"Fortaleza is a modern city."   

Called "Terra do Sol" (Sun's Land), Fortaleza has 25 km of beaches. With approximately  2 million inhabitants, Fortaleza has excellent tourist infrastructure. The city was built in 1649 by the Dutchmen that, at that time, dominated the territory. 

The most popular beache of Ceará is Iracema, that has a great number of typical food restaurants and beautiful residences. There you find "Volta da Jurema", the place where  the rafts are. 

"There is a sidewalk with many restaurants and bars."   

"Praia do Futuro" (Beach of the Future) has several bars, a lot of people and the famous kiosks "Itaparicá", "Biruta" and "Chico do Caranguejo". In "Porto das Dunas" (Dunes' Port), besides the blinding view, there is the Beach Park - a modern aquatic park. 

In the urban area, you find "Parque do Cocó" (Cocó Park), which has 400 hectares of surface, being the largest urban park of Latin America. You'll need  many days of visitation to really get to know the whole park. 

Beira Mar AV., better known as Jurema, is a hot point, it has bars at the sidewalk and plenty people. There is also the traditional fair of local craft works. 

"There is a lot of rafts here... "   


"CANOA QUEBRADA" (BROKEN CANOE) - its symbol: the Moon and the star sculpted on a cliff. It has a great landscape: redish cliffs. The nightlife is leaded by a lot of "forró". Located 156 km from Fortaleza, it is accessed by BR-116 and BR-304 highways. 

QUIXABA - it is isolated, among white cliffs and it is constituted by depressions of the nascents, that provide points for bathing and of water caption. The access is made by dirt road. It is 6 km distant, coming from the highway Aracati - Majorlândia. 

"PRAIA DE ÁGUAS BELAS" (BEACH OF BEAUTIFUL WATERS) - Located 72 Km from Fortaleza, in the district of Caponga, Municipal district of Cascavel, it offers to the visitors that pass for there, singular natural charms of the Cerará's coast. Access: BR-116 and CE-040 highways. 

CAPONGA - 69 km from Fortaleza, with access by Br-116 or CE-040. The sea is calm and, besides the houses of the native ones, there are many summer vacation houses. Huts at the beach and small hotels serve as support point to the tourists. 

"... that are spread along the sand."   

"MORRO BRANCO" (WHITE HILL) - it is at 80 Km from Fortaleza, in the municipal district of Beberibe. The prominences of the landscapes are the cliffs of colored sands and the waterspouts of fresh water that gush from them.  Access: CE-040. 

"PRAIA DAS FONTES" (BEACH OF THE SOURCES) - Sources of fresh water, sculptural cliffs, mysterious caves and lagoons and the hospitality of the native ones are the attractions of "Praia das Fontes". Distant 85 km from Fortaleza, the beach still  preserves its natural beauties intact. Access: CE-040. 

"PORTO DAS DUNAS" (PORT OF THE DUNES) - buggy rides.  There it is Beach Park, a tourist complex of international standard, 25 km from Fortaleza, going by BR-116 or CE-040. 

"PRAIA DO IGUAPE" (BEACH OF IGUAPE) - 45 km from Fortaleza, it has dunes with dense vegetation, it shelters a village of fishermen and a harbor. Access: BR-116 or C-040. 

"PRAIA DO BARRO PRETO" (BEACH OF THE BLACK MUD) - At 2 km from Iguape, it presents abundant vegetation, growth of mangroves and a natural source called Olho D'água. Access: BR-116 or CE-040. 

MAJORLÂNDIA - At 158 km from Fortaleza, it is the most inhabited beach of the municipal district of Aracati. The town has good infrastructure. With good waves, it attracts the surfers. It has, also, an extensive strip of sand, white and red cliffs and colored sand. It is famous for its carnival, that is one of the best of Ceará. Access: BR-116 AND BR-304.  

"Bye! "   


JERICOACOARA - it is at 281 km from Fortaleza, with access by BR-222 and CE-161. Among virgin dunes that frame the beach, there are lakes of fresh and salty water and rocks as "Pedra Furada" (Holed Stone), that became a symbol the place. 

CUMBUCO - it is at 30 km from Fortaleza, in the municipal district of Caucaia, with access by BR-222. It is an extensive beach with dense coconut tree plantation and huge dunes. The main attraction is the buggy ride for the dunes, with a stop to ski at the Lagoon of Parnamirim.  

"PRAIA DO PECÉM" (PECÉM BEACH) - it is at 46 km from Fortaleza, located at the bay protected by the tip of Pecém. It has dunes that hide a dense and rich vegetationin in its interior. Access: BR-222 AND CE-421. 

PARACURU - 85 km from Fortaleza, Paracuru is one of the most frequented beaches of the summer in Ceará. The high point happens during the carnival, besides beaches, it has natural waterspouts of fresh water and the pond João Rola. Access: BR-222. 

"LAGOINHA" (Small Lagoon)  - it has the format of a half moon and is 97 km from Fortaleza. You can get to it riding for in two hours by BR-222 to Croatá and later by CE-423 and CE-085 towards Paraipaba. 

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1. The nightlife of the city begins in Beira Mar Av and it finishes at "Dragão do Mar" (Sea Dragon), Pier and Beach of the Future.  

2. There are nearby places that you should visit also, like Jericoacoara, Canoa Quebrada and Morro Branco

3. Many people just sleep in Fortaleza and spend the day visiting the nearby beaches, which are not that close, in fact. 

4. If you dive, don't miss "Pedra Riscada do Meio". The place is at 18 km from the coast and it has visibility of up to 30 m. 

5. If you get tired of beaches, the city has the Beach Park that is the largest aquatic park of the country. 

6. Food: it is worth to try the pargo (a fish), roasted on the salt. It is also worth to eat a lobster at the huts of the Beach of the Future. 

7. Taste the "tapioca" with cheese. 

8. Several cultural events happen in Dragon of the Sea, as shows and exhibitions. 

9. Go for a boat trip along the border.

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