"The boats anchor here."  

Located at 120Km to the south of Florianópolis, Laguna served as reference to the  "Tordesilhas Treaty", agreement between Portugal and Spain, that divided into slices their expansionist interests.   

Laguna has, approximately 12 beaches, and one of the most popular is the "Praia do Mar Grosso" (Rough Sea Beach), due to its infrastructure with hotels, restaurants and bars. It has 2,5 Km of beach.  

"This is the historical part of the city."  

Iró Beach, known for its red stones,  separates the Thick Sea from Gi Beach, whose main attraction is "Pedra do Frade" (the Friar's Stone) that challenges the gravity law with its 9m of height. According to the legend it was sculpted by old civilizations.  

The other beaches are: "Galheta", "Tereza", "Gravatá", "Itapirubá", "do Sol" (of the Sun) and "do Farol" (Lighthouse). 

"The streets are full of sand because of the dunes." 

Tordesilhas Mark: on June 7, 1494, it was signed between Portugal and Spain the  Tordesilhas Treaty, that stablished a dividing line at 370 leagues from west of Green Cape, passing on the north, in Pará and on the south, in Laguna. 

"N.S. da Glória" Statue: From the top of Glória Hill, one has a panoramic view of the beaches and of the city 

"The dolphins swim in this canal".  

"Molhes da Barra": Breakwater with 1Km of extension, allowing the entrance of automobiles. 

Santa Marta Lighthouse: Considered the largest of America, it is the 3o of the world in reach, 17Km distant from downtown. 

Anita Garibaldi Museum: historical building, built in 1747 where Juliana Repúblic was proclaimed, in 1839. 

"I am going to Santa Marta Lighthouse."  

"Fonte da Carioca" (Carioca Fountain): also called "Fonte dos Namorados" (Lovers Fountain), it was built by slaves in 1863. It says the legend that "Who drinks from this water come back to Laguna and its loves." 

Ulisséa Pinto House: replica of a Portuguese farm, totally covered with tiles imported from Portugal.  

"People like to fish at "Molhes da Barra."  

Anita's House: There Anita got dressed to marry for the first time. It has an urn with dirt from Anita Garibaldi's grave, at the cemetery of Ravena, Italy. 

Santo Antônio dos Angels Mother Church: it substituted the wattle and daub chapel built by the founder Francisco de Brito Peixoto, in 1696. 

"Bye... "  


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1. At Carnival gets full. More than 100.000 people come to the streets to watch the music floats.  

2. Go to "Molhes da Barra" to watch the dolphins go by. 

3. The dishes containing shrimp are huge and cheap. 

4. If you go to Laguna and don't visit "Farol de Santa Marta", you've wasted your trip. 

5. If possible, visit "Praia do Rosa" and "Garopaba" that are nearby. 

6. "At the friar's stone... instead of taking the raft to Santa Marta Lighthouse... you go to the thick Sea beach and go by the sand to the Gi beach.. if I am not mistaken, you'd better have a 4x4 vehicle, for not stalling... See ya then!! " tip from Wagner Figueiredo

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