the most beautiful are made of seeds and materials extracted from nature, the hippies who sell them, created a fair that is close to the mother church and they are really nice people. The night isvery calm, with several bars playing brazilian music and reggae, rock too. A good option is to visit Paraty during Pinga and Divino Festivals, and also to get to know Trindade, a great place... It's very easy to get to it. Preserve, your children and grandchildren will also love to get to know the city. Trails, waterfalls, beaches, islands, magic, history, craft... everything.  Bye" tip from Gabri Morais  

10". For who likes to walk, an excellent trip: take a boat  Grande da Cajaíba Beach to travel an itinerary of 3 to 4 days to the town of Laranjeiras. During the itinerary, there are several beaches (like Pouso da Cajaíba, Martim de Sá, Sono etc.) and waterfalls (Martim of Sá, Galhetas etc.). it is not necessary to take food, because there are some restaurant options. The heaviest walk is the one that connects "Martim de Sá" to "Cairuçu das Pedras" and then to "Ponta Negra". The rest is relatively ok for who is used to walking. Take an extra plastic bag to pack your garbage . "tip from Erico Liboa  

11. "For who enjoy to photograph, Paraty is the ideal place. It is incredible, but all the pictures taken there are beautiful. The scenery is always the old houses, the stone streets or beaches." tip from Aline Gouvêa / Rio de Janeiro    

12. "Visit "Poço do Tarzã" (Tarzan's Well). Go to Cunha, until the Sled Waterfall. There are two trails there: one to the Sled and other to Tarzan's well. At the well there is a jump of about 8 meters of height." tip from Geraldo Evandro Papa - Santo André.  

13 "People, you cannot miss, in Paraty, the beaches and waterfalls that are awesome, like "Poço dos Ingleses" (English's Well) , "Praia Brava" (:Rough beach), Sled and others. Above the Sled waterfall, there is a stone from where you can jump. Another tip is the Sleep Beach. Just take care not to leave your stuff outside of the tent.  Some people are steling there". tip from André Luiz.  

14. "When in Paraty, you should buy a "cachaça" at the farm Murycana. The place, besides the cool view, also has several historical pieces of the slaves' time and has a spectacular coffee. It is served at a kitchen of the old times, with firewood stove. Sweetened with cane. You drink standing in the own kitchen and pay any much you want...  A black lady, very nice does liters and liters the whole day.... she laughs a lot.  The best coffee and the best "cachaça" of Paraty are there". tip from Verônica Menezes Rio de Janeiro  

15. "A good tip for who is by car, is to go up the Bocaina Mountains towards Paraty/Cunha, on that highway you will find the entrances to: Tarzan's Well , Sled Waterfall , Muricana farm, Ararybá craft, Beginning of the trail to the "Gold Path", besides several stills and craft stores. The "Gold Path"is an option that demands a good physical condition, because the trail goes up the hill. Use comfortable trainers and take water. And don't miss visiting the historical center with its churches, besides, it has great options of bars and restaurants. Also visit "Defensor Perpétuo." fort. tip from Marcelo Pietrafesa and Cilene Marchi - Serra Negra - SP.    

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