"This is the famous "Morro Careca" (Bald Hill)"  

The history of the foundation of Natal gets confused with the history of Reis Magos Fort. Its construction began on January 6, 1598, at that time when the kingdoms of Spain and Portugal were unified. 

"Gee... it is a lot of beach... "  

Natal has more than 40 m2 of green area per resident and it is famous for having 300 days of sun a year, besides its 20Km of urban beaches. The city is located in a natural triangle with a vertex to the North, limited by the river Potengi on one side and by Atlantic ocean on the other. 

"Here in Natal is the largest cashew tree of the world! "  

"Praia da Redinha" (Beach of the Net) - it is the starting point for the north coast. It is at the margins of the river Potengi and it has street carnival. 

Beach of the Fort - it is a beach for children. There it is the Reis Magos Fort. 

"Praia do Meio" (Beach of the Middle) - there are huts at the border. It has a rough sea, avoid to swim on the high tide 

"The Reis Magos Fort is very beautiful."  

Beach of the Artists - it is possible to surf and to enjoy the nightlife with ice-cream parlors, bars, hotels and restaurants 

"Praia de Areia Preta" (Beach of Black Sand) - In the high tide the sea hits the rocks. Narrow strip of sand. 

Mãe Luiza Beach - it has old summer vacation houses. 

"Here in Black Tip is where the nightlife of the city takes place

Pinto Beach - it is calm and little frequented by the residents of Natal 

"Barreira D'água" Beach - it has luxury hotels. It is a very beautiful beach. 

"Praia de Ponta Negra" (Beach of Black Tip) - Bald Hill is a moving dune of 120 meters of height. It is one of the best night options of the city. 

"The 'Brazillian NASA' (Barreira do inferno) is here in Natal."  

Reis Magos Fort - Built in 1598. It is at the Beach of the Fort and it has the shape of a star. 

Pirangi - it has corals forming nice natural swimming pools for dive. Several hotels and good infrastructure exist for the tourist. There it is the largest cashew tree of the world. 

Park of the Dunes - shelters one of the last areas of Atlantic forest of the state. It can be traveled by two trails, accompanied by guides. 

"Natal is always fun! "  


Main Distances 

Brasília 2383 km
João Pessoa 180 km
Recife 288 km
Maceió 587 km
Fortaleza 523 km
Salvador  1111km
Rio de Janeiro 2680 km
São Paulo 2947 km


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1. A good option at night is in the Black Tip. Dozens of options of bars and restaurants, besides the busy sidewalk.  

2. Don't miss going for a buggy ride on the dunes. It makes no difference to have a 4x4, because only the entrance of accredited buggy drivers is allowed. Oh, and ask for the "ride with emotion." 

3. The Fortress is an extraordinary trip. Don't miss it. 

4. Visit Genipabu. It is not far and it is worthwhile a lot. 

5. If you have the time, visit Praia da Pipa, that is to the south, it is great. 

6. Make a boat sail by the beaches of "Pirangi do Norte", "do Sul", "Cotovelo" and "Búzios". 

7. There are 2 buggy rides that are worthwhile: To the north: from Genipabu to Muriú. And to the south: from Black tip to Praia da Pipa. If possible do both. 

8. If you think you have to go to Cape Canaveral's NASA to see rockets, you're wrong. In Barreira do Inferno you can visit the Brazilian rockets. 

9. If you like jerked meat, Natal has several specialized restaurants. 

10. The water is clearer between the months of November and July. The water is a little more darken between the months of August and September, because in that time it winds a lot. 

11. You are the closest one can be to Fernando de Noronha. Don't miss this opportunity.  

12. "When you go to Natal don't miss visiting "Castelo da Bruxinha" (Witch's Castle), that besides being a member of the Hostelling International, it has a pub in medieval style that it is cool". tip from Carla - BH.  

13. "Congratulations for the site and for calling one of the postcards of Natal by the right name -  "Morro Careca" (Bald Hill) and not "Morro do Careca" (Bald'd Hill) as many mistakenly do it." tip from Roberto Guerra

14."Visit a nightclub called Zas-Tras.  They put on a fantastic dance show, including a Capoeira exhibit that has to be seen to be believed." tip from Robert.T.Murch

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